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The Enigma Key: A Gripping Adventure Thriller

by Colin F. Barnes



â?? â?? â?? â?? â?? “I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Absolutely riveting!”
â?? â?? â?? â?? â?? “What a great adventure full of twists and turns.”
â?? â?? â?? â?? â?? “This is perfect for fans of Brown, Rollins, and Cussler!” – Amazon reviewers

Eddie Yorkâ??manhunter, codebreakerâ??is set on a dangerous mission by the last wishes of his deceased grandfather, a prominent member of the Guardian Group, a secret agency designed to protect the world from dangerous new technologies falling into the wrong hands.

Eddie is tasked to recover the Enigma Key, an object that holds the balance of worldly power. Using information from an old computer game that his grandfather had created to hide the key’s location, and working with unlikely allies, he must fight his way through a sequence of challenges for an answer that reaches into history.

If Eddie and his team don’t recover the Enigma Key before their enemies, then nobody or nothing will be safe again.

Enigma Key is the first book in an exciting new series from Colin F. Barnes and Darren Wearmouth. Written for fans of thriller and action fiction who love fast-paced twists and turns. Mixing history and cutting-edge technology, Barnes and Wearmouth invite you into a new world of fast-paced, exciting adventures.

An Old Fashioned Murder Mystery (Cloverleaf Cove Cozy Mystery Book 2)

by Annabel Allen

Arden loves mysteries and has proven herself pretty good at solving them. So when her neighbor, Savannah, receives an invitation to play a good old fashioned mystery game with some old friends from her TV days, Arden is more than willing to play along.

The only problem is that this is a game unlike any other she has ever played. One of the players has decided to play the game for real and when players begin to go missing, it’s up to Arden and her new friends to figure out whodunit before the time’s up.

A Devil Lives Among Us: A Mike Montesino Murder Mystery

by Erica Rivas

Mike Montesino has been a police officer for half his life. He was once a young and ambitious rookie, who vowed to protect and serve the people of this great city. Now after 22 years being on the force, he is no longer disillusioned to the fact that most of his work is done for nothing. He has no contact with his family, no woman, and no life outside the job. His partner Sam and his family are the closest thing he has to being part of a real family.
Young prostitutes are being murdered and dumped across Houston. Their deaths are devastatingly sad, but it is the gruesome mutilation of their bodies by the killer that has the city on edge. Mike discovers similarities in the death of these young girls to a 1995 cold case from his rookie year. A serial killer has come out from the shadows and picks up where he left off over two decades ago.
After the nonstop media coverage of the local killings, the FBI storms into Houston to help the local police. FBI analyst Jessica Diaz discovers the killing and mutilation of young prostitutes isn’t just contained to the US. The killer has taken his dirty work international. It’s a race against time for Mike, the Houston Police, and the FBI to reign in the terror of Houston’s notorious serial killer The Heartbreak Hacker.

Death By The Half Dozen (Tarricone Murder Mystery Book 1)

by Matthew Hole

Agatha Christie’s country house, Greenway, is the last place Tarricone expects to be visiting. He certainly doesn’t expect to be witnessing a murder either, especially one which is swiftly followed by another…

Tarricone & Son (Probate Researchers) is in a parlous financial state. It might not be, if only Tarricone himself could get up earlier in the morning. But he’s never managed it yet and his aunt Nelly is getting increasingly desperate.

Luckily, her latest research has sniffed out an unexpected business opportunity: the shrieking TV B-lister Harmonica Helix has arrived at Agatha Christie’s Greenway House to film a low-budget comeback. It’s only just up the road and all Nelly has to do is get her handsome nephew’s foot in the door ahead of the competition.

Unfortunately for Tarricone, a sudden death brings the rehearsals for a comedy whodunnit to a dramatic halt. Before long, the motley cast of actors meet similar fates until eventually there is only one person left standing.

Strangely for Tarricone, it is a turn of events which helps him slay some of his own demons and turn his life around.

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