Free literary fiction Kindle books for 04 Jun 18

The Emperor (Fall of the Swords Book 4)

by Scott Michael Decker

Emperor in fact, but not in name.

Seeking Sword looks to the south for only one thing: The Northern Imperial Sword, which now lies dormant in the vaults of the Eastern Empire. Without it, Seeking Sword will always be a bandit. To get it, he’ll have to defeat the Heir.

Abandoned to bandits as an infant and suffering privation and abuse throughout childhood, Seeking Sword has known adversity, but nothing has prepared him to lead a campaign against such an adversary. It isn’t the Heir’s formidable fighting skills nor his tactical acumen that so dismays the bandit Emperor. It’s the beloved devotion of his people.

How is Seeking Sword to fight that?

The Last Whale Watch and other stories

by Bert Silva

The Last Whale Watch is the result of a disgruntled rogue engineer fired from a futuristic corporation with assets throughout the known universe. The gifted rebel chooses to revenge himself for this rejection with a bizarre construct which ends tragically. Other stories follow, some fanciful, others true incidents both grim and comic.


by C.P. Watson

Each poem has a deep meaning, once you let your emotions run free.

Indie Writers Review Issue 6: May 2018

by P.J. Blakey-Novis

Indie Writers Review is a monthly magazine showcasing the best work from Independently published authors. Each issue contains short stories, poetry, book reviews, author interviews and a book giveaway. Have a read, learn more about the authors, and find your next fantastic book.

Una efimera eternidad (Spanish Edition)


Luna (18 anos) descubre en su vehiculo una misteriosa correspondencia… Estas cartas, que nunca fueron enviadas, revela la existencia de una historia emocionante entre dos personajes Antoine y Mathilde… y un secreto incredible…

Wir sind in Paris, GruÃ? Jennifer (German Edition)

by Gisela Böhne

Jenny, Verkäuferin in einer Boutique, möchte ihr Studium für das Lehramt wiederaufnehmen, obwohl sie schwanger ist. Mitverantwortlich für den Studienabbruch waren Halluzinationen: Sie sieht ihren verschollenen Vater. Von dieser vermeintlichen, psychischen Störung hat sie ihrem Lebensgefährten Bastian nichts erzählt. Ehe sie ihn von ihrem Plan überzeugen kann, bekommt dieser einen Anruf, der ernsthafte Probleme nach sich zieht.

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