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Traveling With the WORLD’S BLOGGERS

by Robert Mountford

The idea for this book started when I noticed that all the articles on travel I was reading were written by people who had just dropped into wherever they were writing about for a couple of days and had made some notes. In addition, they were for the most part sponsored by some hotel, government tourist association or quite often all of the above.
Now I know they stated in the small print at the bottom that they were not influenced by the sponsor in any way but let’s get realistic. It’s a pretty good gig to get sent to a resort somewhere free and they aren’t going to write an article stating
” this place is a dump” for fear of losing the next freebie.

So I contacted a collection of the Worlds Bloggers to submit travel stories about their PERSONAL and CURRENT experiences in some of their favorite places, without the sponsor screening.

This is what they wrote …….

– Living the Life in Lviv, Ukraine
– Eating well but on the Cheap in Hong Kong
– A first timers visit to a mixed Korean bathhouse
– Falling in Love with Shanghai
– A single woman’s visit to Morocco
– Mistakes you’ll make while visiting London
– A very personal guide to Haifa
– And much moreâ?¦..

I trust you will enjoy the book and allow me to recommend the sister book ( also available on Kindle ) “Travel with the Worlds Best” – which is a collection of some the best travel writing ever.

Finally if your thinking of an amazing holiday allow me to recommend San Miguel de Allende: A Concise World Guide.
This is our latest guide to one of the more amazing (and safe) cities in Mexico, also available on Kindle.

This guide is unusual as it gives you a basis to decide if this location would be the holiday you are looking for, rather than just a list of tours hotels etc.

All the best
Robert Mountford



Rome has grown since its humble beginnings that it is now overwhelmed by its own greatness.
Titus Livius

* * *â?©
A boy named Romulus was the first ruler of Rome. A boy named Romulus was its last ruler. It is said that such is the stuff of tales and legends. Yet the crumpled ruins of columns, arches and cobblestone streets scattered over three continents stand as silent sentinels to the naked reality that once was Rome.
â?©* * *â?©
This history of the Ancient Roman World utilizes the records of ancient historians, poets and contemporary scholars as well. It presents fascinating myths, legends and prophecies. In addition, included are pertinent facts, dates, traditions and descriptions about the myriad of cultures within the borders of the Ancient Roman Empire. The structure and organization of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire are also discussed, as well as the accomplishments and failure of the Roman Emperors. The information imparted inside is based on documented sources and encompasses:
â?©* * *â?©
-The Code of Roman Lawâ?©
-Evolving Organizational Structureâ?©
-True stories of the Roman citizens- both the humble and the haughty
â?©-Assassinations and Conspiracies
â?©-Battles and Warsâ?©
-Emperors and Military Commanders
â?©-Goals and motivations of the Roman leadership
-Causes and Effects of the Rise and Fall of Ancient Rome
â?©-The Barbaric Invasionsâ?©

Simple Thai recipes

by Dean Moriarty

This is a book with images of Simple Thai Recipes all of which came from Chiang Mai in North Thailand.

The Art of Discount Travel: Your Guide to Cheaper Flights & Cheaper Nights

by Bill Anthony

No matter your travel style, the focus of this book is to help the traveler spend less on flights and accommodations. To that that end, the author Bill Anthony presents dozens of tactics and strategies. Some are super simple and can be put to use immediately. Others have a few more parts, but none are complicated. Each is thoroughly explained. And all are quite workable.

Tucked among other humorous, but spot-on observations, the author shares personal experiences that prove fancier lodging and a comfortable class of service on flights can occasionally cost less than budget hotels and economy tickets. It’s all a matter of knowing where and how to find these sweet deals.

While writing this book, Bill flew to Sweden from California for less than $50. This unbelievably low fare had nothing to do with redeeming frequent flier miles or points of any rewards program. It was simply a short-term promotional fare and available to anyone. No membership of any kind was required and the class of service was regular economy. Snacks, meals, non-alcoholic beverages and a vast array of in-flight entertainment options were included.

Maybe you or someone you know would like to visit – well, you name it – but it’s out of reach financially. You’re thinking years, quite a few years, out of reach. This book aims to change your mind.

From greatly improving your odds of being informed of incredibly low promotional airfares to booking nights in a 4-star hotel for what you consider a good price for a 2-star hotel, The Art of Discount Travel is chockfull of practical cost-cutting information.

Best yet, are strategies for achieving the ultimate discount: free or nearly free. Sometimes scoring a freebie can even be easy and fast. Fast or not, it needn’t be difficult. You will find several avenues to the ultimate discount.

