Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 03 Jun 18

Surviving Horse Island (Kids vs. Nature Book 3)

by Karl Steam

Josh and three of his classmates have proven they can survive a forest and a desert, but what about an island? Can they finish a third mission and make it home alive?

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Surviving Moose Lake (Book 1)

Surviving Desert View (Book 2)

Surviving Horse Island (Book 3) 

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Surviving Cougar Mountain (Book 4)

Surviving Crystal Cavern (Book 5)

Surviving Crocodile Swamp (Book 6)

Surviving Rapids Canyon (Book 7)


by J.M. Wendel

Devastating magic. Check. Dragons. Check. Romance. Sure. Blood. There will be fountains. There is an ancient evil (always with the evil) that must be put to eternal rest; this book contains the story of those who would see it done, and those who would oppose them.

My Goldfish can’t swim

by r kraeb

This delightful book features many different animals that are not like the others. A goldfish that can’t swim and an owl who can’t hoot and many others. This is done as a rhyming book with a nice rhythm and it should fascinate children of all ages.
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Number Cruncher: I can count and add up to TEN

by Paul R Melia

Number cruncher is a fun, colourful and engaging early learning maths book to help children count and add up. It is designed to teach children of kindergarten, preschool age to recognise and understand basic numbers and adding in a playful and parent participation way. Watch as your children read the rhymes, look at the pictures, become familiar with each number, and learn to count and add to ten before your very eyes. Learning to count and add will help your children ready themselves for when they enter school and give them the self confidence they need to further their academic knowledge.

Sharks: 100 Amazing Fun Facts with Pictures: Never known before Sharks Facts (Kids Book Series 4)

by Bandana Ojha

Filled with up-to-date information, color photos, fascinating & fun facts this book ” Sharks:100 Amazing Fun Facts with Pictures ” is the best book for kids to find out more about the amazing ocean creature Shark .This book would definitely satisfy the children’s curiosity and help them to understand why sharks are specialâ??and what makes them different from other sea creatures .The book gives a story, history, detailed science, explores the interesting and amazing fun facts about sharks. It’s a fun and fascinating way for young readers to find out more about the world’s dangerous bull shark, the feared great white shark, fastest Mako shark, the fanged nurse shark, cutest zebra shark, the largest and gentle whale shark, second largest basking shark, the carpet shark Wobbegong and many more. All about the smallest, cutest, Fastest, largest, how they communicate, when they discovered, information about their strongest jaws, teeth, their brain, eyes, ears, scales, skin- all bits of information which can touch the kid’s inquisitive mind. With its awesome facts and action-packed images, this book brings kids close to the mysterious lives of sharks. This is a great chance for every kid to expand their knowledge about sharks and impress family and friends with all discovered and never known before fun filled facts.
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Anastasia â?? Vampire Queen â?? Awakening

by Kris Noir

A short story which tells the dark tale of how Queen Daeva Padruig of the Vampires came to be almost 180 years ago.

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