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Apple Watch: 2018 User Guide to Your Apple Watch: Tips and Tricks Included (2018 guide, ios, apps, iPhone, updates)

by Alexa Adams

Apple Watch

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2018 User Guide to Your Apple Watch: Tips and Tricks Included (2018 guide, ios, apps, iPhone, updates)

Do you have an Apple Watch? They’re super popular, and an alternative to just having your phone on your wrist all the time. For those of us that are big into Apple products, an Apple Watch might seem like the perfect thing for those who are looking to create a more personalized, and a better manner to take calls and other information.
But, how do you use it? What’s the best way to get the most out of this? How do you use this watch? Well, you’re about to find out. Everything that you need to know about the Apple Watch is included in this, along with updated tips and tricks to better help you understand how to use this.
By the end of this, you’ll know exactly how to use the Apple Watch.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • General interaction with the watch face
  • How to personalize it
  • What every single icon means on this watch
  • How to communicate with friends on the Apple Watch
  • How to put in reminders and events
  • Amazing tips and tricks, along with updated information and new things that you can do with the Apple Watch to get the most out of this

With the Apple Watch, it might seem like a newer system that you don’t understand how to use. That’s fine, it’s totally okay. But, with this book, you’ll be able to learn everything that you need to know about the Apple Watch, and how to better master it. You’ll be able to use this watch in a successful manner and know how to not just do all of the basic functions, but also how to master other cool tips and tricks as well. With new generations of this coming out, it’s worth learning more about, so that you can use this successfully.
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iPhone X: 2018 Essential User Guide to Master Your Apple iPhone X with Tips and Tricks (Apple iPhone X for beginners)

by Robert Lee

iPhone X

2018 Essential User Guide to Master Your Apple iPhone X with Tips and Tricks

For many fans of Apple, the iPhone X signifies a new and unique type of device that is both praised and yet regarded with curiosity. What are the features of it? What’s so great about this phone? Why do so many people love it? What are some of the faults that it has? How do you even use it? These are all questions that many who are Apple users tend to have, and for those new to Apple and have an iPhone X, they may find this version quite different from what they’re used to.
But, don’t despair, for this book will give you everything that you need to know about the iPhone X, and some of the various factors regarding it.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Facial recognition and why it’s incorporated instead of touch ID
  • All the things you can do with Facial recognition
  • The control center and various navigation tips
  • The new “swipe” ability and how it’s changed navigation
  • Lock screen and battery information to help you
  • Personalizing your phone so that it works even better for you
  • All about Siri, the functions, and the capabilities of this system
  • The apps that you see that are new to the iPhone X and what they mean
  • How you can connect your iPhone X to new Bluetooth devices
  • Tips, tricks, and so much more

By the end of this, you’ll know all that there is to know about this, and you’ll be able to create the best sort of experience that you can with the iPhone X, and you’ll be able to create a great result from this. With the work that you can put into this, you’ll be able to learn just how you can incorporate the iPhone X into your life. You’ll be able to create a beautiful, new life for yourself with this, and help to make a lot of the functions that are on here easier to navigate, and that way, you’ll be able to create some new and awesome abilities that you can implement on your phone.

The iPhone X is a bit new, especially without the usage of a “home” button in this case. It does feel much different, and it will take some getting used to, but with this guide, you’ll be able to learn what you need to know about the iPhone X, and some of the different functions that you can utilize in order to create the best result that you can from this, and different factors that you’ll be able to enjoy.

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Java: 2018 Simple Beginnerâ??s Guide to Java Programming (Tips and Tricks and Strategies of Java Programming)

by Paul Laurence


Simple Beginner’s Guide to Java Programming

Java is an extremely powerful and robust programming language that can be used in the design of everything from basic desktop applications to advanced machine learning algorithms. Also, it is easier than C Programming and JavaScript. Its versatility is one of the things that has made it so popular among users of all levels of experience.
If you’re just taking your first steps into java programming, learning Java is a good way to go. Not only it is a very useful language, it’s also easier to learn than other o=bject-based programming languages, even for a relative beginner. (Not for advances users of Java ee, Java ee 8 or Java 9 or other Java versions). This book will be good for dummies.

This book will cover the following topics:

  • How to set up your system to write Java
  • An explanation of terminology like methods, strings, and other key features of the language
  • How to use operators and write expressions
  • Step by step instructions to write your first

You might be surprised at how easy Java is to learn, even if you’re not particularly technologically savvy. This book starts with basic knowledge and builds from there, giving you a complete understanding of the language.

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Building a Bulletproof Backup for Photographers: Never lose another image again!

by Robert Vanelli

How Much are your Photos Worth?
It’s hard to put a price tag on years of memories you captured in photos or the hours of video you took that still brings a smile to your face. Ask yourself, what are my photos worth? If you’re a professional photographer; someone who sold a print or charged for service, this question gets easier. How much would I lose if I lost everything on my hard drive. You get my point; we need a bulletproof backup plan, hardware that is safe, simple and expandable, and last, easy configurable software to manage it all.

The 3-2-1 Backup Concept
This ebook teaches the 3-2-1 backup concept–THREE copies of your files, TWO stored on different media, ONE backup copy kept offsite. Using this concept we will build a “Set it and Forget it” backup workflow so you will never lose another image again.

