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Natural Soap Making Cookbook: 150 Unique Soap Making Recipes

by Theresa Rogers

Natural Soap Making Cookbook

150 Unique Soap Making Recipes

If you are reading this description, then I can safely assume that you either read my other book “Natural & Organic Soap Making Alchemy,” or you are already a pro in the world of soap making craft. Either way, you already know the three most popular soap making methods.

  1. Cold Process Method
  2. Melt and Pour Method
  3. Hot Press Method

In this recipe book, I share many recipes for each of these methods. Even though you may prefer just one of these methods over the others but I can honestly say after five years of making all different kinds of soaps that each of these methods have their own unique soap creating techniques that the others don’t.

Did you know that there is a soap that can reduce cellulite? How about the soap that can cure acne and other skin blemishes? My son’s acne disappeared after using a soap that one of my friends made (that is how I got interested in soap making). There are many medicinal and other benefits of using homemade natural soaps.

I divided each of the soap making methods into 3 categories

  • Floral Scented Soaps
  • Unique Soaps
  • Medicated Soaps

In each category, I listed 10 of my best recipes, most of which are truly unique.

Additionally, I added three additional chapters with 10 recipes in each that are becoming very popular lately.

  • Glycerin Soaps
  • Liquid and Laundry Soaps
  • Goat Milk Soaps

But before you buy this book, I would prefer you take a glance at the table of content and look through all of my 150 recipes and see if any of them peak your interest.

Welcome to the world of soulful aroma and beautiful colors of freshly homemade soaps!

Container Gardening Month by Month: A Monthly Listing of Tips and Ideas for Creating a Professional Container Garden (The Weekend Gardener Book 1)

by Gloria Daniels

Successfully maintain your container gardens using professional landscapers secret methods

  • Do you love container gardening, but have a difficult time keeping everything looking great?
  • Do you often wonder what you should be doing when, so that everything is on schedule and all parts are working together to create a beautiful picture?
  • Do you envy people in your neighborhood that always seem to have their garden containers looking their professional best?

Then this is the book for you. Container gardening is gardening at its most versatile. One of its main advantages is its mobility. Plants not doing well? Maybe they prefer shade. Having a party? Move some garden containers onto the patio or deck for instant color. Tired of the view and want a change? Move your garden containers around to provide a fresh new look to your outdoor living area.

Whether you are growing plants in hanging baskets, tubs, window boxes or other containers this hobby is immensely gratifying. If you are new to container gardening and buy your containers pre-planted, you get a sense of instant gratification and fulfillment. It won’t be long however, before you are hit with the gardening virus and you’ll find yourself expanding to one more pot and then again, one more container. Before you know it, the urge to plant and nurture will take over. At this point, you need a garden plan for your container garden.

Use this monthly container gardening checklist to keep your containers at peak performance.

  • When do I plant spring bulbs in containers?
  • When do I perk up my annual plantings with some new varieties?
  • What do I do with container plants I want to save over winter?

These and many other questions are answered in this container gardening book. At the beginning of the month, check out the tasks and tips on the schedule. You may find items you never thought of and may also learn techniques used by professional gardeners and landscapers that will make your container gardens the envy of the neighborhood.

Scroll up and pick up this book today and give your patio, pool, and porch just the pizzazz it needs to perk up your landscaping plans. Be sure to pick up your free thank you gift also. Please note: This is a revised edition of “Container Gardening Season by Season”

The Mindset of Small Talk: How Mastering Small Talk Has Nothing To Do With Coming Up With Things To Say

by Lana Otoya


One of the nicest ladies I ever met was a school teacher.

I was chatting with her on a film set once because we were using her daughter in a commercial. This lady was (and I repeat) one of the nicest people I have ever met. I think we chatted for about thirty minutes and then I never saw her again.


I seriously thought that I could trust this lady with all my deepest darkest secrets. That I could call her up one day and ask her to go for coffee and she’d say yes.

How could this lady make such an impression on me in such a short amount of time?

Well she had mastered the two keys you need to be a perfect small talker. These two things are revealed in my book and once you know them, everything gets so much easier.

My name is Lana and I am a relationship and self care blogger. Before I started a blog, I was a seriously introverted University student trying to get through film school without having to small talk with my classmates at lunch.

