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Renaissance (Memories of Resurgence Book 1)

by Victor Lukdary

Caleb remembers nothing before the uneven descent to Ursus 4, but he is clear on the mission he has been given by the Solar Navy: infiltration and sabotage of any facility of the Zunzes, an enemy alien race. And he intends to carry it out to the fullest.
To this end, it has the help of a symbid, artificial intelligence integrated into its own neural network, and the Trans, a single-seater vessel with an extraordinary capacity for camouflage.
Acting as a sniper, he gradually becomes the scourge of the bewildered Zunzes, but when the Navy does not respond to his transmissions and his symbid seems to act strangely, things start to get confusing.
Caleb’s starting to suspect something’s wrong, really wrong.
And he dreams he’s not alone.

Scimitar’s Glory: A Swordships Odyssey Novel

by Dietmar Wehr

Human-explored space lies between two alien races that are either openly aggressive or covertly hostile. 7th Fleet discovers that one of those races is moving to attack. In a moment of panic, the commanding admiral orders the fleet to attempt a risky jump through hyperspace. They miss hitting their target star’s gravity well and end up deep in unexplored space with a shockingly long trip home and not nearly enough food to last that long. With war now raging in their home systems, the officers of 7th Fleet must find a way to put aside their egos, ambitions and fears in order to make it back, and they know that not all of them will. Scimitar’s Glory is the first book in a new, fast-paced, action-packed military SF series: Swordships Odyssey. The second book, Excalibur’s Quest, is already available for pre-order.

With a long, risky jump like this, Dejanus would have expected Corregidor’s astrogational AI to take at least ten minutes to aim the ship as precisely as possible to the distant star’s center. She was therefore surprised and somewhat alarmed when the flagship signaled to the rest of the fleet that they could start to match her trajectory after only half that time.

“Goddammit, what’s the rush?” she said to Koenig who was the only other human on the Bridge. “There’s no possible way the Jab fleet can catch us before we jump, even if we take another hour to do it. Why not take a few extra minutes to get the most accurate trajectory possible?” When it became clear that Koenig had nothing to say, she continued. “Astro, I want you to check the flagship’s alignment with Alpha9 while we match vectors. Let me know if you think the flagship’s vector could be better.” That extra task delayed Excalibur’s alignment, and therefore she became the last ship in the fleet to signal her readiness for the jump.

“Fleet Commander on Tac2, Commander,” said the com AI.

Dejanus switched channels to her Command Pod. “Excalibur Actual speaking,” said Dejanus in the formal form of address that ship COs normally didn’t bother with.

“What’s taking your Astro so long to get aligned, Commander?” Rostov didn’t bother to hide his annoyance.

“Just double-checking the overall jump trajectory, Admiral.” Dejanus thought she heard Rostov swear under his breath, but it could have been her imagination.

“You tell your Astro that if Excalibur isn’t aligned in the next two minutes, I’ll order him replaced and transferred to a cargo hauler. FC out!”

The astro AI managed to get the ship aligned within the deadline to no one’s surprise. With all ships in the fleet now aligned perfectly with the flagship and jump velocity attained, the order was given to enter hyperspace.

It was 131.3 hours later when both Koenig and Dejanus were on the Bridge again watching the jump chronometer countdown to the second when the ship should drop back down into normal space. Koenig watched the countdown clock hit zero and then start counting up again. After ten more seconds, Dejanus began shaking her head. She had a horrified expression on her face.

“We’ve missed. That bastard has killed us all.”

Genre categories: space fleet, military SF, space opera, galactic empire, alien invasion, first contact, space exploration.

Office Wars: The Mailroom Clerk

by James Patton

Bran was one of the first to purchase a full immersion Virtual Reality Pod that he calls the Coffin, but over a century later, ironically, he finds himself part of the 1% that does not live virtually. He sleeps in a real bed and eats real food and only jumps into Neuroma to work.
All he wanted was to log in, work and log out and live in general obscurity. Getting the attention of a CEO, meeting a stranger in real life, and forced to play in a secret game of corporations were not penciled into his calendar. While that was bad, he started to question whether Odditek was still in control, or had their complacency created the noose tightening around their neck.
Bran was not yet aware of the choice before him. He could no longer stand back and watch, and he had to pick a side and fight before he lost the ability to choose. Would he recognize the inevitable in time? Was it possible to make a â??correct’ choice, or had the lines blurred so much that hero and villain were indistinguishable?

This novel is part of an Odditek series and is a LitRPG novel. I realize it’s the first Odditek series, but more are coming.

This series started as a companion series to a book called Lantern Online. I wanted a way to build up the world as it now exists, and to explain what Odditek is. Neuroma and Nerves are mentioned in Lantern Online, and I felt all that information was taking away from my story and is mostly not relevant, but good to know information. I took a lot of it out and added it to this series.
Anyway, out of that came Office Wars. I hope it’s different than most LitRPG you will read, and brings another dimension to the genre.
Explicit language! I will not lie, there is a satirical nature to this story, and a lot of the language and scenarios are morally questionable on purpose. In this story and I use a lot of curse words and controversial commentary. Just look on Facebook or any half a dozen social media sites, and you will see similar language, conversations, and other nonsense. If we all moved into a digital world, this is how I view that world.

Grand Master’s Cat: Prequel to the Grand Master’s Trilogy (Grand Masters’ Galaxy Book 0)

by Aurora Springer

A short story and prequel to the epic science fiction adventure, the Grand Master’s Pawn.

When Grand Master Griffin investigates a wrecked spacecraft, his efforts to rescue the survivors lead to feline disruptions of his plans.

Super psychics in space, aliens, adventure and a hint of romance.

Stories in the Grand Masters’ Galaxy
Grand Master’s Cat, a short prequel
Grand Master’s Pawn
Grand Master’s Game
Grand Master’s Mate Cosmic RiftCosmic Wars


by Jason Scott Melo

Following the downfall of the bloodline that binds them, a schoolgirl, an aristocrat, a militant, and an addict will struggle to build a better tomorrow on the manmade island they call home. Don’t miss Jason Scott Melo’s cyberpunk epic, Basilica.

Built far out at sea by megacorporations in humanity’s waning years, Basilica is the last functioning city on Earth. The Jean-Fa Dynasty, the family that has held majority control of this artificial island and its oligarchic government for decades, will soon fall.

Only the four surviving progeny â?? Ana, the youngest, her older brother, Dante, their estranged cousin, Eveline, and their troubled uncle, Jack â?? have any chance of saving themselves from a grim tomorrow. Together, aided by their personal array of unique talents and the technological innovation known as the magnetvakt, the last Jean-Fas will struggle to restore order to their lives, seek out unexpected allies, and take on old foes. Family bonds will be strained, broken, and mended and the city’s darkest secrets will be revealed.

Ultimately, Ana, Dante, Eveline, and Jack will seek justice for their family, a family whose tragic fate might have been the only justice they ever deserved.

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