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Painting Deception

by Brian Hebbel

Lily Clarke, the elderly mother of three dysfunctional and distant daughters, makes life altering discoveries regarding her new found wealth and other dark secrets, after she receives a diagnosis that she has a terminal illness. The challenges and decisions she must face in her final months will define her lasting legacy. To execute her plan, she invites her three dysfunctional and distant daughters to her home for a short stay to determine you will receive her new found wealth. Her plans become disrupted when dark secrets emerge, questioning her decision making and the meaning of her entire life. The book includes family dysfunction, drama, humor, an a bit of historical fiction.
From the book:
Chapter 1:
The old saying goes that everyone has a story. Unfortunately today, October 2, 2016, Lily Elizabeth Clarke’s story was coming to a quick end. It was a sunny day at the Sacred Heart Cemetery in Dundalk, Maryland, as cars began pulling up shortly after noon for her 1:00 p.m. funeral. Old rusted smoke stacks from a bankrupt steel mill could be seen in the background of the cemetery in this gritty part of Baltimore. Neighborhoods with seventy-year-old brick weathered rowhouses surrounded the neatly manicured cemetery.
The funeral was taking place exactly as Lily had arranged it. No details were left out of the planning. While she was alive, she made sure that her funeral, burial arrangements, and reading of her Last Will and Testament were organized and would be executed exactly to her wishes. No one knew what would take place over the next twenty-four hours and weeks to follow except Lily, and she was deceased. Not even her lawyer and confidant, Jake Snyder, knew all of the hidden details that Lily had intentionally failed to disclose to him; some of which had remained bottled and silenced for a lifetime. He had been Lily’s lawyer for more than twenty years, and over the next two days, he would implement her final plan exactly as she had instructed.
Jake knew her for almost his whole life and thought he knew everything about her, but he didn’t know the dark secrets about her past or the ones she intended to reveal in stages following her death. The health crisis that led to Lily’s death was nothing compared to the mental struggle she faced as a result of the long forgotten secrets resurfacing during the final months of her life. Lily’s struggle whether to reveal her secrets while she was alive and how to reveal them after her death would change lives and define her legacy.
Lily didn’t want to have a formal viewing at a funeral home. She wanted her funeral to be short and sweet at the gravesite, so that everyone could get on with their lives.
Lily’s three daughters didn’t remain close to her after they graduated from college and settled in the state of their college alma maters. Lily was unsure why her children didn’t stay close to her. She wasn’t sure if it was her sometimes overbearing husband or the fact that her children wanted to get out of the dirty blue-collar town Baltimore was in the 1970s. Maybe they were a little rebellious, stubborn, and adventurous, all rolled into one. In truth, Lily often wondered if the secrets she harbored created impenetrable barriers in her relationship with her daughters. However, it seemed the longer they were away from Baltimore, the further they grew apart from Lily, and she didn’t have the strength or courage to correct the situation.
Her three children didn’t have the strength or courage to correct it either. They had their own problems and issues that Lily couldn’t correct once they became adults and left her nest. As she grew older, not needed and then elderly, she learned to accept the emotional and physical distance while silently hoping their relationship would one day get better. Her secrets and experiences with her dysfunctional children shaped the course of events that took place at the end of her eighty-six-year-old life, and a short period of time after her death

A Tide of Bones (The Adventures of Redwatch Book 1)

by Ben Stovall

The heroic Red Watch adventurers have reformed after a brief hiatus. Their name is nearly a decade old in the Gandari Kingdoms, synonymous with legendary feats and daring heroes throughout the various city-states that cover the realm. Led by their fearless commander, the paladin Ulthan, the adventurers decide to embark on a simple escort to reunite a woman and her fatherâ??but when that straightforward request reveals a threat to all who call the kingdoms their home, the heroes will unite steadfast friends and unlikely allies to defend all they hold dear. A TIDE OF BONES is a heroic high fantasy adventure novel filled with sweeping action sequences and enthralling suspense.

Naughty Desires (Naughty Shorts Book 1)

by Sarah Castille

I’ll do anything to get her back.

Fifteen years ago she crashed into me at a bus stop. It was love at first stumble.
We fell in love quickly and wildly. It was everything that neither of us had experienced before and we got married as soon as possible.

