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Hypothesis Testing: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Statistical Significance

by Arthur Taff

The Perfect Book for Beginners Wanting to Learn About Hypothesis Testing & Statistical Significance!

Multi-time best selling IT & mathematics author, Arthur Taff, presents a leading book for beginners to learn and understand hypothesis testing – specifically statistical significance. Statistical significance is a way of determining if an outcome occurred by random chance, or if something caused that outcome to be different than the expected baseline. Statistical significance calculations find their way into scientific and engineering tests of all kinds, from medical tests with control group and a testing group, to the analysis of how strong a newly made batch of parts is. Those same calculations are also used in investment decisions.

In this book, you will get:

  • A breakdown of all the major types of statistical significance calculations, and workings through an example using them, with an explanation of when you would use that specific type instead of one of the others.
  • Visual examples included with all explanations, so you can better understand and learn statistical significance.
  • An easy-to-understand approach that doesn’t assume you have prior in-depth knowledge of statistics or that you regularly use an advanced statistics software package.
  • The quickest hack to hypothesis testing – if you know what an “average” is and can use Excel at a basic level, this book will build the rest of the knowledge, and do so in an intuitive way.
  • Arthur’s personal email address for unlimited customer support if you have any questions
  • And much, much more…
  • If you are a person that learns by example, then this book is perfect for you! It is a very important topic with use in a wide range of industries and situations – so dive in to get a deep understanding!

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Hyper cars of future: Hyper cars book

by Allex William

This book is all about the new upcoming supercars for the future generation and new technology companies are introducing to stay in market like Lamborghini terzo mellinnio self heal technology , rimac concept one 2020 the fastest accelerating and most expensive electric car in the world and the stories behind there origin .

Fight the Fear of Dementia and Alzheimer’s with Understanding and Care

by David Farrington

The purpose of this publication is to enlighten the reader whether you are the afflicted, the family and/or the caregiver concerned.
It is written in such a way as to be completely transparent and understandable and describes in great detail not only relevant medical information regarding the disease but also how the family and caregivers can learn to cope with the situation.
Read about the many myths surrounding dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Recognise the early warning signs and have the enclosed questionnaire and test completed to help to evaluate the mental capacity of the person.

Learn about the causes and symptoms of the disease and even ways to suppress and slow them down.

Falsely diagnosed dementia’s and Alzheimer’s and how easy it is to seek a cure.

Learn about the different stages of Alzheimer’s and how this knowledge can help the afflicted, family and the caregiver.

Enclosed is a list of important and relevant questions that you need to ask your doctor.

Find out about the simple lifestyle and dietary changes that can have a massive beneficial impact.

Treatments and alternative treatments and how the experts rate them.

Great tips on daily help and care.

Legal and other considerations that are a must to know and how to act on them. The earlier the better.

The final chapter is based on grief, bereavement and also other unexpected emotions. How to cope when the inevitable demise comes. There are also tips on helping the family, close friends and caregivers to move positively forward with their lives.

To be fore warned is to be fore armed and having the knowledge helps to better understand the disease and this can go a long way to smoothing the inevitable bumpy road ahead.

Refuse Diabetes: 9 Steps to Holistic Healing for Type II and Pre-Diabetes

by Teri Dale

9 Steps to Holistic Healing for Type II and Pre-Diabetes

Are you scared, confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated with how you are being told to treat your type II and pre-diabetes? Do you dread the medical complications associated with this awful disease? What if you could reverse this disease with a holistic healing approach?
Teri Dale has helped clients for years with their type 2 and pre-diabetes. With her 9 step WISEWOMAN process, you can improve your health and feel confident and energized in a very short period of time.

  • Enjoy carbs and understand why a Ketogenic diet is not the best option long term.
  • Eliminate most or all diabetic symptoms.
  • Learn how your hormones are affecting your diabetes.
  • Live each day with vibrant energy and increased well-being.
  • Understand the best and worst foods for reversing diabetes.

If you are ready to Refuse Diabetes and take action, then this book is for you. In only ten short weeks, you can regain your health, reverse your symptoms, and be on your way to a new way of living.




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Bringing home a new puppy can be a great experience for the whole family. You and your kids will be able to enjoy the new addition, teach them new tricks, play with them, and give them endless love. Many families dream about getting a new puppy for a long time before they take the plunge and they think that the whole situation is going to be perfect.
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While bringing that puppy home is a great idea, many people start to regret it after a few nights of barely getting to sleep. Between hearing the puppy whine to having to get up and take them to the bathroom a ton of times, you are probably feeling exhausted and hopeless. â?©
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The good news is that this guidebook has the tips and strategies that you need to turn it all around. We are going to take some time to look at all the preparation that you need to do, as well as the three main strategies that work the best for most families to help them finally get their puppies to sleep. From the light sleeper method to the alarm clock method, and the heavy sleeper method, you are sure to find a sleep training strategy for your puppy that will work like a charm and will help you, your family, and the puppy finally get some much needed sleep at night time. 
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Gut Health For Restoring Your Health – Mind Your Gut: Healthy Gut Leads You To a Happy Life

by Dash Trembley


This book consists of remedies and recipes with both Western and Eastern Methods of tested and proven diets after going through a steep learning curve of understanding with plenty of trial-and-errors battling a long taxing period of gut issues. It will help you get one step closer to finding that perfect balance and harmony to restore and heal internally which will ultimately lead you to live a much happier and fulfilled life in ways you never imagined you could.

+ Bonus Comprehensive Eastern Self-Healing Method For Cure of All Diseases PDF Download (Free)

From The Author:

“Learning to pay attention to my body and provide it with the mindfulness and care it deserves is one of greatest lesson I have learned out of this experience. I may have learned it the hard way but I have absolutely gained a whole new perspective and a newfound appreciation for myself in this journey.

At the end of the day, no one else but we ourselves can do a better job to completely accept, love and honor that amazing and intelligent system we have, functioning for us unconditionally at all times, at all places, no matter where we take it with us.

If we don’t take good care of it, we will have no other place to live that would be more comfortable than what we already possess. That is our temple, our sacred home. When you love your body it will reward you and love you back. “

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