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The Byzantine Empire: A Captivating Guide to Byzantium and How the Eastern Roman Empire Was Ruled by Emperors such as Constantine the Great and Justinian

by Captivating History

If you want to discover captivating stories of people and events of the Byzantine Empire then keep reading…

Free History BONUS Inside!

The Byzantine Empire was founded during the chaotic third century. It was the time when revolts and civil wars were common, and Roman emperors merely lasted for a year.

Despite being one of the most captivating historical periods of all time, the Byzantine Empire is a lesser known one and it’s rare to find a page-turning resource on the topic.

But that is about to change. In this new captivating history book, you will…

  • explore a story of power and glory, anarchy and order, paganism and Christianity, war and peace, the West and the East
  • get familiar with the roots of the greatest controversies that defined the history of Europe and the entirety of Western civilization – the conflict between the Catholic and Orthodox churches, and the one between Christianity and Islam
  • discover stories of remarkable emperors you’ve never heard of and about the astonishing bravery of Graeco-Roman heroes such as Constantine Dragases, who resisted the Ottomans until the end, and Belisarius, who fought the Persians to reconquer what used to be the Western Empire
  • learn more about the entire era called the Byzantine Empire in less time compared to reading boring textbooks

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Chronicles of a Stand-up Guy: A Peek Into The Daily Grind Of A Comedian

by Mickey Housley

For every comedian you enjoy watching on HBO and Netflix, there’s a thousand more hilarious individuals clawing and scratching for a chance to flash across your television screen. I doesn’t matter if it’s Comedy Central or The Discovery Channel.

Pulling from his personal “man diary” Mickey Housley shares anecdotes from his journey as a stand-up comedian. From proud moments like winning contests to embarrassing moments like getting punched in the chest after a show.

Mickey details his growing pains in compelling, insightful fashion, making him a guy you can both easily learn from and cheerfully root for.

If you ever wondered what it takes for a comedian to establish a sustainable career in comedy, Chronicles of a Stand-up Guy delivers the goods and then some!

Leadership: The Ultimate Guide To Being A Great Leader

by Achievement Pyramid

What does it take to be a good leader? Perhaps you’ve been recently promoted at work, or maybe you’re the boss of a business. It could be you’ve been in a leadership position for a long time, whether in retail, the service industry, production, human resources, education, finance, a blue chip company, or maybe even as a line manager. The possibilities are endless.

Dry Cupping for Beginners: A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Enjoy All the Benefits of Dry Cupping Therapy

by Maggie Hansen

Dry cupping has been used for millennia to treat every kind of health problem. Is it right for you?

Practiced in ancient China, the Middle East, and Greece, dry cupping is when a glass cup is heated with flame and then placed against the skin, creating a powerful suction that draws healthy blood to the surface. That and other types of cupping will be explored in this comprehensive book. You’ll also learn about complementary treatments therapists often use, such as acupuncture, herbs, and aromatherapy.

Is dry cupping supported by science? There’s limited research, so many doctors are skeptical, but therapists and patients report many benefits from the treatment. This seemingly-simple technique can help treat a wide variety of conditions, including:

  • Migraine headaches
  • Muscle soreness
  • Diabetes
  • Period cramps
  • Colds and congestion
  • Cellulite

What do you need for dry cupping? The traditional glass cup-and-fire method is often replaced with rubber, plastic, or silicone cupping, which does not require fire. These cups are much more flexible and safer. Cupping sets are available from a variety of outlets, even Amazon. You’ll also need massage oil, clean towels, and the proper cleaning products to sanitize cups after use. Maintaining good hygiene is essential for cupping.

The bulk of this book is devoted to step-by-step guides on dry cupping for a variety of health problems. You’ll learn about the different cupping strengths, pressure points, and how cupping draws out toxins and restores the body’s qi, or its life force. Charts of the different points make it easy to identify what points to target.

Have you suffered with pain, nosebleeds, skin issues, or another condition for a long time? Have traditional Western treatments like medications done little to help? An alternative treatment like dry cupping may be the answer you’ve been looking for!

Quinoa Cookbook

by Laura Sommers

Quinoa Cookbook

Quinoa is a highly nutritious grain which originated in South America thousands of years ago.

Quinoa is gluten free and very high in protein, almost equal to milk. It provides all the essential amino acids. Some would consider quinoa a Superfood or Supergrain for all its nutritional benefits. Quinoa contains almost twice as much fiber as most other grains. It also contains iron, lysine and magnesium which helps to relieve migraines. It contains riboflavin which is good for the metabolism and manganese which is a great antioxidant.

