Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 05 Jun 18

A Thread of Hope: A Sweet Christian Romance

by Patrice Hannah

When she’d written a letter to Lady Ascalden requesting an employment opportunity, Angerona Sheridan had not expected to become the dowager’s companion, let alone be courted by her son…

Breccan Ascalden, chief lord of the Aligoron parish, knew it was high time he remarried. But the sting of his previous wife’s betrayal was still fresh, the grief of his father’s death still gnawing at his heart.

But when he meets the lovely Miss Sheridan, he instantly sets out to claim her. Except he did not foresee her faith being a part of the bargain…

The Power Five Zone: The Five-Step Mindset for Exponential Growth, Effective Habits and Positive Thinking.

by R.K. Jakob

How do successful people get into the Zone?

Enter the “Power Five Zone” – the core five-step mindset used to create sustainable habits and detailed achievement planning. Your Master-Goal is to get into the “Zone“, that harmonious state of mind where each of the five methods come together to propel you into a successful lifestyle dominated by a results-only mindset and opportunity management.

The Power Five Zone is a simple book written with the achiever in mind.

Explore the Power Five and learn:

* A simple and practical method of thought management that can be applied anywhere.

* The cycle of the mind’s creative process and how to apply it to your own journey.

* Employ an efficient method of long-term focus through the writing of Artful Intent.

* An effective achievement system with clear milestones for successful endeavors. No matter how ambitious.

* A direct planning mechanism to set your goals into motion.

Get inspired and enhance your lifestyle to seize your opportunities in the Power Five Zone!

The Nosferatu Chronicles: The Aztec God

by Susan Hamilton

In the second book of the trilogy, Kevak and his network of transformed humans have secretly protected humanity from the Vambir for over five hundred years, but just when it appears the threat has been neutralized, historical clues point to a Vambir presence among the Aztecs that is linked to a present-day cult.

Keywords: space opera, colonization, alien invasion, first contact, alternate history, vampire, epic, myths and legends

The Nosferatu Chronicles: Origins

by Susan Hamilton

After aliens crash-land in fifteenth century Transylvania, their first contact with humans goes horribly wrong.

The Vambir are a species that resemble demons. They inadvertently discover human blood is a nutrient (but also highly addictive). Ingesting blood brings about a physical transformation that enables them to pass as human. Impressed with their superior strength and vicious fighting skills, Prince Vlad Dracula welcomes them into his inner circle, where they attain power through him.

One Vambir, Kevak, refuses to ingest blood. When spotted by villagers, he is blamed for the sudden string of mysterious deaths, and the legend of Nosferatu begins.

Keywords: space opera, alien invasion, colonization, alternate history, first contact, vampire

MEDITATION: How to Use Your Mind to Change Your Life: Essential Wisdom for Pain Management, Anxiety, Depression and Fear


The reason that I am so passionate about this subject is that I am aware of what it feels like to be a sufferer of chronic pain. While many books on meditation cover the subject from the point of view of anxiety and depression, there are more far reaching benefits to be had by those looking to alleviate pain and get through those times when the body appears to suffer from it. With chronic pain, this is an ongoing struggle although meditation can help you through because it alters the way that you look at things.

By the end of this book, it is hoped that you will be able to meditate and that you will also have better control over the pain that you suffer from as a result. When the original Buddha used meditation, he did so with one intent. That was to improve the lives of people who he observed all around him who seemed to suffer from all kinds of pain and anxiety. The Buddhist philosophy is filled with wisdom that people can follow even today and all of these solutions to life’s problems were found through meditation.

Although you may wonder if you can manage to meditate, you really don’t have to fear anything. I know how hard it is and I also know that beyond the pain, there is happiness and peace and that’s what I want to share with you. Thus, I have simplified the process of explanation so that you can take part in meditation and can find some relief from your suffering without having to be expert in the field of meditation. What happens if you can’t meditate? Many people ask me this, but in effect, everyone can meditate. It just takes longer for some people to make that inner connection that makes a difference to the way that you perceive pain. The fact is that your body is trying to tell you something and you should never ignore pain. However, if you have a chronic disorder that causes pain in a known area of your body, you will be able to relieve this pain using the exercises suggested in this book.

I am very impressed by what I have learned and it has changed my approach to life in a huge way. Thus, this book is my way of sharing what I learned so that you too can benefit from the relief I have come to accept as a result of the meditation process

When the World Kicks You in the Teeth: How to Get Back Up Again

by Anita Brown

Life can be uniquely challenging sometimes and during our darkest moments we have all desperately looked for an answer to our problems. On my 40th birthday I became one of those seekers and after searching the internet I realised that there wasn’t the answer I was looking for. There were many answers but none that I related too, so I made a promise to myself that I would write down the answers that I found during my journey. This book is that completion of that promise and I hope you find it of use during your own troubles.

So when it feels like the world is continually kicking you in the teeth, this book gives you some new tools to fight back with and get you back on that beautiful road of life.

Written from a wealth of personal experience, this book covers a multitude of difficult topics that could prey on the weary traveller of life. I use a combination of my own real life disasters and my own hard won insights to explore some simple free mental and emotional techniques that anyone can try to weather the storm, and hopefuly you will still come out smiling no matter what disasters life throws your way.

I cover many common pitfalls and some not so common including recovering from a broken heart, illness, homelessness, the loss of a business, financial difficulties and subsequent bankruptcy. I talk through depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, fear, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. I discuss what self-love really looks like and why it is super important to be your own best friend when you feel friends may be temporarily thin on the ground.

I explain how to identify and deal with everyday toxic relationships including your own inner relationship, before telling the story of how I survived an encounter with a convicted murderer that could have led to my demise had I not understood how to identify a toxic person.

This book is a hard hitting piece of writing with some lighter moments that will guide anyone who is willing to just give it a try. If you have had enough of life’s knocks and are ready to work for a change then this is the book for you.

Being Spiritual: Sample Book 4

by Christopher Roberts

This edition of my sample books can be read in two different ways. First it can be read as a taster book for a selection of my titles that are available on Amazon Kindle; the title of each book can be found at the beginning of each chapter.

Second, the book can be read as a complete work within itself, simply because the chapters provide the reader with a good overview of a number of interesting topics relating to Christianity.

Each of the chapters, within this book, provide you with an introduction to a selection of my titles, without having to read a whole book before deciding whether or not to purchase it.

Whichever way you decide to read this book, it is my prayer that you will be encouraged to walk closer with Jesus as we near the Second Coming of the Lord.

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