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4 SEO Ideas : 4 SEO Ideas You Overlooked That Will Skyrocket Your Rankings (1st)

by Rahul Singh

Despite content marketing’s golden child status, SEO remains one of the most important factors in ranking websites on Google.

According to a Hubshout survey of small to midsize digital marketing agencies, 32% of agencies reported that SEO as a service generates the most revenue for them.

But as technology advances and search engines continue to evolve and adapt their algorithms, it can be difficult even for veteran SEOs to keep up.

This means you could be overlooking significant SEO value on your site.

In other words, if you’re missing key SEO strategies, you could cost your business some serious revenue.

Not interested in flushing money down the toilet?

I didn’t think so.

Implement these four SEO hacks to skyrocket your rankings and put money in the bank

New SAT Prep Study Guide: Lessons, Strategies, and Diagnostic Tests

by Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors’ New SAT Prep Study Guide has almost 700 pages of content to help you prepare for the New SAT exam. In this book, you’ll find helpful and challenging study material for the New SAT Writing and Language, New SAT Math, New SAT Reading, and New SAT Essay sections. There are over 475 professionally-written questions that will help you practice, and a New SAT practice test to assess your strengths and weaknesses. If you’re preparing to take the New SAT and want to score well, download this award-winning book onto the device of your choice today.

-2016 Edition of the New SAT
-Excellent content for New SAT preparation
-The New SAT is one of the two major college prep tests, along with the ACT
-Includes a full-length practice test

Practice Guide for CLEP Introductory Psychology (Practice Guides for CLEP Exams Book 3)

by Avatar Virtual Learning

Testing out of college courses using programs like the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) can provide students with college credit for subjects that they have not studied on a college campus but have mastered by other means (independent study, on-the-job training, and previous coursework) and it will save time and money. But how will a student know if this approach is right for them?

This guide is intended to answer that question for students who are interested in taking CLEP’s Introductory Psychology exam. It provides general information on the CLEP program along with suggestions on how to preparing for the exam. There is a subject breakdown of the Introductory Psychology exam, the topics that will be covered and a list of online resources which can be used to study or review these topics. There are two practice tests; each one is structured like the official exam with 95 multiple choice questions. Each practice test comes with an answer key and an explanation section on the reason why the answer is the right one.

First Grade Workbook

by Derek Schuger

Summer is great for fun and relaxing. The only thing that may not be so great is that by the time of the summer ends, children will have forgotten most of what they learned. They will become a little slow, a little dull and a little lazy. Just like sports or music , two months without practicing will slow their progress. This book is developed to fill the vacuum of the learning over summer vacation. Children will only need to use this book an hour every few days to review what they have learned and prepare for the next year.

This book has 26 chapters. Each chapter includes one page of spelling, one page of math and one page of writing. Doing one chapter every couple days will balance summer vacation and learning.

Teachers have permissions to copy and distribute pages from this book for classroom use.

Relatos cortos del camino (Spanish Edition)

by Cosme Rojas Díaz

Estos relatos cortos son un compendio de historias reales y de la fantasía del autor, en el transcurso de su andar por la vida. Esta colección está enfocada en destacar los sentimientos primarios como son: el amor el miedo, la tristeza, la ira y la alegría. Cada uno de ellos se convierten en los motores del existir, no resulta conveniente calificarlos de buenos o de malos. En todo caso pueden ser ponderados de positivos o negativos, de agradables o desagradables. Cada quien debe aprender a manejar y obtener el mejor beneficio de las situaciones.
El amor es el alma y la única razón de la existencia. El miedo es la alarma que presagia la cercanía del peligro. La tristeza, nos zarandea cuando nos separamos de lo que tanto anhelamos. Con la ira manifestamos el máximo desagrado, por lo que golpea nuestros dominios y valores. Y la Alegría es la revelación de la tan codiciada felicidad. Estas narraciones, se destacan por una descriptiva exhaustiva de las sensaciones de los personajes; con lo cual se busca acercar al lector a las profundas enseñanzas, inmersas en los entornos de la vida.

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