Little did I know back then, the film industry is all about networking and creating relationships with people you barely know. Once I started actually working in film, I was FORCED into learning how to small talk and how to get along with people. I was able to do this by observing others and stealing their techeniques. People like that lovely high school teacher became my role models, I needed to do what they were doing.

After years of observation, I realized that all master small talkers have a few things in common but the biggest things are the two keys that were shown to me so elgantly by that school teacher. Once I had mastered those, no small talk conversation was a nightmare anymore. In fact, I started to enjoy them.


– The two keys you need to master small talk, and neither of them involve conversation starters
– How to shift your perspective on small talk so that it takes the pressure off
– The reason why small talk is not about entertaining others but is actually for you
– The difference between a good conversation starter and a bad one
– Small talk for people with social anxiety
– Small talk for introverts
– Small talk for dating, making friends and networking
– How to Improve your self esteem
– How to help in building confidence
– How to never fear the dreaded small talk conversation EVER AGAIN!

If you’ve read this far, you’re already 500 words into transforming yourself into a real people person.Don’t hesitate to make this simple yet super effective change in your life.

Download my book and INSTANTLY start improving your conversation skills today.

9 To Shine: Powerful Practices To Master A Happy & Fulfilled Life

by Jelani Rios

Do you want to know the secret to lasting happiness? 

Are you determined to live a fulfilling and awesome life?

In this inspirational and action-oriented book, Jelani Rios shares the quickest ways to transform your life toward never-ending happiness, joy, fulfillment, and peace. This book is for people who want to love life and desire a simple and powerful path to attaining that happiness.

The 9 To Shine process uncovers nine practices including:

  • Gratitude Journaling
  • Meditation
  • And how the words you speak about another person are the access into yourself!

The “Summary Action Items” at the end of every chapter make it easy to quickly reference the how-to practices presented in the book so you can start living a life you love RIGHT NOW!

Be the person who lets their light shine bright for all to see.

Scroll to the top of the page and click the “buy now” button.

Diet and Fitness Explained

by William Porter

Ever wished you could eat whatever fast food you liked, take no exercise, and be slim and healthy? Well you can’t. But you can do the next best thing, which is to enjoy healthy food even more than you enjoy fast food, and enjoy exercising even more than you enjoy sitting on the sofa. Diet and Fitness Explained is the book that gets under the skin of our eating habits, and provides a simple, easy to understand guide the entire riddle of diet and fitness.

Effective Communication: A Guide for the People Professions

by Neil Thompson

Communication is the basis of so much of what happens in the workplace and indeed in our private lives. Without effective communication our lives are so much the poorer and with so many more problems. This book, now in an updated third edition, is therefore an important and valuable resource for anyone where success in their work depends on the quality of their interactions, whether face to face, in writing or electronically. Divided into two parts, the book focuses first on theoretical insights to provide a firm basis of understanding and then on practice issues. Written in Neil Thompson’s characteristically clear and accessible style, this important book provides an essential foundation for making sure that we are communicating with one another as effectively as possible.

Real Estate: Rental Property Investment

by Peter Flynn

Use the most profitable business in the WORLD to make your next income source

Are you ready to join the exciting world of property letting? Are you ready to take the property market by storm and starting your path to glorious wealth with your first property rental? Why invest your hard-earned money in fluctuating markets when the property market is considered by the top experts as the most stable?

With the comprehensive guidelines set out in this eBook, you don’t get to play landlord but be one. Learn:

-The very many different ways to make money from real estate investments.
-How the real estate rental market works.
-What the advantages are to be gained from residential lettings.
-How to purchase property without having money of your own.
-What to look for in a potential property that points to a profitable investment.
-Strategies to implement that will yield greater returns on investment.
-How to market your ready-to-move-in property rental.
-How to secure good value tenants for your property.
-Learn how property management companies work and what to ask yourself before you hire one.
-Learn the dynamics of property management and the qualities it takes to be a good landlord.
-Basic guidelines for commercial property investing and commercial letting.

If your inner landlord is waiting to be unleashed then this eBook is for you. You will find all you need to know to take your first step into real estate investing. The best part of earning an income from real estate is that you are in control from deciding on your first purchase to putting a tenant on your property and receiving your first rental income. You decide whether to be a practical hands-on landlord or let a professional management company do it all for you. Make the decision today that will see you to a financial free future and living the life you have dreamt of.

