Free humour Kindle books for 04 Jun 18


by Brent Saltzman

Several hundred years in the future, a lowly delivery robot named Glitch is tasked with safely transporting the last two humans on earth–a child and her baby brother–across the dilapidated ruins of the United States. Along the way, the trio will face a number of dangerous perils as their bond grows, and Glitch will discover that it doesn’t take a human to have humanity.

The Funny Books

by Michael Jones

This book is filled with Mike’s favorite chapters from six of his twelve novels. He believes you will be intrigued and enticed as you laugh at the funny chapters that are only one of many segments from his fact filled novels.

Contaminated Samples

by Frankie Boyle

A free sampler containing the outrageous first chapters from Frankie’s three books My Shit Life So Far, Work! Consume! Die! and Scotland’s Jesus. Perfect for when you want to feel deeply offended.

MY SHIT LIFE SO FAR: ‘I don’t think anyone can have written an autobiography without at some point thinking “Why would anyone want to know this shit?” I’ve always read them thinking “I don’t want to know where Steve Tyler grew up, just tell me how many groupies he f**ked!”‘

So begins Frankie’s outrageous, laugh-out loud, cynical rant on life as he knows it.

WORK! CONSUME DIE!: Stand-up comedy’s favourite pessimist, Frankie Boyle, offers his laugh-out-loud, cynical rant on life as he knows it. He describes your reality as viewed through a bloodshot eye pressed against a shit-smeared telescope, focused on hell.

SCOTLAND’S JESUS: Reading Scotland’s Jesus should be like being called into the living room by your child shouting that they see a little red dot on the head of a TV newscaster, then riding the white hot bullet through the propaganda circuitry of his or her exploding brain.

Punto di non ritorno (Italian Edition)

by Antropoetico

Romanzo psicologico.
Ero ancora vivo. Tutto ciò che era accaduto, il mio intimo percorso esistenziale, non era riuscito a uccidermi. Il tempo trascorso e le immagini ricorrenti dal passato, gli errori e le gioie strappate galleggiavano nella mia mente come detriti vaganti nello spazio. Di tanto in tanto finivo per cozzare con uno dei miei rottami. Ancora vivo ma non più capace di costruire qualcosa con un senso dentro. Una mina vagante, un satellite in fuga, un ologramma svuotato dei suoi intimi contenuti. Quando diventi così, vivi per inerzia, incapace di accostare e fermarti in una vita che non sia la tua. La mia vita? Un insieme di schemi di sopravvivenza, un fuggire dalle relazioni, un cercare chi ero parola dopo parola. La mia vita non era gioia compiuta e non era nemmeno dolore. In fondo forse ero solo precipitato nel purgatorio. La terra di mezzo, il limbo in cui non sei questo e non sei quello, ma sei “qualcosa, qualcuno”.

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