Free religious fiction Kindle books for 03 Jun 18

Holly Garden, PI: Red is for Rookie (Handcuffed in Texas)

by Anne Greene

A kidnapping. A ticking clock. Three hot PI’s. A Black Widow kills again. Will Holly’s first case end in disaster? Will the two men in Holly’s life give her too much heat?

Motivated by the murky circumstances surrounding her father’s reputation-ruining murder, Holly vows to clear his muddied name, prove herself as a PI, and redeem Garden Investigation’s integrity and dwindling list of clients. Then her best friend, Matt, is kidnappedâ?¦and everything changes.

What are you in for?: A depressing short story

by Daniel Njambi

Daniel Njambi is a Kenyan author who explores hard-hitting realities based mostly in the supernatural realms.
This story is one of his best.

We all die. We all go to two possible places. Unfortunately, the poor souls in this succinct story got a suprise they weren’t expecting. This is a depressing story of waking up and finding yourself where you don’t want to be.

It will leave you feeling hopeless and itchy. Hopefully we can learn from this story and get ourselves right with God now before it’s too late.

Prepare to be depressed.

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