Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 05 Jun 18

Can Only Be Love: Romance Collection Suspense

by Josh Grant


It was a terrible experience.
Teressa ran after the two nurses pushing her father down the hospital’s lobby. He was suspended with an oxygen mask clothed with the blood that poured forth from his neck. And although his situation was quite critical and almost impossible to survive, Teressa hoped he would live. She watched his right-hand dangle beside the stretcher, as he was being moved, and his blood-soaked left hand that clasped to his neck, trying as much as possible to stop the blood flow.

Weird Kingdom

by Gigi Rooks

When Myka’s parents get divorced, life almost makes her follow the usual route of passive acceptance and depression. The Multiverse, however, gets in the way when it intervenes in a spot of bother in the universe next door.
Myka is introduced to a troubled desert-kingdom, and a host of animals with an unusual talent.
Events live Myka’s life, until circumstances demand that she act – and so take control.
A story of acceptance, discovery and a very naughty cat. . .

Gigi Rooks is a writer who lives in many different countries, some of them quite dangerous, and she hopes she is not dead by the time you read this. This is her first novel.

Kell, the Alien (The Aliens, Inc. Chapter Book series 1)

by Darcy Pattison

School Library Journal says, “VERDICT: This fun chapter book series is out of this world.”

Publisher’s Weekly says, “amusing” and “engaging and accessible.

When Dad spills dovitch on their spaceship’s control panel, they crash land on Earth.

When Bree smiles, Kell says, “It’s like the Earth’s sun is shining inside me.”
Without his BFF, Bree, Kell wouldn’t be able to survive 3rd grade.

As new citizens of Earth, the Smith family must figure out how to make a living. Bree is having a birthday next month and wants an alien-themed party. With Kell’s help, the family starts a party-planning business, Aliens, Inc.

An alien party should be as easy as flying from star to star.
But what do aliens know about what Earthlings think of aliens? Can they pull off the party?

Principal Lynx is President of the UFO Chasers. She’s convinced that someone in third grade is an alien!

Will Kell and Bree survive 3rd grade?
Will the Aliens, Inc. pull off a successful alien party?
Will Principal Lynx catch the aliens in their midst?

Come and read this exciting and hilarious adventure with those lovable aliens from planet Bix.

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