Swing Trading Strategies: Learn How to Profit Fast â?? Volume 2 (Swing Trading Strategies Victor Lucas)

by Victor Lucas

Take your Swing Trading skills to the NEXT LEVEL with these strategies!

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â?? â?? â?? The best book on Swing Trading Strategies! â?? â?? â??  

Swing Trading Strategies Learn How To Profit Fast Volume 2 presents one of
the best ways of generating an income and becoming wealthy.

It is a simple way of applying trading techniques and profiting greatly
over time. A lot of experienced and successful traders recommend swing
trading as a reliable means of gaining incredible wealth.

This Volume 2 teaches much more in depth effective strategies that have
been perfected over many decades by trading gurus. While some of the
techniques are technical, they are presented in a manner that is easy to
understand.. Learn these techniques and gain your financial freedom in a
matter of weeks!

In this book you will learn:

Chapter 1: Basic Swing Trading Strategies
Chapter 2: Swing Trading Tools and Resources
Chapter 3: Fundamental Analysis of Company Stock
Chapter 4: Basics of Financial Statement

Chapter 5: Screening for Undervalued Stocks
Chapter 6: Technical Analysis to Determine Entry Points

Chapter 7: Read Charts, Use Indicators & Watch Markets

I spend long time on researching the best for this book, I hope you’ll
enjoy it.

If you haven’t bought Volume 1 (Swing Trading Strategies: Learn How
To Profits Fast With These 4 Simple Strategies) you need go and buy
it now.

It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep.
– Robert Kiyosaki

The most important investment you can make is in yourself.
– Warren Buffet

Invest in yourself. Your career is the engine of your wealth.
– Paul Clitheroe

When God Calls A Writer: Moving Past Insecurity to Write with Confidence

by Deanne Welsh

Is God calling you to write? Do you have a burning desire to write books and use words to inspire people and change the world?

When God Calls A Writer is a book about knowing that your desire to write is both a gift and a calling from God.

In When God Calls A Writer Deanne Welsh weaves the story of Moses with the story of a writer. Do you wonder if God is calling you to write, but you feel unqualified? What are the signs that God is calling you? Do you struggle to hear God’s voice and guidance about your writing career? Are you eager for a powerful transformation in your faith and your writing?

Learn simple and strategic ways to allow God to connect with God, hear Him and allow Him to direct your writing journey.

Author Deanne Welsh shares her own story of insecurity and self-doubt and what it took for her to walk, first with doubt and then with confidence, into God’s call for her to write. She gives you practical steps for listening to God and hearing His guidance, as well as the most important questions to ask as you begin your ministry-career of ideas, words, and stories.

By the end of this book you will have practical strategies to keep you focused, the specific questions to catapult your writing career forward, and the traits to develop and pay attention to for unstoppable writing success.

Your “yes” changes everything.

Coding: Raspberry Pi & Python: Learn Coding Easily

by Kevin Spencer


Raspberry Pi & Python: Learn Coding Easily 

2 books in 1

Raspberry Pi: Learn The Basics Of Raspberry Pi Easily

No matter what your skill level, this book can help you get started on using the popular Raspberry Pi minicomputer.

Learn a new skill and add it to your coding repertoire, or make your DIY game with fun, tech-based home projects. 

With the techniques you will learn here, you will not only reproduce designs developed by others, but you will be able to create your own projects and easily bring them to life as well.

This book contains:

  • An overview of the popular Raspberry Pi mini computer
  • An explanation of the different components of your Raspberry Pi
  • Ideas for ways to experiment with your own Raspberry Pi
  • A simple introduction to the Raspbian operating system and using the terminal window to control your machine
  • Tutorials for three fun beginner projects using your Raspberry Pi, including a media streaming system, a gaming emulator, and a smart mirror

Python For Beginners: Learn Python Programming Easily

Want to become a good Python Programmer?

This book aims to make sure that you fully understand what you’re getting into in terms of programming, as well as making certain that you get the logic behind everything that you’re doing.

Python is an extremely useful language for you to learn, and it’s also pretty easy.

