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Alcohol Clouds Freezing Chamber: Dark Days Are Coming

by Adnan Somani

In the midst of dwindling oil production throughout the world, abnormally high oil prices and free fall of the value of dollars, thousands of people in the U.S lost their jobs; there were demonstrations where people demanded jobs, food, and order. In a bid to find solution to the problems, the government pumped billions of dollars into the space energy program. Scientists told the government to stop spending on space energy because of the dangers of space radiation and the chemicals’ accumulating around the planet and to find a way in geopolitics to use renewable energy resources. Instead, they offered billions of dollars on space experiments. They spent billions on propaganda against renewables. They manipulated the news. The average people have never seen authentic information about the dangers of space radiation and the chemicals’ accumulating around the planet. They have never seen the reports and statistics of independent scientists who warned the government to focus on renewables.
Alicia Gold, an independent investigative reporter, had less and less platform to write. Large magazines did not hire her, because they did not want lawsuits.
Alicia Gold went after the space experiments. She interviewed the managers of space agencies, members of the government, scientists and astronauts. She has pointed out the dangers it had. She has organized a petition signed by millions, to no avail.
She received death threats. One day, on her way home, a couple of thugs beat her up in front of her building. When she met a corporate leader to interview him, she got sick. She said she drank poisoned tea that the corporate leader’s staff has offered her. Her medical records have disappeared from the hospital, even from their computer network. She reported the attempted murder at the Police Department, but she had no evidence.
One day, security guards of a secret compound caught her. The judge threw her in jail for illegal activities; he denied her request to get out on bail. The court convicted her. She went to prison.

Then disaster hit the planet. The poisonous rain came down. The layer of liquid chemicals was there above the atmosphere. Scientists could not find a way to get rid of it. People called it alcohol clouds.

The Alcohol Clouds Freezing Chamber is Adnan Somani at his best – a masterpiece of a novel that is both interesting and educative.

After Life Online (Chronicles of iMortality Book 1)

by A J McKeep


What good is a military-grade, cyber-enhanced body if you haven’t got the juice to power it?
What chance do a few plucky outlaw misfits have against a giant killer robot?
And how did the fascinating intruder come to be in someone else’s body?
They could all be really interesting questions, if only giant stomper robots were not crashing through the forest to kill Moses, Cal, Darbi, and all of their off-grid, outlaw huddle. Is it all because of the dark forces in pursuit of Angel, the mysterious intruder?
Solving that riddle could save them all but there’s no time. Now, it’s fight or die.

The Movement

by Samantha Armstrong

A century after the Vermune virus devastated Earth’s population, all that remains of North America is a society segregated into two precincts: the Northerners who produce the Antidote, and the Southerners who are enslaved by it.

After the virus kills someone close to her, sixteen-year-old Mia begins questioning her life in the South. Desperate for answers, she joins The Movement, a group of rebels determined to end the North’s tyranny.

Mia must take action if she wants to save those closest to her, but doing so means relying on someone her heart and mind are at odds over. Someone her upbringing has taught her to hate.

Outcast: A Spaceman’s Story

by Guerin Zand

I’m back!

After a few years, well, 223 years to be more precise, but hey, who’s counting? Anyways, after a little time away my old friends sent for me to clean up their latest mess. I guess saving the world and the human race once wasn’t enough.
Once again, the human politicians and their military were getting their panties in a bunch for whatever reason, and now a simple world war wasn’t enough. They were looking at a solar war involving not just Earth, but all the human colonies in Earth’s solar system. Throw in a little outside alien interference, and all of a sudden it became my problem. I was still their emissary, and it was time for me to get back to work.

It goes without saying, I wasn’t really happy about any of this. I was having fun, well most of the time, out in the unaligned worlds in our galaxy. Sure, there probably wasn’t a politician in the universe who wanted me in their neighborhood, and I’d made a few more enemies over the years. Some had even tried to kill me, but that never worked out well for them. Like I could be that lucky!

With my search for the ultimate cheeseburger not going so well, and after being asked ever so nicely, I agreed to come out of retirement and help my old friends out. I knew it was a mistake, but stupid mistakes are my specialty. But, as long as I was in the neighborhood, I figured I might as well fix a few of the things in the universe that were bugging me as well. I’d deal with the consequences later.

Legion: River

by Simona Colombo

The Secret Legion is a thousand-year old worldwide organisation in charge of solving natural and supernatural mysteries. Its members are scientists, artists, inventors, people with special talents disposed to leave a common life to work in the background. Becoming a Legionnaire could be either a honour or a curse.
This is the story of River who comes across the Secret Legion at the age of 18.
It is the tale of his most important and dangerous mission which will involve his family, his best friend, and some Legionnaires coming from the past to foil a threat unknown to the rest of the world.
This is the first of five books about the Secret Legion’s members.

