Free biographies and memoirs Kindle books for 05 Jun 18

Welcome Back Lazarus: The Irony of Dying and Coming Back Only to Do It Again

by Robbie Grayson

Coming back from death is sometimes more difficult than dying.

A Fool for a Lawyer: J.Mykle

by J. Mykle

American Civics is no more, and this guy is determined to beat the system. Constantly harassed, slandered, and abused by the Police in any city he goes; he has determined to become more knowledgeable. Trying to stay out of trouble he only finds himself deeper and deeper in the system he has tried to escape from becoming another statistic. J. Mykle has learned many things by just researching the Law and then Applying it to any case he has encountered. It has now got to the point where he is facing some heavy years and has to take a stand for what he believes in, what he has applied in different scenarios, and now for a New case that could possibly put him away for good.

Learn what he has experienced and why the courts want nothing to do with him anymore.

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