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Emergence (The Dark Tide Trilogy)

by Dayne Edmondson

The galaxy is a dangerous place

It’s about to become even more dangerous

For millennia, the Krai’kesh waited. They plotted. And now they are ready to strike. Now they emerge.

The thousand colonized worlds of the Milky Way galaxy enjoy a tenuous peace, unaware and ill-prepared for the threat building beyond the furthest reaches of humanity. The star federation of Tar Ebon stands as a shining light of justice and mercy in a harsh galaxy, and they will be the first to suffer the fury of the Krai’kesh.

Commanding a fleet at the far end of the galaxy, veteran navy captain Martin Rigsby has risen through the ranks by sheer grit and determination, defending Tar Ebon from brutal pirates, the Empire and more. 

And when the onslaught comes, Martin and his fleet may be Tar Ebon’s last hope for freedom.

Join the adventure on the far side of the galaxy today!


by Laura Mae

As descendants of fairies, fliers were an old, forgotten species who appear human but could fly without wings. They lived peacefully amongst humans for several decades until a secret government agency developed new technology that allowed experimentation on fliers and discovered how to make ordinary people fly. Not sitting back and accepting the news, Sydona Wilder and her fairy Raoul, set out to find the agency and put a stop to the capture of the rare species. But Sydona will have to fight her own battles of facing her dark past and learning how to trust people again.

Conflict: Bred to be enemies, dared to be friends.

by Chris. G.R Webb

Logline – Humanity and an invading alien race are at war, can a new breed of soldiers tip the balance.

Pitch – Seventeen-year-old Bar is one of four Guardians, genetically engineered soldiers that can use the alien technology of Liquid Metal. On his first skirmish, Bar is separated from his team and reluctantly joins forces with an alien to survive, on the way the journey reveals the dark truths about himself, the war, and his ultimate purpose.

Conflict is a sprawling sci-fi epic, where two enemies come together and find a common ground.

Seventh Talon I: Dragonrider’s Fury

by James Patton

Beware the Dragonrider’s Fury; even the gods fear its justice. – The First Dragonrider

-Boh’s Journal, March 13th, N167

It started with a card in a cafe. An invitation to an exclusive world called Seventh Talon, and it only asked one question before I agreed. Do you want to be a Dragonrider?

It said nothing about guns, magic, or heavy metal, those were just added incentive. It also said nothing about the secrets, betrayals, and politics of a dragon run society. Dragons that would rather eat me than listen to what I had to say, horrible way to win an argument in my opinion.

Nor did it tell me that the biggest enemy I would have to fight was myself.

Author Note: The main character of this book does not leave Seventh Talon. If you are curious about the first chapter, Odditek Online, and Neuroma, then please read my Office War series. Office Wars takes place in the same world, just a different part of Odditek Online and follows a different character arc. It provides a lot more information about Neuroma, Odditek, and the sectors.
Also, I do add in easter eggs from the various books too. It is a fun way to reward my readers.

Altered States II: a cyberpunk anthology (Altered States cyberpunk anthologies Book 2)

by Jorge Salgado-Reyes

Altered States II doesn’t just have cyberpunk in it! Cyberpunk seeps from its pores. Cyberpunk forms its building blocks like DNA forms ours.

Stories by upcoming and established authors, curated by Roy C. Booth and Jorge Salgado-Reyes. Introduction by Isaac L. Wheeler, Editor-in-Chief of Neon Dystopia.

Davi Leiko Till Midnight
Expiration Date
Droids Don’t Cry
Twenty Percent
The Patch
In The Beginning Was The Microchip
Silencing The Machine
Hermit Crab
Speak Now
The Devil’s Hat
When The Worm Turns
Electric Love
The Smoke in Death’s Eye

Artwork: Oliver Wetter
Bookcover Design: Madison Paige

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