But what happens when life changes everything? When you start feeling unworthy of your brilliant wife?
I’ve shared almost everything about myself with Lily – except my dark desires.

I can feel her slipping away from me, but I won’t let her go.

I’ve got one chance to show her who I really am, what I really want, and all the games I like to play.

Naughty Shorts from New York Times bestselling author, Sarah Castille, are quick delicious bites of dirty and sweet romance that will give you all the feels. Set in a small town, and inspired by stories about everyday couples, these sexy second chance novellas contain a little naughty, a lot of heart, and a happily ever after.

Naughty Shorts series:
Naughty Desires
Naughty Wishes
Naughty Secrets

Every Boss Has A Soft Spot 2

by Danielle May

In this second installment of Every Boss Has A Soft Spot, Sasha is torn between a man that is willing to be her everything and a man that’s unwilling to commit to her. Trying to get over Ron’s rejection of her, Sasha comes to the conclusion that she needs to move on. Once she starts seeing Shawn in a different light, she realizes that maybe he has been the one for her all along. Just when she thinks she has finally gotten Ron out of her system, he comes storming back into her life, confusing her once again.

After the accident, Ron continues to live his life as he sees fit, only concentrating on stacking his money and getting out the game as soon as he possibly can. Though he tries to convince himself Sasha is better off without him, he can’t seem to get her off his mind. Jealousy seeps in when he spots her out with someone else, forced to face the fact that his feelings for her are deeply rooted. Deciding to finally put his pride to the side, he gives her a choice to either be with him or be without him, but is it too late?

Did his unwillingness to commit push the very woman he cares about into the arms of another?

A Murder in Nether Bumble

by Adam G Newton

Dan Paige was looking forward to a two-week holiday on a tropical beach until his car broke down on the way to the airport. He finds himself lost in the village of Nether Bumble, right in the middle of nowhere. When he’s discovered behind the pub in the middle of the night, holding a crowbar with blood all over his hands, the villagers quite rightly treat the new arrival with suspicion. And then they discover the local vicar has been murdered.

As Dan tries to prove his innocence, the police insist he can’t leave the village and confiscate his car. He’s further hindered by the vicar’s wife, her gardener, and a woman who won’t take no for an answer. Dan’s hopes of relaxing in the sun quickly fade away, but there might be a silver lining in the form of the pub landlord’s daughter. Unless, of course, she’s actually the murderer.

Set in a typical English village and the surrounding countryside, this good-natured mystery will delight with its entertaining cast of humorous characters.

Death of the Queen of Hearts

by Roman A. Clay

“The royal family had plans for Prince James’s twenty-first birthday, but so did James, and they didn’t include the royal family.” On the night of his big celebration, he ducks his royal bodyguards to party with friends, but his plans are sidetracked by a gift given to him, a mysterious letter, addressed to “Bunny.”
“Bunny,” a nickname only his mother used to call him, had died four years earlier in a suspicious car crash, and conspiracy theories still circulated. James follows the note to the St. Laurent Restaurant, where a stranger leaves him a dvd with shocking information about his mother’s death.

Death Turns A Trick (The Rebecca Schwartz Series, Book 1)

by Julie Smith

The FIRST book in a cozy series by an Edgar Winner.
Funny and witty, with a clever, outspoken heroine.” -Library Journal
Rebecca Schwartz, nice Jewish lawyer with a few too many fantasies, is happily playing the piano in a whorehouse when she suddenly finds herself assigned to make sure a near-naked state senator escapes a police raid. That dirty job done, a lovely evening turns even more delightful when she’s picked up by the cops and spends the next two hours at the Hall of Justice. Could this day get any worse? Of course! Guess who arrives home to find a dead hooker on her living room floor?

Handsome Parker Phillips, Rebecca’s new beau and the most attractive man she’s met in ages, is arrested for the murder. (Worse, she suspects he might actually have done it.)

On the plus side, another very attractive man is following the case–reporter Rob Burns of the San Francisco Chronicle, a possible ally. And there are other possibilities.

Fans of Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Bond, and Elizabeth Peters will get a kick out of this one.

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