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The King of Prussia Cove: Smugglers of Cornwall

by John Martin

Lovers of Cornwall, smugglers and historical naval fiction, such as Poldark and Sharp, will enjoy this story of coming of age and ascension.

John Carter and the Carter family were once legendarysmugglers of Cornwall. Remembered only in Cornish folklore, this is the story a of young man who is not content with his lot.

As John Carter sweats blood, working down an old tin mine, he finally decides he has had enough. From decent poverty in Georgian Cornwall, John joins a crew of smuggling men, against his deeply religious father’s wishes. His rise through the smuggling ranks is rapid, and he distributes duty free goods like a natural, having an extraordinary talent for numbers and making deals. He is so good at shifting contraband, that in a matter of years the young prodigy is rubbing shoulders with Lords and Lady’s of the Cornish gentry. He very quickly amasses a fortune for himself, as well as his partners who are the most influential folk of Cornwall.

But jealous eyes from his old masters fall upon him, and attempt to plague his rise to become the
King of Prussia Cove.

He is desperate however to ascend through the social ranks, and takes reckless risks. His adventures will force him to cross paths with pirates, war mongering French navel forces, and slavers of the Caribbean.

Sometimes, even John’s silver tongue can’t talk himself out of his self made peril, and he must fight with sword and cutlass, fire and shot.

With his loyal companion Samuel The Poacher and the rest of the Carter family, John makes a formidable network, and sets up with the cove boys at Prussia Cove. A unique and beautiful base, where he can conceal vast amounts of his contraband in caves from the dreaded Customs Riders and Admiralty.

From Prussia Cove he will also meet the love of his life Marie, where he hopes to gaze out at the turquoise sea in wealth, peace and romance. But as his Empire and friends grow, so does his enemies who are bent on his ruin.

Along the Cornish, French and Colonial American coasts, John Carter will face war and adventure, Love and Loss. Yet even in his greatest hour of need, he still finds a way to turn a profit.

A los pies de Vénus (Prometheus Classics) (Spanish Edition)

by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez

¡Este libro contiene un indice interactivo que harán la lectura un verdadero placer!

Continuación de El Papa del Mar, en la que se da inicio a la historia amorosa que liga a Claudio Borja, un joven poeta valenciano, y Rosaura Salcedo, una rica dama argentina, esta novela en la que prosiguen sus avatares puede leerse perfectamente, sin embargo, como novela suelta. Si en la anterior era Claudio quien introducía la acción paralela narrando a Rosaura la historia del cismático Benedicto XIII, “el Papa Luna”, aquí es Baltasar Figueras, tío de Claudio, quien evoca vivamente el ascenso y apogeo de los Borgia en la Roma del siglo xv, una ciudad “postrada A los pies de Venus, divinidad despertada después de tantos siglos de sueño mortal”.

Rode Hard, Put Up Wet: Cowboy Romance

by Amy Faye

Something about the way that he looks at her, hungry, needing something that neither of them are entirely prepared to explain to the otherâ??

It makes her feel like a woman, in a way she’s never felt before.

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