ந�.து.�ுந்தரவ�ிவ�லுவின் பயண�்�ள்: ��்�ுர��ள் (Tamil Edition)

by ந�.து.�ுந்தரவ�ிவ�லு N.D.Sundaravadivelu

நà¯?ய்யாà®?ுபாà®?்à®?ம் துரà¯?à®?ாமி à®?ுந்தரவà®?ிவà¯?லு à®?ன்ற நà¯?. து. à®?ுந்தரவà®?ிவà¯?லு (à®?à®?்à®?à¯?பர் 12, 1912 – ஏப்ரல் 12, 1993) தமிழ்நாà®?்à®?ில் à®?à¯?ன்னà¯?ப் பல்à®?லà¯?à®?்à®?à®´à®?த்தின் துணà¯?வà¯?ந்தராà®? à®?ரு முறà¯? பà¯?றுப்பு வà®?ித்தவர். தமிழ் நாà®?ு à®?à®°à®?ின் à®?ல்வி à®?லà¯?à®?à®?ராà®?வும், பà¯?துà®?்à®?ல்வி à®?யà®?்à®?ுநராà®?வும் பல à®?ாலம் à®?ிறப்பாà®?ப் பணியாற்றினார். à®?வர் à®?ழுதிய 35 பயணà®?் à®?à®?்à®?ுரà¯?à®?ள் à®?ந்நà¯?லில் தà¯?à®?ுà®?்à®?ப்பà®?்à®?ுள்ளன.


“தமிழà®?à®?் à®?ல்வி வளர்à®?்à®?ிà®?்à®?ு à®?ண்மà¯?யிலà¯?யà¯? பà¯?ரும்பாà®?ுபà®?்à®?வர் நà¯?.து.à®?ுந்தரவà®?ிவà¯?லு. à®?வரது à®?னவà¯?யும் à®?à®´à¯?ப்பà¯?யும்தான் à®?ாமராà®?ர் தன் à®?யுதமாà®?à®?் à®?à¯?ண்à®?ிருந்தார். ஏதà¯?தà¯? à®?à®°à®?ியல் தலà¯?வர்à®?ளின் , à®?ாதித் தலà¯?வர்à®?ளின், மதப்பரப்புநர்à®?ளின் பà¯?யர்à®?ளà¯?à®?் à®?à¯?ல்லி à®?வரில்லà¯?ன்னா நான்லாம் மாà®?ும் à®®à¯?à®?்à®?ிà®?்à®?ிருந்திருப்பà¯?ன் à®?ன்று à®?à¯?ல்லும் தமிழ் à®®à®?்à®?ளில் பà¯?ரும்பாலானவர்à®?ள் à®?றியாத பà¯?யர் à®?வருà®?à¯?யது.” – à®?à¯?யமà¯?à®?ன்

“â??à®?ல்வி வள்ளல்’ à®?ாமராà®?ர் à®?வர்à®?ளுà®?ன் à®?ணà¯?ந்து ஏழà¯? à®?ளிய à®®à®?்à®?ளுà®?்à®?ு à®?லவà®?à®?் à®?ல்வியும் மதிய à®?ணவும் தந்ததில் à®?ாà®?்à®?ர் நà¯?.து.à®?ுந்தரவà®?ிவà¯?லுவுà®?்à®?ு முà®?்à®?ியப் பà®?்à®?ு à®?ருà®?்à®?ிறது.” – à®?ஸ்.ராமà®?ிருஷ்ணன்

ENGLISCH: LERNEN MIT STAMMWÃ?RTEN: Lerne ein lateinisch-griechisches Stammwort, um viele Wörter zu lernen. Stärken Sie Ihr Englisch-Vokabular mit Lateinischen … und Griechischen Wurzeln. (German Edition)

by Sarah Retter

Sie werden in diesem Buch häufige englische Wörter finden, die dieselbe Wurzel haben. Daher werden Sie feststellen, dass es sehr einfach ist, verschiedene englische Wörter mit der gemeinsamen Wurzel in Beziehung zu setzen und sich dessen Bedeutung zu merken.

Beispiel: “port” ist eine Lateinische Wurzel und es bedeutet “bewegen” oder “tragen”. Die englischen Wörter die auf dieser Wurzel basieren sind: transport, portable, teleportation, deport, export, rapport, support, portfolio, import, important, porter, report. All diese Wörter beinhalten die Bedeutung von tragen oder bewegen.

Man kann tausende Wörter mit Hilfe der 100 meist genutzten Griechischen und Lateinischen Wurzeln lernen.

Das Lernen dieser Wurzeln hilft Ihnen die Ursprünge der Englischen Grammatik und Schreibweise zu verstehen. Durch das Lernen dieser wird Ihnen die Struktur des Englischen viel klarer vorkommen.

Mit dem Lernen von Wurzeln, öffnen Sie Ihr Gehirn für mehr Sprachen als nur Englisch.

In diesem Buch finden Sie einen guten Leitfaden für Englische Stammwörter und zur Nutzung dieser.

