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Conversations I

by randall ‘Jay’ andrews

Conversations are sometimes the collections of thoughts reprocessed in images of our past, represented in memories of a time we can’t go back to, a time we thirst and hunger for, but can only sit on the edge of our mind and dip our consciousness into.
As a writer, I have conversed back and forth with myself for most my life. In fiction, those conversations are played out amongst characters who are mere players in my imagination. However, Conversations is a book about my conversations with me, the real me, the person who speaks to you. It is the quest to find the answers I may never know, but which plague us all, all the time, every day. Whether it is my recollection of love lost, or the panic of my child’s first injury, Conversations is real. I hope you will find that voice in my writing that speaks to you, and that you will find peace in it.

Ordinary Magic: Promises I Kept to My Mother Through Life, Illness, and a Very Long Walk on the Camino de Santiago

by Cameron Powell

A terrifying diagnosis. An unbreakable bond. And one unforgettable journey.

“An epic love letter . . . Stunning, unique, unlike anything I’ve read before.” — Julia Scheeres, Jesus Land: A Memoir

Cameron Powell has always struggled with goodbyes. On the day his marriage ends, he finds out his mother’s cancer has returned-and this time there may be no escape. Faced with the prospect of more chemo and surgery, his German-born mother, Inge, vows to conquer a 500-mile trek across Spain, and Cameron pushes aside his fears to walk by her side.

Joined by a misfit band of adventurers – a politically incorrect Spaniard, a theatrical Frenchwoman, a teenager who’s never been far from home – Cameron and Inge write a fierce and funny travelogue about the rocky heights and hidden valleys of the Camino de Santiago. As a Camino memoir in the tradition of James Hitt or Bill Bryson, Ordinary Magic delivers.

But the hardest stretch comes three years later, when Inge’s health declines — and Cameron, ready or not, must accept the challenge to remain as present to his mother as he can. As their journey shrinks to the room around a hospice bed, Cameron begins to record, in their blog, his real-time impressions of life’s most difficult voyage. What he created is one of literature’s great love letters and a uniquely unflinching insight into how we all truly can create love and meaning in our lives, even amidst the fear and sadness we’ll all face from time to time.

“Powerful, inspiring â??and, amazingly, almost impossible to put down.” – Mary Dearborn, The Happiest Man Alive: A Biography of Henry Miller

Propelled by the searing immediacy of Cameron’s own fear and sadness, this deeply-felt memoir opens up new insight into what it means to be a man, and takes us – with wisdom, humor, and an overflowing tenderness – into one of the most challenging journeys true friends can ever take. If you like candid mother-son relationships (Inge’s last recorded words: “God I’m going to a hotel!”), humorous tales from the trail, and in-the-moment insights on living a life of resilience and purpose, then you’ll love Cameron Powell’s luminous, inspirational true story about pilgrimage, presence, and letting go.

Ordinary Magic is the love story, the lifelong inspiration, the soulful laugh and cry you need in your life right now. Pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page! Then join our community celebrating the ordinary magic of love and resilience, and wake up your love for yourself and others.

Studded with gems of spirited observation and wit. Is this black humor? If so, it’s of the most fond and loving sort, and Inge, Powell’s mother, emerges as an indelible heroine. Powell is a writer to watch. — Mary Dearborn, Hemingway: A Biography


How did the story begin?
Mom and I blogged while on the Camino de Santiago. Readers loved the travel writing, and said our journey was inspiring and hilarious. But when the Camino ended, I stopped blogging.

What made you start again?
Well, I had to write. I’d just realized, and was trying to accept, what I most feared: that my mother was going to die soon. My decision to share my path with others, on the blog, was one of the best I’ve ever made. The love was overwhelming, a light in my darkness.

What surprised you most about readers’ reactions?
People they saw the humor in it all. And they kept saying the posts were “beautiful”. I realized people have a real hunger for what really matters.

What makes this memoir different?
As a story of a mother through the eyes of her son, it’s so rare as to be overdue. Readers have really responded to the sheer grit of my mom. And because I have a lifelong fascination with the human mind and heart, I saw a way to make my mom’s psychological resilience something every reader can learn from

Toddler Discipline: The Essential Guide to Positive Parenting: Peaceful Solutions and Strategies to Prevent Conflicts, Tantrums and to Raise a Happy Child. (Baby Training for Modern Parents Book 2)

by Samantha Kimell

Learn the Modern Discipline Strategies and Make the Toddler Years Peaceful and Positive! 

#1 New Release in Parenting Babies & Toddlers.

Parenting is a tough challenge. Especially toddlerhood, when your beloved baby grows up and becomes uncontrollable, unpredictable and super-emotional. Tantrums, aggression, and behavioral problems can frighten you, but … Don’t panic, stay happy and positive.

We will discuss the most effective strategies and solutions how to deal with behavioral problems, prevent tantrums and save the child’s trust and love in this book.

You will learn how to understand, listen and discipline your child with the help of psychology and the best psychologist instrument in the world  â?? your heart.

This book is the key to happy relationships, communication, and development of your child in a positive way. Apply these strategies and tips in practice and enjoy this period of a child’s life without stress, tears, and tantrums for sure.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn:

  • How to Bring Up Without Stress and Harm to the Child?
  • How to Solve Conflicts and to Prevent Tantrums Easily.
  • Simple Tips and Tricks to handle Toddler Behavior.
  • Save Your Kid in Crysis or How to Deal with The Terrible Twos Period.
  • The Secret Secrets of Going to the Store with Children.
  • Common Discipline Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.
  • Discipline Strategies and Techniques.
  • Essential Guide to Modern Positive and Peaceful Parenting.
  • Effective ways to replace the Punishment.
  • Effective communication: How to Talk and Listen to Your Toddler.

Parenting is a great challenge, but it can also be one of the most beautiful and most pleasant experiences in life.

So make the сhallenging toddler years peaceful and positive! Scroll up and click Buy now with 1-Click to get your copy now.

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So make the challenging toddler years peaceful and positive. Scroll up and click “Buy now with 1 Click” to get your copy now.

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Ms. Mother Know-it-all: A balkan guide to fun parenting

by Anca zahiu

If you’re tired of all the advising on how to become the perfect mom and feel frustrated you can’t follow them all, then this is the book for you. This book certifies that you are just as normal as I am because we all screw up sometimes. Or we face situations we can’t get out of. Ms. Mother Know-it-all acts based on her instinct and not on all the perfect books she read. Imperfection is something she prefers rather than frustration of not always knowing what to do. Her life with kids and family is extraordinary, simple, fantastic, weird but she always finds the humour in all situations that make other people go crazy.

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