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The Greatest Celestial Deception

by Sam Oputa

In The Greatest Celestial Deception, we take you on a profound journey into the heart of ancient mind-set and practices, revealing a breathtaking, hidden reality that will transform your life forever and in many ways.

Far from offering simple interpretations, platitudes, and general principles, The Greatest Celestial Deception immerses you into the surprisingly archaic practices in the world of the ancients of various ages while using modern knowledge as a guide.

While presenting you with all the incredible evidence to support this, you will discover for yourself that modernity has not put a dent in how or what the ancients worshipped or religious practices of modern people.
It is disheartening that many people have gone to their graves believing what they believeâ??a lie. Millions of people have believed in teachings that were intended for disinformation. They believed because, in the eyes of the innocent, the teachings appear to be convincing and true. If you don’t believe their teachings, they convince you that there is a thing called faith. When that fails, they describe your culture and practices as paganism and Satanism. They make you feel less of a human and even threaten your well-being and life. They are succeeding, especially with the promise of heaven or hell in an afterlife as your two choices.

The Stranger at the Feast: Prohibition and Mediation in an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Community (The Anthropology of Christianity)

by Tom Boylston

At publication date, a free ebook version of this title will be available through Luminos, University of California Press’s Open Access publishing program. Visit to learn more.

The Stranger at the Feast is a pathbreaking ethnographic study of one of the world’s oldest and least-understood religious traditions. Based on long-term ethnographic research on the Zege peninsula in northern Ethiopia, the author tells the story of how people have understood large-scale religious change by following local transformations in hospitality, ritual prohibition, and feeding practices. Ethiopia has undergone radical upheaval in the transition from the imperial era of Haile Selassie to the modern secular state, but the secularization of the state has been met with the widespread revival of popular religious practice. For Orthodox Christians in Zege, everything that matters about religion comes back to how one eats and fasts with others. Boylston shows how practices of feeding and avoidance have remained central even as their meaning and purpose has dramatically changed: from a means of marking class distinctions within Orthodox society, to a marker of the difference between Orthodox Christians and other religions within the contemporary Ethiopian state.

This Shining Woman: Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin

by Marjorie Bowen

Now chiefly remembered as the author of A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin has often been acclaimed as a prophetess of the emancipation of her sex â?? a woman who did much to smooth the way for subsequent female triumphs.

But Mary’s life beyond her Vindication â?? published in 1791, eight years before her death, by her friend Joseph Johnson â?? was plagued by poverty, misery, and despair, with only a few snatched moments of happiness to keep her going.

Born into a family of impoverished gentility, she spent her childhood as a drudge in her own home, subject to a drunken father and largely responsible for her four younger siblings.

Exposed from a very young age to the power men hold over women, and the scarcity of choice women have in submitting and obeying, Mary formed opinions of the equal rights of women that stayed with her for many years.

As an adult, her ability to make for herself a living through writing and hackwork went a long way towards affirming her beliefs, but she rapidly grew tired of the dullness of her life and longed for companionship.

But ideals and reality often do not coincide, as Mary discovered in her own relationships with men.

Hungry for affection and love, she entered into an affair with Gilbert Imlay and lived with him, having fallen deeply in love with him and knowing he could not be had on any other terms.

The two held significantly different outlooks on love, life, and matrimony. Mary’s letters to Imlay during the course of their relationship, and particularly after the birth of their daughter, Fanny, make clear the desperation with which she sought to hold on to him, long after he wished to wash his hands of her.

Two attempts to take her life likewise marked the despondency with which the affair had left her.

Mary subsequently lived with William Godwin; mentally exhausted and emotionally broken, she was lonely and eager for some imitation of the life she had led with Imlay.

Though Godwin had long been against the institution of marriage, Mary persuaded him into marrying her because she dreaded social ostracism and the brining of a second illegitimate child into a harsh world.

This attempt at returning to conventional societal norms only served to have certain doors permanently shut in her face.

Upon her death she left behind her two daughters, who, however unintentionally, followed very much in their mother’s footsteps, chasing unorthodox relationships and defying convention.

Death served as a release from the unhappiness and anguish that had dogged Mary’s footsteps from birth, leaving behind a legacy that spoke of a strong and proud feminist.

Marjorie Bowen was born in 1885 on Hayling Island in Hampshire. She and her sister grew up in poverty, but Bowen was eventually able to study at the Slade School of Fine Art and later in Paris. Her first novel, the violent historical ‘The Viper of Milan’ (written when she was 16) was rejected by several publishers, who considered it inappropriate for a young woman to have written such a novel. It went on to become a best-seller when eventually published.

Her total output numbers over 150 volumes with the bulk of her work under the ‘Bowen’ pseudonym. She also wrote under the names Joseph Shearing, George R. Preedy, John Winch, Robert Paye and Margaret Campbell.
Bowen died on 22 December 1952, after suffering serious concussion as a result of a fall in her bedroom. This book was previously published under the name George R. Preedy.

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Self-Discipline: Overcome Your Procrastination, Mental Toughness, How to Resist, Build Willpower, Develop a Better Mindset, and Get Control of Your Life Your Goals, Confidence, Positive, Habits,

by Alfred Reed

Find Out The True Secrets Of How To Become Self-Disciplined

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If that is what you want, read this self-discipline blueprint; it teaches you how to become mentally tough, resist your temptations, overcome procrastination, build a strong and positive mindset, and take control of your life.

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  • Battle Your Distractions
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Corporate Tax Reform, An Outrageous Proposal

by Howard Bitterman

A unique and outrageous proposal to reform federal taxation of public corporations.

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