Free fiction Kindle books for 05 Jun 18

Man of the House vol. 2: A Best Friend’s Dad Taboo Romance

by Ivy Kane

Hannah has had a secret crush on Magnus, her best friend’s dad, for as long as she can remember. In her daydreams, they live a perfect life and he’s her first and only lover. Hannah’s fantasy is rudely interrupted when she leaves her diary at her best friend’s house. Hannah is in trouble– the diary is full of her naughty daydreams about Magnus!

When Magnus calls her over to talk about it, she’s too embarrassed to even think straight. She hopes she can convince him that she’s still a good girl and they can just put the whole episode behind them. But when Hannah get to the house she quickly learns Magnus has other plans.

Sinister Cinnamon Buns: A Red Herring Inn Mystery

by J Lee Mitchell

In Castle Creek West Virginia, rivalries run deep, but has this tiny town’s biggest rivalry finally led to murder?
When widely disliked socialite Macie Dixon is found dead on the set of her cooking show, suspicion falls on her rival, elderly family matriarch, and owner of the Red Herring Inn, Liddy Lou Cormier.
As the investigation heats up, friendships will be tested, and long buried secrets will come to light.
With the evidence stacking up against Liddy Lou, her granddaughter Q’Bita will risk her budding romance with Sheriff Andy Hansen, and her own life, to clear her Nana’s name.
It will take every ounce of Q’Bita’s culinary cunning, and a little help from her best friend Jamie and brother-in-law Rene, to figure out who’s behind the sinister cinnamon buns that killed Macie Dixon.

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