Deep Purple Dream

by James Stover

Cal Schrodinger has a successful career and a loving fiancée, but the emotional turmoil of his mother’s suicide, an increasingly estranged relationship with his father, and second thoughts about his upcoming marriage begin to take a toll on his mental health. While Cal struggles to regain his grasp on reality, he discovers that his life is threatened by a secret he could have never imagined – a secret that threatens not just Cal and the people around him, but every person on the planet.

The Morning Hatcher Fell

by D. B. Martin

“Mark Hatcher, a very medium, very unremarkable guy, a self-described loser, is dreaming of landing a new job, but still driving a sub-galactic space transporter, when one of his two engines goes out. As he is trying to call for help, his radio goes out too – he is only a couple of galaxies away from earth, but it might as well be a hundred light years.”


by Leighton Dean


“Gunboy is a rare example of a completely plausible near future techno thriller fast paced, brutal, uncompromising; and brilliantly written.” Simon Marshall-Jones, author of Biblia Longcrofta.

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men, cannot put the country together again…

In 2038 the Government rules from York after losing control of Southern England to anarchy. Now after 30 years of gangland law; Evan Bell has found an opportunity to unite the Kingdom.

Two days before his undercover agent is set to meet with the leader of the â??Free London’ movement the agent goes missing, leaving Evan no option but to enter the city himself.

But when a Red Cross Transport is shot down it ignites hostilities between the city’s gangs. His mission doomed, Evan finds hope in an unlikely ally; Bo, a 13 year old assassin.

QIA Episode 27: Reclamation

by Jonathan Thornton

The Quantum Infraction Agency are a secret international organisation whose mission is to stop time-travelling terrorists from corrupting the timeline. They are the thin line between history – and chaos.

“The Reclaimers will very soon accomplish their endgame. And you, my dear, are the only one who can stop them.”
With the Reclaimers set to pull off their ultimate plan, only QIA Agent Sarah Cunnington stands in their way. But while she fights to save the future, truths are revealed and allegiances shift. With time running out, Sarah must not only face her enemies, but also her destiny. Everything has been building to this, and one thing is for certain – not everybody will get out of this aliveâ?¦

Word Count: 17,500

Creators (A Contributor Trilogy Prequel Novella)

by Nicole Ciacchella

A novella of approximately 80 pages, Creators is a new adult apocalyptic prequel to the Contributor trilogy.

When the imminent collapse of the world’s food system threatens to all but eradicate the human race, it’s up to nineteen-year-old Liang Zhang to determine which of his company’s employees will live and which will die.

Liang and the other Job Creators have only weeks to choose which of their staff and families to move into the domes, the last refuges on the barren planet. Despite their best efforts, the Job Creators are unable to keep their selection project under wraps, spurring violent protests against the privileged few.

Now, Liang must race: against starvation, against insurrection, and against his own conscience.

FreeForm: An Alien Invasion Science Fiction Thriller (Saga of the Dandelion Expansion Book 1)

by Orrin Jason Bradford

A top-secret investigation on a secluded mountaintop and a mystery that will rock the world

In 1993, a remote North Carolina mountaintop is the site of an event destined to change the course of mankind and Earth itself, discovered and investigated by Pat Vogt, a junior member of the Bureau of Investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects. A slight woman with a hard streak of determination that would put larger men to shame, Pat insists on being dropped into the remote wilderness area, a feat her pilot thinks is insane, but for Pat, it’s all in a day’s work. It brings her face to face with Earth’s first verifiable UFO and sets into motion a series of events that not only threatens her life but destroys her career.

Ten years later, Pat, now a private investigator, returns to the nearby town of Waynesboro to try to put the nightmarish events that happened on that mountaintop to rest. Waynesboro is larger now, but the mountains are the same and the mystery surrounding them just as puzzling. A chance encounter leads her to Dr. Allan Pritchard, the town’s small animal vet with secrets of his own.

Orrin Jason Bradford’s style has been compared to the “early works of Dean Koontz and the late great Michael Crichton.” FreeForm is the first book in the FreeForm series and the start of the Saga of the Dandelion Expansion that includes the action-packed Kindred series.

Buy FreeForm to start this action-packed epic series today!

The Mercer Chronicles: Birth of a Soldier

by Steven B. Williams

Johnathan is the top cadet at Azure Point, a prestigious military academy on the planet of Nox. All his life he has trained to become a soldier in the military machine and to earn his citizenship. He has struggled like all others and pushed himself beyond the limits of what defined these cadets. However, there is one enemy he has yet to conquer… himself.

The night of his graduation all that he fought for is lost and the love of his life is taken from him. In his rage, he loses himself and any hope of fulfilling his dreams. In his despair, he tries to find a way to rebuild his life and adapt to what life has thrown at him. In his desperation, he’s willing to take a chance most wouldn’t dare.

Birth of a Soldier is the first in The Mercer Chronicles. It is a science fiction novel that will force John to answer the hard questions. What would you do if everything you loved was a lie? How far would you go to right a wrong? What would you sacrifice along the way?

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