Quinoa can replace other grains or rice in your diet. With all the great benefits of quinoa, there is no reason not to try it. This cookbook is full of delicious mouthwatering quinoa recipes to get you started.

Recipes Include:

  • Quinoa Tabbouleh
  • Kale, Quinoa, Avocado Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette
  • Quinoa and Black Beans
  • Mediterranean Quinoa Salad
  • Cranberry and Cilantro Quinoa Salad
  • Kale and Quinoa Salad
  • Quinoa Black Bean Burgers
  • Quinoa Chicken
  • Quinoa Pilaf with Shredded Chicken
  • Zesty Quinoa Salad
  • Garlicky Quinoa and Garbanzo Bean Salad
  • Quinoa and Black Bean Chili
  • Cranberry and Cilantro Quinoa Salad
  • Lemony Quinoa
  • Spanish-Style Quinoa
  • Quinoa with Sweet Potato and Mushrooms
  • Quinoa with Veggies
  • Quinoa with Chickpeas and Tomatoes
  • Turkey and Quinoa Meatloaf
  • Pork Fried Quinoa
  • Pineapple Fried Quinoa
  • Quinoa with Mushrooms and Spinach
  • Quinoa Pilaf and Mushrooms
  • Quinoa With Rosemary And Apple
  • Sweet Quinoa Pudding
  • Quinoa Chard Pilaf
  • Quinoa Oat Bran Crackers
  • Quinoa Stuffed Peppers
  • Broccoli Cranberry Quinoa Salad
  • Spiced Quinoa
  • Pad Thai Quinoa Bowl
  • Curried Quinoa
  • Mango Curried Quinoa Salad
  • Tex-Mex Quinoa Salad
  • Garlic Shrimp And Quinoa
  • Quinoa and Zucchini
  • Cilantro Lime Quinoa
  • Tandoori Quinoa
  • Quinoa Taco Bowl
  • Quinoa and Spinach
  • Coconut Quinoa
  • Cinnamon Peanut Butter Quinoa
  • Apple and Peanut Butter Breakfast Quinoa
  • Cherry Feta Quinoa Salad
  • Chocolate Banana Breakfast Quinoa
  • Crockpot Chicken Parmesan Quinoa
  • Sesame Quinoa with Edamame
  • Blueberry Quinoa Salad
  • Teriyaki Salmon Quinoa Bowls
  • Mediterranean Spiced Salmon And Vegetable Quinoa
  • Cheesy Mushroom Quinoa
  • Mocha Latte Breakfast Quinoa
  • Quinoa Cornbread Breakfast Bakes
  • Quinoa Greek Salad
  • Citrus Chicken Quinoa Salad
  • Creamy Chicken Quinoa and Broccoli Casserole
  • Quinoa, Banana Granola Bars
  • Almond Date Quinoa Protein Bars
  • Quinoa Stuffing
  • Veggie-Quinoa Soup
  • Egg-Topped Quinoa Bowl
  • Quinoa Bibimbop Bowls
  • Beet, Blood Orange, Kumquat, and Quinoa Salad
  • Quinoa and Roasted Pepper Chili
  • Quinoa Salad with Artichokes and Parsley
  • Quinoa-Stuffed Squash
  • Quinoa-Crusted Chicken Nuggets
  • Cheesy Sausage, Broccoli, and Quinoa Casserole
  • Buffalo Quinoa Burgers
  • Quinoa with Dried Cherries and Pistachios
  • Quinoa Grecian Salad
  • Quinoa Salad with Apricots and Pistachios
  • Quinoa with Toasted Pine Nuts

A Beginnerâ??s Guide to Driving: Tips and Tricks to make Driving Less Stressful and More Fun (Driving, Teens, Self-Help, Education, Cars, Driving Techniques, … Tricks, Driving for Beginners, Stress)

by D.K. Taneshi

Use These Driving Tips and Tricks to Help Make You a Better Driver Today

Do you know that some of the most costly problems associated with cars can easily be prevented?

Problems such as:

  • Blown Motor
  • Transmission Replacement
  • Gasket Replacement

However, you can easily avoid these costly repairs by regular maintenance and upkeep, the most popular and effective of which are included in this ebook.

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Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Tips for Increasing Your Fuel Economy and Saving Money
  • Tips for Dealing with an Overheating Car
  • Tips for Becoming a Better Driver
  • Tips for Experiencing Less Stress as a New Driver
  • BONUS: Tips that Can Help Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen!
  • And Much, much more!!!