The handy thing, too, is that Python is similar enough to a lot of different languages that when you learn Python the right way, you aren’t just learning Python – you’re actually learning a variety of programming concepts that you can then apply to a huge number of different languages that you may choose to study. 

This book contains:

  • How to set up Python
  • How to work with Variables
  • How to control Flow and lists, File Input/Output
  • An overview of the concept of Methods
  • The explanation of the concept of Object-oriented programming
  • A step by step tutorial for a beginner project

And much much more…


Sous Vide Cookbook: 100 Hand Picked Recipes For Your Everyday Meals

by Isabella Sanders

Food! The reason we earn, the cause of our survival and the lifeline of our hail and hearty self. Of course, in today’s world where cuisines are commercialized and are served as extravaganzas, do you really think it is fair to incentivize meals? There is a thin line between delicacies being guzzled upon and grubs being cooked and eaten to nourish your body.

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Through this book, Isabella takes you through the significance, advantages and challenges of Sous Vide.

Sous Vide, a French word that means â??under vacuum’, is a method that involves cooking food in an air tight jar or box and placing it in a water bath or steam environment. The process is known to evenly cook each strand, part of your meal at temperatures as high as 55 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius. Of course! Now, this takes longer time than the usual cooking ranging from an hour to 7 and sometimes 48 hours. These lengthy hours of cooking ensure your food is cooked evenly without getting burnt or overcooked.

So, why choose Sous Vide? Well, this book is going to comprise of the precise mechanism of cooking with precision, the purpose behind adopting the technique, recipes, benefits and more. So, if you are someone who loves feeding your family, friends, relatives and everyone around you with not just healthy and appetizing but also good-looking food, Sous Vide is what I recommend you to turn to.

Instead of going cold turkey, you should follow a well balanced sustained approach to kick out your sugar habits. Cutting back on sugar will soar up the energy level, in the long run, making you fitter than ever. The entire body metabolism responds positively to less of sugar intake.

Here is a preview of what you will learn…

  • Essential kitchen equipment
  • Breakfast
  • Appetizers and Snacks
  • Vegeterian and Vegan
  • Meat recipes
  • Poultry recipes
  • Fish and Seafood
  • Desserts
  • And Moreâ?¦..

Download your copy today!

Finance for Dad: Personal Financial Planning Manual

by R. Bridges

This is a practical manual on personal financial issues that every parent should have in his/her library.
In this book, parents will find the necessary knowledge to help them take care of their heritage and to provide their family an adequate standard of living. This book is written by a husband and father, specialized in Personal Financial Planning.
The book is aimed at financial dads and moms: those who pay the bills.
Financial dads have no gender! Financial dad is the person (he or she) who is responsible for managing the family economy; which, like commercial enterprises, requires a well-developed financial plan.
This manual will take you step by step through the preparation of your Personal Financial Plan. In it you will find answers to common questions that every manager needs to take:
Where should I invest my savings?
What kind of life insurance should I get?
What amount will be required for my retirement?
How can I reduce taxes?

Dating for Women: A Social Bible for Women to find themselves and their Soulmates

by Avery Meyers

If you fear that you’ll never find love, and you can’t seem to take control of your love life, then keep readingâ?¦

Did you know that in the new millennium, about 50.2 percent or 124.6 million adults were single?

But, how many of these 124.6 million adults find the love that they truly deserve?

How many of them continue to choose the wrong men, and get tired of going out on hundreds of dates with Mr. Wrong?

Are you one of them?

You see, most women make the same mistakes when dating and choosing a partner.

You may even be a successful woman who’s new to dating or lacks the knowledge needed to make your relationship work with that special someone.

But now, you can learn the secrets known to a couple that’s been in a relationship for over thirty years.

Secrets that lead to a happy, healthy, long-lasting relationship.  

In Dating for Women: A Social Bible for Women to find themselves and their Soulmates, you will discover:

  • How to use simple methods to respect yourself, no matter what
  • Why most women choose the wrong men
  • How to win at dating when you’ve failed most of the time
  • How to avoid bad habits when on a date
  • What most women expect in relationships – that men don’t

And much, much more!

Even applying one of two of the methods inside of this book can increase your chances of finding Mr. Right, and not Mr. Right Now.