Downloaden Sie dieses Buch und fangen Sie an zu lernen und verstehen Sie mehr Englisch als je zuvor!

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MARKETING PER HOTEL. Tecniche e strategie per rendere il tuo hotel di successo, acquisendo clienti, aumentando le vendite e generando profitti (Italian Edition)


Molti dicono che il mondo del turismo è in forte crisi. Le famiglie hanno sempre meno soldi, tendono a spendere meno e quindi, il più delle volte, a rinunciare alla propria vacanza, magari proprio nel tuo hotel. Ma allora perché ci sono hotel che non conoscono crisi? Perché mentre alcuni chiudono a causa degli alti costi e del basso numero di clienti, altri fanno sold-out tutti i mesi, tutti gli anni? Qual è il loro segreto?

In questo libro, ti svelerò tutti i segreti adottati dei migliori hotel italiani per rendere la propria struttura alberghiera una struttura di successo, così da acquisire un flusso continuo di nuovi clienti e incrementare costantemente il proprio profitto applicando poche semplici regole.


  • Il segreto per non rimanere tagliato fuori dal mercato applicando il marketing alla tua azienda.
  • Perché alla base del successo delle vendite c’è sempre una valida strategia di marketing.
  • Come pianificare una strategia di marketing di successo capace di usare contenuti e mezzi di comunicazione differenti.


  • L’unico vero segreto per generare più clienti disposti a spendere un prezzo più elevato rispetto alla concorrenza.
  • Come essere percepito come specialista di settore attraverso il brand positioning.
  • Come individuare la giusta tipologia di cliente interessata al tuo prodotto/servizio.


  • Le OTA: cosa sono e perché sono un prezioso alleato per il tuo hotel per generare nuovi potenziali clienti.
  • Come incrementare le prenotazioni dal tuo sito web attraverso una corretta strategia tariffaria.
  • Il vero ed unico motivo che spinge un cliente a scegliere il tuo hotel invece che quello di un tuo competitor.


  • Google e Facebook: come utilizzarli al meglio per generare un flusso di nuovi clienti verso il tuo hotel.
  • L’importanza dell’indicizzazione sui motori di ricerca per ottenere un buon posizionamento organico.
  • Perché l’email marketing è fondamentale se vuoi migliorare le tue performance attuali attraverso il web


  • Perché emozionare è l’unico vero modo per spingere il cliente a prenotare nel tuo hotel.
  • L’importanza delle testimonianze per incrementare il flusso dei tuoi clienti verso la tua struttura alberghiera.
  • Come incrementare i guadagni del tuo hotel nel tempo utilizzando un software di gestione alberghiera (PMS) e un valido CRM.

Ultralight: La guía de los Hábitos Zen para viajar y vivir ligero. (Leo Babauta Hábitos Zen Minimalismo nº 2) (Spanish Edition)

by Leo Babauta

!ULTRALIGHT: la guía para viajar ligero y disfrutar cada momento!

Conoce la fórmula de Leo Babauta, autor de bestsellers y famoso minimalista para reducir tu equipaje al mínimo y viajar como nunca antes lo has hecho.

Este libro no trata de cómo lograr el viaje más minimalista, no trata sobre la forma perfecta de preparar el viaje, ni sobre la forma de llevar todo lo justamente necesario para que te sientas preparado y eliminar del todo cualquier sensación de incertidumbre.

En realidad, este libro es sobre la flexibilidad, tanto en la forma en que te preparas para tu viaje, como en tu estado mental durante el mismo.

¿Qué es viajar ligero? ¿Y qué voy aprender?

  • ¿Cómo será viajar a través de tu vida ordinaria sin llevar un gran peso a cuestas? ¿Qué se sentirá vivir con mayor flexibilidad y libertad? ¡Exploremos!
  • No te cansas.
  • Puedes caminar alrededor de una ciudad con todo tu equipaje y no hay problema.
  • Puedes recorrer múltiples ciudades y países sin aflojar el paso.
  • Aprendes que no necesitas tantas cosas.
  • Comienzas a sentirte cómodo con menos y capaz de arreglártelas con muy poco.
  • ¡Te liberas de cargas!
  • Cuando vives ligero, creas un espacio para vivir, un espacio sin desorden ni líos. Liberas tu mente de la preocupación por todas esas cosas en tu vida, ésta pasa a estar más despejada y te olvidas de maniobrar entre pilas de desorden, o de tener que mover algo de lugar para poder hacer otra cosa, o de tener que hurgar en cada rincón para encontrar lo que buscas. Aun cuando parecen cambios discretos e inconsecuentes, su beneficio se va sumando a lo largo del día, y ni qué decir a lo largo de una vida.

    Tags. Productividad, cambio, zen, relajación, paz, trabajo, orden, hábitos, viaje, viajar maleta, ligero

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