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Get off Your Acid Cookbook: Rebalance Your pH in 5 Days or Less to Lose Weight, Fight Fatigue, Better Digestion and Increase Energy!

by Dr. Marta Tuch

Why Get off Your Acid?

Why Eat According to pH?

more than 60 million people are suffering from acid-related disorders that are undetected or untreated–and leading to long-term health problems, including the rapid rise of esophageal cancer.

In this book you will get:

  •    Weight Loss
  •    Increase Energy
  •    Better Digestion
  •    Fight Fatigue
  •    Improve Digestion, Focus, and Sleep
  •   And Much More

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The Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook: 50 Recipes to Reverse Inflammation and Heal Your Body

by Brian Kelley

Do you suffer from any of the following condition?

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Chronic migraines
  • Depression
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Joint pain
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Mood Swings or Irritability
  • Muscle aches and pain
  • Widespread inflammation

These conditions, along with many others, are part of the Inflammatory complex and they result from widespread inflammation and autoimmune complications. Our recipes include anti-inflammatory ingredients that are packed with vitamins and nutrients and have been shown to reduce inflammation and autoimmune responses.

For more information on the Inflammatory complex, inflammatory health issues, and the associated autoimmune disorders, download our companion book, The Anti-Inflammatory Diet: How to Improve your Immune System for a Healthier Life. This book will explain in great detail why our Anti-Inflammatory Diet works and what you can do to improve your health and well-being without the “assistance” of Western medicine.

Keto Diet for Beginners 2018: Low Carb, High-Fat Recipes for Losing Weight, Heal Your Body and Regain Confidence (Lose up to 20 Pounds in 3 Weeks)

by Dr. Suzanne Wells

The Ketogenic Diet sounds really good, so how do you start?

This book will give you the actionable tips and ways to get you started on the ketogenic diet, providing you not only with the why but more importantly, the how to kick off this ketogenic diet program. 

In Ketogenic Diet for Beginners 2018 Cookbook you’ll find:

  • Breakfast
  • Appetizers and snacks
  • Beef, lamb and pork
  • Poultry
  • Seafood
  • Soups and stews
  • Desserts
  • And More

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THE COMPLETE INSTANT POT COOKBOOK FOR BEGINNERS: Your Essential Guide to Saving Time and Losing Weight â?? Easy, Delicious and Healthy Recipes

by Dr. Gary Kinle

With this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn to make sense of all the buttons on your instant pot. It’s fast and fun to master this time-saving kitchen device – and start creating beautiful meals for your family!

In this book you will get:

  • Breakfast
  • Appetizers and snacks
  • Beef, lamb and pork
  • Poultry
  • Seafood
  • Bean and grains
  • Vegetarian and vegan
  • Soups and stews
  • Desserts
  • And Much More

Don’t miss out on this delicious and time-saving lifestyle – get your copy of Instant Pot Cookbook right away!

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The World’s Answers

by Stuart Steinfeld

My name is Stuart Steinfeld. I was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. When I was about 19, it all came to me like a flash. From that day forward, I began to dream. My goal was to be self-employed, so I could turn my dream into reality.

I tried everything, with one failure after another.

But I never gave up. When I finally found out what worked, I would put more hours into the projects than exists in a day. My passion grew, and my business grew. Making money became a thirst, and I was always thirsty. Before too long, I ended up buying my first Porsche.

By the time I was 23, I finally saw a future trend in paging and cellular. I opened my first store. It grew from there. The stores I started hit record numbers beyond my dreams. There were people lined up just to purchase what I saw as the future.

A couple of years later, my health took a plunge and then everything I built meant nothing. I continued to work but spent more time on me, because all we really have is ourselves. My health wasn’t improving at all, and no doctor could give me hope. After about a year, I was finally told my life would continue to decline, as there was no cure for what I had. I felt like I was a guinea pig in the hospitals without answers or hope.

I searched for alternative health practices. I eventually found what I needed. I never became 100 percent better, but my values sure changed. I was no longer the former person I had been. Down the road, I saw people having health issues like me, without answers or cures. All I could think of was how I might be able to help.

I studied and experimented on myself. I became my own guinea pig, willing to risk my life for someone else. My previous businesses gave me the funding to help me offer my services to others. I developed several different products, which became top sellers on the Internet. I developed items such as water alkaline ionizers and quantum science bracelets. The bracelet became one of the top-selling products in the country on Amazon within a few months.