So, if you’re ready to meet your soulmate, click “add to cart.”

Pancake Cookbook

by Laura Sommers

Pancake Cookbook

Nothing says good morning like a piping hot stack of fluffy soft pancakes straight off the griddle. Whether you are having breakfast or brunch, pancakes are an international favorite.

Many variations exist of this sweet and scrumptious treat, including adding fruit, syrup or butter. Have you ever thought about the various ways to make pancakes? This cookbook is full of delicious mouth-watering recipes for you to make for yourself, your family or any special breakfast gathering.

Recipes Include:

  • Buttermilk Pancakes
  • Wheat Germ Whole-Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes
  • Pumpkin Pancakes
  • Sweet Potato and Banana Pancakes
  • Strawberry Pancake
  • Blue Cornmeal Pancakes
  • Fluffy Pancakes
  • Swedish Pancakes
  • Norwegian Pancakes – Pannekaken
  • Russian Pancakes – Blini
  • Yeast Pancakes from Transylvania
  • Peanut Butter Banana Pancakes
  • Banana Brown Sugar Pancakes
  • Banana Nut Pancakes
  • Oatmeal Pancakes
  • German Pancakes
  • German Apple Pancake
  • Apple Pancake
  • Buckwheat Pancakes
  • Sourdough Buckwheat Pancakes
  • Fluffy Pancakes
  • Pesto Pancakes
  • Irish Boxty Potato Pancakes
  • Coconut Banana Pancakes
  • Lemon Raspberry Pancakes
  • Corn Pancakes
  • Bacon and Corn Griddle Cakes
  • Praline Pancakes
  • Chocolate Pancakes
  • Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
  • Blue Cornmeal Pancakes
  • Oat Pancakes
  • Blueberry Pancakes
  • Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes
  • Old Fashioned Pancakes
  • Peach Cornmeal Pancakes
  • Lemon Strawberry Pancakes
  • Blini Russian Pancakes
  • Berry Topped Pancakes
  • Cocoa Banana Pancakes
  • Bacon Apple Pancakes
  • Cherry-Topped Pancakes
  • Rum Raisin Sundae Pancakes
  • Rhubarb Pancakes
  • Yogurt Pancakes
  • Banana-Spice Cakes
  • Bourbon Bacon Pancakes
  • Red Velvet Pancakes
  • Dutch Baby Pancakes
  • Sour Silver Dollar Pancakes
  • Lemon Stack Pancakes

Python For Beginners: Learn Python Programming Easily

by Kevin Spencer

Python For Beginners

Learn Python Programming Easily

Want to become a good Python programmer quickly?

This book aims to make sure that you fully understand what you’re getting into in terms of programming, as well as making certain that you get the logic behind everything that you’re doing. 

Python is an extremely useful language for you to learn, and it’s also pretty easy. The handy thing, too, is that Python is similar enough to a lot of different languages that when you learn Python the right way, you aren’t just learning Python – you’re actually learning a variety of programming concepts that you can then apply to a huge number of different languages that you may choose to study.

This book contains: 

  • How to set up Python
  • How to work with Variables
  • How to control Flow and lists, File Input/Output
  • An overview of the concept of Methods
  • The explanation of the concept of Object-oriented programming
  • A step by step tutorial for a beginner project

And much much more…

Get Your Copy today!

Who The Hell Is Beating Off Bob? 2

by R M

Erotic Fiction
What do you do when you work with a bunch of babes, and you’re forced to compete with a guy who writes porn? I mean the guy probably isn’t even real, right? But maybe you can use his effect on those women to further your own agenda.

Worry and Anxiety: Your Guide to Breaking Free

by Gary Metcalfe

Are you a chronic worrier? 
Has worrying obsessively taken over your whole life? 
Are you looking for a solution to stop worrying and how to better manage your anxiety? 

Then you’ve come to the right place!

In this book, you will first learn to understand the reasons why you worry, why you should stop worrying because it does nothing for you, and discover the practical solutions and techniques to help you solve and manage your worries.
You will also learn 5 simple techniques to help conquer your anxiety along with one very powerful technique which helps tie everything together.

Worry is a waste of mental and physical energy, don’t let it control your life any longer than it should! Take back control of your life and start learning how to manage your anxiety today!

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