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From Twisted Roots: Thriller, Horror, and Mystery Short Stories

by S.H. Cooper

Most little girls don’t dream of growing up and spending their days surrounded by human blood. My sister was not most little girls.

From twisted roots comes poisoned fruit, and even the most wholesome families have their dark secrets.

Inside you’ll experience intimate first hand accounts of modern day murders, kidnappings, and violent revenge. Other stories are heartwarming with whimsical mysteries, gothic fairy tales, and supernatural monstrosities. Nothing is as it seems, nothing is safe, and anything is possible as you embark upon these thrilling tales to uncover the truth.

“Play with us!”

The girl’s voices were getting louder, less playful in their demands despite the wicked laughter following their words. I felt fingers twist around my ponytail, jerking my head harshly back.
“Silly cow! Stupid girl!”

Someone was tearing roughly at my nightshirt. A stinging slap landed across one cheek. Nails dug into my ankle and pulled at my leg again. Clawed hands scratched at my face, my arms, and my chest, with more pulling at my hair.

Their hollow, mirthless laughter surrounded me. I curled up into the tightest, smallest ball I could manage and I started to scream.

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Behind the Black Door

by Joe Matt

A collection of three dark and magnificent short stories by exciting new writer Joe Matt.

Behind the Black Door

Gilbert Dudley’s modest antique shop hides a unique secret. Only the invited are allowed to climb the steps behind the black door. What will the mega rich make of the delights behind the black door, and how far will some go to lay their hands on such treasures?


Holly Brady knew for sure that no one else in this whole wide world could want Glen the way that she wanted him.
Not since the crash anyway.

When a tragic event occurs, an unlikely romantic bond forms. But does getting what you always wanted change who you are?


Set in the American west after the Civil War, ‘Wells’ tells the dark tale of George Bristle. A settler on the south western plains, George and his fellow settlers have faced violent attacks from a rampaging tribe of Indians led by the legendary Grey Wolf. When a number of farmers meet increasingly grisly ends, a small band of settlers decide to make a stand from the secure walls of Fort Dole. But who is the real enemy? Have the settlers farming methods awakened something terrible?

Sunnyville Living

by Maddox Asher

The residents of Sunnyville Living are disappearing. It’s a nursing home owned by Lillian and Robert Williams, but it is no ordinary home for the elderly.

Henry Carlson is a quiet elderly man who lives as one of the many residents of the nursing home. He notices the healthy residents passing unexpectedly.

Something isn’t right.

One night Henry awakes to witness something horrifying happening at the home. It’s terribly heinous and the authorities must know to put a stop to it.

Will Henry be able to get away and get help before it’s too late?

Simon Says (Knock Knock Man Book 1)

by Adam Dark

#1 Amazon bestselling authors Adam Dark and Matthew Thrush pair up to bring you the first dark tale in the new Knock Knock Man series. If you’re afraid of the dark, you may need to leave your lights on for the days that follow.

Simon says…

“Take off your shirt.
Lie down on the bed.
Scream and I’ll make it worse.
If you tell anyone, I’ll kill you.”

You did whatever Simon said at Oakwood Valley Home for Boys. If you didn’t, things were worse for you. I wasn’t always Simon’s favorite. Little Bobby held that honor right up until the day the Rogers adopted him. On Bobby ‘s last night at the orphanage, Simon made sure he would never forget him.

Bobby never cried. Never spoke. I think he knew no one would ever hear. But that night, Bobby screamed. I’ll never forget it to this day. He was the lucky one. He got out.

The first night Simon came for me, I was lying awake hoping I wouldn’t be the one he chose that night. When he tapped my bed with his switch, I prayed God would kill me. For three years I was Simon’s apprentice for the evenings. And each night he would tap on my bed and take me to his room.

Until one night I said no.

El Horror de Dunwich (Prometheus Classics) (Spanish Edition)

by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

¡Este libro contiene un indice interactivo que harán la lectura un verdadero placer!

El horror de Dunwich (título original en inglés: The Dunwich Horror) es un relato corto escrito por H. P. Lovecraft en 1928 y publicada por Weird Tales en marzo de 1929. Transcurre en el pueblo ficticio de Dunwich, Massachusetts. Se lo considera una de las obras principales de los Mitos de Cthulhu.

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