My hobbies are writing, speaking, teaching, building, designing, and creating. I’ve built self-sufficient houses, RVs, and modified boats. I usually work with small groups or individuals doing energy demonstrations and positive programming messages. I have more than 20 years of experience.

My passion is to share what I’ve learned with you, to help you in your life, and for you to share what you learn with others. We’re all interconnected, and I hope my books will help you learn to live a stronger, better, and more joyful life.

When you believe in something so much, the unexpected can happen. Let’s begin our journey together.

In this book you’ll receive answers to questions such as these:

– What is the secret to life, and how can I understand the unknown?
– How can I create a belief so strong inside me it becomes reality?
– How can I prevent what I don’t want, and gain what I do?
– Why am I not getting what I want out of life?

All you need to do is receive the key, found within the pages of this book, to unlock and solve the mysteries of your life, the lives around you, and even the lives of

others whom you will soon meet. Everything the world is looking for is within the mysteries of the universe. You will discover the “glue” that holds us all together, while realizing we’re all one of the same.


Introduction Is Purpose Why Everything Happens for a Reason?
Can We Become More than What We Are?
Universal Consciousness
Physical Disease
Divine Energyâ??The Key to Existence
Relationships of Love
Why Pain, Not Love?
Taking Chances in Life
Down on Your Luck?
Vibrational Variation Consciousness: The Energy Level of Law of Attraction
The World’s Message: “Change”
Not Enough Time or Balance?
Don’t Trust Your Own Heart!
About the Author / My Life

Lend Me Your Voice: a freedom anthology

by Angela Burchett

Follow Angela on a journey of human emotion exploring themes of trauma, innocence lost, hope, and ultimately healing – through the lens of one of the world’s most vulnerable people groups- those exploited by human trafficking.

Angela writes from experience in her international work in anti-trafficking, as well as her own journey. Through poem she invites each of us to open our eyes, connect our hearts, and lend our voices to freedom.

Café Irlandés (Spanish Edition)

by Simón David Arce Rios

Esteban cree que ha encontrado al amor de su vida (Ofelia) y está decidido a dejar todo por ella. De manera inexplicable ella simplemente desaparece sin dejar rastro. Los amigos de Esteban le presentan a Carla, una mujer que le cambiará la vida. finalmente Esteban tendrá que decidir si vive en el mundo idealista que construyó con Ofelia o rehace su vida al lado de Carla

How To Judge People By What They Look Like: A Guide On How To Analyze People

by Jordan Douglas


We may think this is unethical, however, there are definite signs that tell you can use to make judgments and even statements about people. Of course, just because someone looks a certain way, does not always mean what science says. However, just like the statement, “Men are generally taller than women”, is true, so is what the information in this book will teach you, will apply in the same way.

Some Key Secrets in this book:

  • What your face says about your personality

  • What your butt says about your personality

  • The secrets of female body types

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Artificial Intelligence: What Human Machines Will Do in the Future

by Quinn Spencer

Will robots take over the world? Or at least our jobs?

How far has Artificial Intelligence (AI) progressed and where will it go from here? How important is AI? What role will it play in the modern age, when we already have so much technology? Wouldn’t it be great to have a glimpse of the future, and predict what will happen to jobs, machines, computers, and the next generation?

Artificial Intelligence, robots, and machines have played a major role in the transformation from the industrial revolution to where we are at today. There is no doubt scientists are developing more and more sophisticated technology to further enhance and automate tasks and the convenience and efficiency of our civilization. But what of the threats? What about the speed and the things that we don’t understand? In this guide, you will learn new insights about AI and its various uses and possibilities. Topics include:

  • A brief historical overview of how the developments took place so far.
  • The ultimate goal of using artificial intelligence.
  • How careers and jobs will change and why it’s okay that they do.
  • Everyday circumstances that get affected by AI and how they will change in the future.
  • Limitations of AI and ethical questions that need to be raised.
  • How we can embrace AI and become happier, healthier, and better in many other ways through automation.
  • With all the hype about machine learning, automated processes, and robots in the making, it is imperative that we keep up and perhaps even stay ahead of what will happen and how we can leverage the future by foretelling it and anticipating to the changes that lie ahead. Let that be you!

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    Russia: 1855-1964: An A-Level Revision Guide (A-Level History)

    by William Forbes

    Complete notes from an A* student’s A-level History work on the ‘Russia:1855-1964’ specification, laid out in an easy-to-read format. This ebook covers all the necessary history, including tsarist land reforms, the Russian Civil War, collectivisation and Khrushchev’s social reforms and foreign policy. It is incredibly user-friendly, with pictures, bullet points and even a glossary. Crucially, it contains countless links between different leaders and regimes which, for the A level specification, is vital in order to attain top marks.

