Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 04 Jun 18

Happy Skills For Happy Kids: Ten bright ideas that help kids feel glad!

by Jed Jurchenko

Help your kids bust stress and be happy! This children’s activity book will guide you on the journey. 
Original rhymes, colorful pictures, and illustrated actions aid kids in learning and practicing ten happy skills. The next time that your child feels anxious, sad, or mad, he or she can use these bright ideas to begin to feel glad. 

This children’s book includes a bonus section for adults. Parents will learn why coping skills work and discover creative ideas for helping their kids practice them throughout the week. 

Help Your Kids Be Happy 

This book teaches ten coping skills. Every skill is introduced with a simple rhyme. Engaging illustrations demonstrate how each coping skill is done and encourage kids to practice with the characters in the book. The parenting chapter provides additional information on how coping skills work and ideas for helping kids get the most out of each idea. 

Kids will love the colorful pictures, creative rhymes, and engaging actions. Parents will appreciate the opportunity to help children brighten their mood and be happy. This combination of a children’s activity book and parenting book is perfect for parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors. Its aims to help kids ages 3-8 to practice new coping skills, reduce anxiety, and feel happier! 
Don’t wait! Help your kids be happy with this hands-on children’s book that both parents and kids will love!

Spider Teatime: A Fun Poetry Book for Little People: Fun Poems for Kids (with silly pictures).

by Ashish Chanda

A vibrant new book by the acclaimed children’s author, Ashish Chanda. 

An incredibly fun (but short) poem by Ashish Chanda

Spider Teatime is a fun little book about what happened when both the spider and tea came together one unexpected teatime. 

You will like this little book, along with its fantastic little drawings that are so bad that they’re actually pretty good. 



DRAGON DOG: Sonia the World Heritage Pointer Explores China

by Rose Muenker

Sonia the World Heritage Pointer – a super curious and adventurous puppy dog – goes to China with a huge wish. She wants to dance in the Chinese New Year Festival with a dragon. But where can she find one?
As she searches for a dragon, she explores several amazing ancient places: The Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven and The Great Wall of China.
Will she find a dragon that is going to the Chinese New Year Festival? And if she does, will the dragon want to become friends and dance with Sonia? Or will it turn on her and hiss roaring hot flames to scare her away?

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