First Aid the Lancaster Way: A comprehensive and Practical First Aid manual

by Karl Lancaster

An up to date and easy to read first aid manual. Written by an ex police first aid instructor and now freelance trainer Karl Lancaster. Has in depth sections on all aspects of first aid as well as quick reminders at the end of each chapter. Complete with explanatory easy to follow pictures.


by Girija

Live the fun filled parenting! Create a happy and stick-free childhood!
Do you doubt your parenting skills? Do you wonder if you are able to do your best as a parent? Here is the answer to all your dilemmas. Take the help of “Girija’s four circles tool,” a structural model that will help you with absolutely stress-free parenting.
If your child is not listening to you, it doesn’t mean that the child doesn’t care for you or the child is arrogant. Connect with your child with another approach. Personalization is the key to success.
The Magic of Parenting shows many instances in which a successful response was achieved.
ï?? What is inside the magic
– Goal-oriented communication style that nurtures positive approach in parenting
– The “four circles tool (a structural model)” that helps in a paradigm shift from the old habit of do’s and don’ts
– Many ways to choose from while interacting with little kids up to ten years of age
– Tips to develop intelligence and incredible personality traits with Girija’s four circles tool
Live the fun filled parenting! Create a happy childhood!

I’ve heard it all B4:: Look 4 your self

by Khubsurat Tarun

The key to unlock your future

The Changing Landscape of the Academic Profession: Faculty Culture at For-Profit Colleges and Universities (Studies in Higher Education)

by Vicente M. Lechuga

The rapid success of for-profit colleges and universities (FPCUs) only recently has caught the attention of scholars in academe. The continuing expansion of the proprietary higher education sector has lead to fundamental questions regarding the purpose and function of FPCUs. As new technologies continue to emerge, education is becoming of increasing import to employees seeking to upgrade their skills and employers in search of individuals who possess the necessary expertise and training to help their organizations succeed. For-profit institutions challenge traditional notions of the academy–such as shared governance, tenure, and academic freedom–by utilizing administrative practices that more aptly apply to the corporate arena. Moreover, they exclusively employ non-tenure-track faculty members.
This study provides a framework for understanding faculty roles and responsibilities at for profit colleges and universities. The author employs a series of in-depth interviews with 53 faculty members, from four for-profit institutions. Utilizing a cultural framework, the study explores the attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions of faculty work with particular consideration given to faculty member’s non-tenure-track status, participation in decision-making activities, and academic freedom. The study examines the culture of the faculty work by asking how the profit-seeking nature of the institution affects their efforts inside and outside of the classroom. The author introduces a new component to the cultural framework that illustrates how the close ties between FPCUs and business and industry affect the nature of faculty work.

MICROFINANCE: A Textbook of Microfinance for Schools, Colleges and Practitioners

by Siegfried Silverman

Microfinance has been used over the years in fighting rural poverty and removal of ignorance. As a tool of poverty alleviation, and adopted by the World Bank and other donor assisted funds, its operation cannot be over-emphasised.
But the topics in microfinance are not easy to digest and cannot be traced to one coherent, comprehensive and concise source. Learners and practitioners have to use various research materials to be able to elicit what they need. More often than not, most research materials are either too deep or just inadequate for learners. The middle is always the short-cuts, that is, points are disjointed in the bid to make ends meet for learners and other young practitioners.
The Author, with a wide experience in the sector, particularly in finance, accounting and operations management at the highest level in notable microfinance organisations within Africa and Asia, has come up with what is described as “The Textbook” on microfinance.
He, therefore, touches on every aspect of the microfinance subjects that are needed at the colleges and university levels. Business schools and their students shall find this book comprehensive enough on the topics of microfinance.
At the very best, students and young practitioners of banking and finance would not have to look elsewhere for the knowledge in the contemporary microfinance setting. The subjects treated are: –
ï?¼Difference between banking and microfinance
ï?¼Lending methodologies of microfinance institutions
ï?¼Sources of funding to the banks and the MFIs
ï?¼Wholesale banking and development banking
ï?¼Risk Management
ï?¼Fraud risks management
ï?¼Operations Risk Management
ï?¼Best Practices in Loans Collections
ï?¼Collateral Management and Collateral Registry
ï?¼Financial Technology (Fintech) and Mobile Banking
ï?¼The role of the Finance, Internal Audit, ICT and Human Resource functions
ï?¼Glossary of thousands of microfinance definitions
It is hoped to be a good companion to you in your studies and practices on the field!

The Business of People: The significance of social science over the next decade

by Campaign for Social Science

Tackling infectious disease, understanding radicalisation, improving productivity, siting new airport capacity, getting people to save for retirement – nearly all the issues facing the UK now and in the near future demand the urgent attention of those trained to study human processes. In short, we need sharp social science now more than ever.

The Business of People looks at the backdrop to the UK elections taking place in May 2015 to argue that we need to invest in science and innovation – not just for the sake of â??UK plc’ and prospects for growth and economic recovery, but to inform debate and policymaking on migration, housing, devolution of power within the UK, and the UK’s position in Europe.

The report sets out the need for new economic and social knowledge and illustrates the many ways in which social scientists are contributing to changing practice and deepening knowledge. It outlines the size and structure of UK social science, its contribution to GDP, how social science graduates are essential to the work of firms, government and the third sector.

The report ends with a set of recommendations for the next few years – urgent reading for the next government – on research funding, social science capacity and the use of expert advice by government.

An open access electronic version of the report is downloadable from

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