    Mindfulness: Mindfulness for Beginners: How You Can Have Peace and Happiness by Paying Attention to Every Area of Your Life

    by Sade Taiwo

    Everyone wants to be happy, everyone wants to have peace. These are states of mind you can easily develop through mindfulness.

    This book, which details how to live mindfully, will help you achieve lasting joy, happiness and peace so that you can function better in all areas of your life.

    You will learn:
    What mindfulness is.
    How to develop and practice it, if you’re a mindfulness beginner.
    The importance of paying closer attention to people and things so to be more aware.
    The benefits of mindfulness in different areas of your life.
    Scientific evidences supporting these benefits.
    How to regain control over your mind so that you can be happy and at peace.
    Mindfulness techniques and practices.

    “I thought this was a wonderful book. It really got me thinking about how I go through life and how I could improve in certain aspects to make my relationships better. I think a lot of people will find the information you provide useful.”
    – Deborah Mann. ( Living the Programmed Life).

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    26 Low-Acid and Vegan-Friendly Recipes – Part 1: The alkaline way of vegan dishes

    by Mattis Lundqvist


    • Carrots-Quinoa-Soup
    • Zucchini-Squash-Pasta
    • Spinach- Curry
    • Shitake Rice
    • Vegetable Momos
    • Mint-Pineapple-Tofu
    • Noodle Salad with Broccoli
    • Spanish Gazpacho Reloaded
    • Tofu-Spinach-Coconut-Curry
    • Spinach-Kale-Pattie
    • Broccoli-Coconut-Soup
    • Grapefruit-Lemon-Juice
    • Tomato-Avocado-Cucumber-Salad
    • Quinoa Curry with Chickpea
    • Coconut-Spinach-Kale-Smoothie
    • Coconut-Pumpkin-Smoothie
    • Jalapeno-Pomegranate-Salad
    • Avocado-Spinach-Shake
    • Garlic-Cucumber-Soup
    • Spinach-Avoado-Lemon-Pesto
    • Mexican Tortilla Soup
    • Parsnip-Avocado-Hummus
    • Potato Wraps
    • Quinoa Porridge
    • Spicy Thai Rolls
    • Bean-Tomato-Salad with Spinach Leaves and Mango Flavor

    Butterfly Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

    by Veronica Kay

    This beautiful 3-D butterfly blanket will make a wonderful gift for a special someone.
    Blanket measures 26″ x 36″ but you can make it any size you like.
    Difficulty level: intermediate
    Each butterfly is crocheted into the pattern and is NOT an appliqué, but truly a part of the blanket.

    Materials you will need:
    Loops and Threads Snuggly Wuggly
    #01005 White – 2 balls
    #01186 Soft Lilac – 2 balls
    #01419 Cotton Candy – 2 balls
    Hook: 4mm

    Happy crocheting!

    Narcolepsy: Neurological Lessons about Narcoleptic Disorder (Solutions, Prevention Methods, and Treatments)

    by Quinn Spencer

    How to manage the symptoms and maximize your awake time.

    If you are struggling with narcolepsy, or someone you know suffers from it, it will be worth your time to read some valuable information about the condition. Narcolepsy is a serious disorder that needs to be addressed and handled with care.

    Would your life be better if you knew about it, and could predict what would happen, based on the analysis of your brain? Would it help to know if there are herbal, vitamin, or other treatments? This book addresses such issues, as well as topics such as:

  • A brief history of narcolepsy and valuable lessons we can learn from it.
  • The connection to REM sleep.
  • Surprising narcolepsy facts you may not have heard of.
  • Common causes, symptoms, and diagnosis criteria for narcolepsy and cataplexy.
  • Prevention methods.
  • How to handle narcolepsy in children.
  • Herbal treatments, medication, and dieting tips for narcolepsy.
  • The treatments and helpful tools for narcolepsy that are out there were not available in the past. It would be useful to learn more about them, and understand what is going on in the cerebrum of someone who is confronted with the negative effects of the condition. Be smart and learn all you can if it plays a role in your life in any shape or form.

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    Life lessons from Professor Einstein

    by Dylan Prowse

    Professor Einstein is a very famous scientist. His shaggy hair and his fuzzy mustache can make you look a bit crazy, but he’s a love of person, who has only valuable advice to offer.

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