Free fantasy Kindle books for 04 Jun 18

The Dragon Knight’s Soul (The Dragon Knight Series Book 4)

by D.C. Clemens

Atop a dragon and armed with a staff that can unmask Advent spells, Mercer Eberwolf resumes his hunt for the relentless cult. The intensive search will take the dragon knight and his four companions over Orda’s forests and swamps, whose cores hide ancient magic, tribal societies, and mischievous creatures. Not yet a master of a dragon’s potent power, Mercer’s potential is restrained by his inexperience and by the very crystals abetting his link with Aranath. Without more time to hone his soul, the first dragon knight in five hundred years could find himself sacrificing more than he imagined to defeat his primordial foes.

Life Under the Noose

by James Bee

Fifteen years ago, Rivers was stolen from his village, under the orders of a King. Forced to serve, Rivers’ life was safe as long as his village stayed loyal. Only now it seems that they have broken faith with the King, and the noose around his neck grows tight. His life is forfeit, unless he travels back to his home, and delivers the punishment himself. Now Rivers is faced with an impossible choice. If the life he has carved out for himself is to survive, he must destroy his old world. How far will he go to save his own life? How far can one man be pushed before he breaks?

Life Under the Noose is a fast paced, character driven novel for readers who love gritty action, and high stakes.

Jordie In Charge (A Castre World Novel Book 1)

by E. A. Shanniak


Princess Jordie has a great family with a bright future. She gives it all up for the love of a man.

Cast out, alone, she struggles to survive and raise her son. To the surprise of all, she is surviving, even thriving, when all expected her to die.

Just when Jordie’s life seems to be working out – the King comes back into her life with an ultimatum. Marry one of his candidates or die. She has only a day to decide.

Time is running out for Jordie.

Will she pick death or take a chance on love?

This is a stand alone novel. 18+ – some adult scenes.

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