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Prelude to a Wedding (The Wedding Series, Book 1)

by Patricia McLinn

She’s all work and no play. He’s an expert at fun. Their romance could be the biggest game of all.

Paul Monroe thinks the best way to a woman’s heart is through her funny bone. But not everyone in his antique toy business appreciates his playful attitude. After his assistant resigns, he hopes a talent agency can find the perfect replacement. But when he meets the agency’s beautiful straight-laced boss, he makes it his personal mission to flip her frown upside down.

Bette Wharton can’t afford to lose a client. So when she notices the high turnover rate for assistants sent to a local toy shop, she rolls up her suit sleeves to get to the heart of the problem. But the no-nonsense businesswoman may have finally met her match when she squares off against Paul’s office shenanigans. Working side-by-side, Bette starts to let her hair downâ?¦ and let love in.

With both businesses on the line, can Paul and Bette learn to fuse their leadership styles and their hearts?

Prelude to a Wedding is the first book in a charming contemporary romantic comedy series. If you like quirky characters, magnetic chemistry and light-hearted antics, then you’ll love Patricia McLinn’s irresistible love story.

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Readers react to Prelude to a Wedding:

“Excellent” … “Cute” … “I recommend this one” – Amazon reviews

“Another lovely story well up to Patricia McLinn’s high standards” – 5* review

“Opposites attract and both bring special gifts” – 5* review

“Funny yet romantic … Enjoyed every page.” — 5* review

More praise for The Wedding Series:

“A wonderful series that will make you laugh and cry. Each page is filled with love that will eventually come to the people who so need it. A must read!” – 5-star review

“Perfect. The characters were multi-dimensional and played off each other in warm, thoughtful, loving ways. Each couple faced a different situation and overcame their obstacles together and with the insightful comments of their friends. … Heart-warming.” – 5-star review

“Fun and serious all at the same time. Love how the friends intertwine and add new along the way. It was refreshing to read the different stories and having them all come together. Really enjoyed this series!” – 5-star review

“Full of warmth, understanding of human nature, and great characters. They are connected, following the lives of college friends, and by the time you are finished, you feel as if you are a part of their extended circle. A dash of sex here, but not to the point that it overshadows the well thought out storylines. Definitely a feel good experience.” — 5-star review

“Great love stories! â?¦ Must read all books in the series! â?¦ I laughed and cried! Must read.” – From 5-star reviews

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— Not a Family Man (prequel to The Forgotten Prince)
The Forgotten Prince
Box Sets
*The Wedding Series Trilogy (Books 1-3)
The Wedding Series Box Set Two: The Runaway Bride and The Christmas Princess (Books 4-5)
The Wedding Series Box Set Three: Hoops (prequel) and The Surprise Princess
The Wedding Series Box Set Four: Not a Family Man (prequel) and The Forgotten Prince

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The Farmer Takes His Wife (Bitterpill, Texas 78020 series:)

by Barbara Catlin

Married years agoâ?¦for 48 heavenly hours.
The couple is together againâ??for the first time since the annulmentâ??when Grandma Margaret’s will bequeaths the farm to beloved Whitney “and her husband.” The house-sharing fiasco is a no-go for Whitney, who plans to transform the property into a charitable venture, but Drew yearns to get back to the earth. So each is determined to call the other’s bluff.
Yet Drew is no farmer-in-the-dell, and Whitney’s noble cause seems on shaky ground, too. Beyond that, there’s this irritating, fiery chemistry between themâ?¦.

If you yearn for uplifting, unpredictable, humorous romance�complete with characters who come alive on the pages�Barbara Catlin is your new go-to author! Fans are immediately drawn to the small-town charm of her authentic, pulse-pounding novels. To her sweet yet sensual contemporary stories that, at the same time, deliver cleaner-than-usual language and old-fashioned values galore.
So if you’ve enjoyed the past writings of “The 3Ms”â??Debbie Macomber, Susan Mallery, Ava Milesâ??but are clamoring for something fresh and exciting, turn to award-winning author Barbara Catlin. Fall in love with the captivating heroes and heroines, with ALL the endearing characters, of tiny Bitterpill, Texas 78020!

* * *
Author’s note: 
Since I write small-town Texas Hill Country novels, all my stories are the polar opposite of, say, Beverly Hills, 90210. So I wanted to come up with a series title that gives you, my readers, a pretty good clue of what you’re getting yourself intoâ??without even a peek at the book’s blurb. Thus, BITTERPILL, TEXAS 78020:
A wild and woolly battle of the sexes is raging in the ruggedly beautiful, rolling Texas Hill Country. Everyday life in the seemingly sleepy little “cow town” of Bitterpill is a soap operaâ??country style!

The Plunge (Parallel Past Series) Book One (Parallel Past Series Book 1)

by Edward J Schneider

It’s the year 2150 and the exotically beautiful Chandra Jarvis is jogging in Golden Gate Park, when suddenly she is catapulted into a parallel universe to a bygone era; the old west. Fortunately, her futuristic suit of special fibers and a personal computer chip implant come with her. And she will need every available advantage to survive on the Oregon Trail of 1850.

Kilt Trip: (Scottish Historical Romance) (Scavenger Hunting)

by L.L. Muir

Scotland, 1704
It’s all about that kiltâ?¦
Acting on a dare, three English brides-to-be sneak into Scotland for a scavenger hunt, their last adventure before marriage. Mallory wants a piece of pirate’s treasure, and Vivianne yearns for a love letter from a poet. But Bridget has more on her mind than the game. She knows life with her evil, blackmailing fiancée will be hellish, so she’s determined to make him suffer tooâ??by stealing a Highlander’s kilt and leaving him to wonder how she acquired it.

The Scots charged with finding and protecting them along the way are entirely wrong–and perfect–for the job. Rory, for instance, is a kilt-clad Highlander, but he’d rather die alone in a cave rather than get within ten feet of another Englishwoman. Unfortunately for him, the duty to pay his grandfather’s debt will get himâ??and his two friendsâ??much, much closer to the lasses than that.

Foundation For Three(Montana Promises Book 2)

by Vella Day

You aren’t free to love until you realize you can’t make someone love you back.

When feisty, confident psychologist, Zoey Donovan, returns from work dazed from being accosted by a madman in the hospital corridor, she finds solace in the understanding nature of construction worker Pete Banks. As Zoey unloads her worry and fear on Pete, he’s torn between his sympathy and attraction to Zoey and his loyalty to his roommate, Thad Dalton, who took a bullet for her.

But when all three are reunited at a social event, sparks fly between the three of them, and Zoey finds herself wanting both of them for much more than a platonic relationship. But can they build a foundation for three? Or will they find that three’s a crowd?

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