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BE AWESOME!: Banish Burnout – Create Motivation from the Inside Out

by Kristina Hallett

Stop Burnout Before It Stops YOU – Revive Your Drive and Motivation

“I know what I should do, I just don’t have the energy or motivation to do it”
“I’ve noticed I’m more irritable, even little things are getting to me”
“I have a great job, wonderful family and friends – I don’t know why I feel like crap so often”

Does this sound like you? You’ve gone from excited about life, your work, and what your future holds to feeling continuously exhausted and struggling to get up in the morning. Every day you promise yourself that tomorrow will be different. You will get up on time, exercise and eat healthily. You will get more done and will go to bed at a decent time. And then there’s a minor snag and your good intentions go out the window – and you drop onto the couch after work with a cookie in one hand and the tv remote in the other. Tomorrowâ?¦

In her book “BE AWESOME! Banish Burnout – Create Motivation from the Inside Out” Dr. Hallett will show you how to:
-Have the time, energy, and motivation to meet your goals
-Do more of what you love, with who you love, without guilt
-Drop the “shoulds” and discover new opportunities for success
-Take the risks you never imagined
-Let go of suffering, stress, and anxiety and experience confidence, peace, and joy
-And much, much more!

“Burnout is a big problem — one that impairs our ability to be our authentic selves across all areas of life. In BE AWESOME! Kristina Hallett provides practical tips and compelling anecdotes that will help professionals of all ages rediscover their authentic passion and refocus their energy on the things that truly matter.”
-Fran Hauser, author of Myth of the Nice Girl: Achieving a Career You Love Without Becoming a Person You Hate

If you haven’t had the opportunity to work with Dr. Kristina Hallett on finding your awesome, you must read her book, Be Awesome. She’s written the book as if she’s talking directly to you. Her ability to share facts, stories and exercises in such a caring and conversational way, gives the reader the support and belief that you can be awesome starting today.
-Tricia Brouk, Executive Producer and Creative Director TEDxLincolnSquare, Podcast Host of The Big Talk

Dr. Hallett has spent over 25 years as a Clinical Psychologist and Executive Coach helping people to create motivation and live their best life. If you’ve been feeling stressed or stuck, and you want to start doing instead of wishing, read this book!

America’s History of Empowering Wealth: Understanding the Consequence of Money Controlling Political Power (Optimizing America Booklets Book 2)

by Jarl Jensen

Is Life is getting better? At the accelerating rate of advancing technologies? Food availability, income, and life span are up for the lucky few while disease, child mortality, and violence are barely improving for the rest all across the globe. The world is far from perfect, necessities and luxuries alike are getting cheaper but are still not accessible for the vast majority. Population growth is slowing but is exploding in the poorest countries and declining in the wealthier. Africa is still far behind following Asia out of poverty. The Internet and the mobile phone are invading people’s private lives as never before. The optimists who dominate public discourse insist that we will soon reach a turning point and things will start to get better for the poor. But they have been saying this for two hundred years.

Yet Jarl Jensen does more than describe how things are not getting better. He explains why and offers solutions. Prosperity comes from everybody working for everybody else which can only happen when everybody has money. The habit of exchange and specializationâ??which started more than 100,000 years agoâ??has been undermined by the debt driven economy over the last 100 years. The mutual dependence on debt are causes for despair and prevents us from living with abundance.

This bold book covers the entire sweep of America’s economic history, from the Constitution to the Great Recession, from the creation of the Federal Reserve to the creation of FIAT money. It ends with declaration of change that we can not, should not and must not continue to let the commercial banks of the world unnecessarily force economic limitations on the rest of us. Acute, refreshing, and revelatory, ‘America’s History of Empowering Wealth’ will change your way of thinking about the world for the better.

About Face: You absolutely have time to change your life by washing your face. And you can and should tell everyone.

by Emily Borja

You have the motivation. You have the hustle. So why does it feel completely ridiculous to open a business when you have WAY too much going on?

Emily Borja faced her fears and opened her own skincare business while juggling family emergencies and a full-time job and she knows that you can do the same. If you’re convinced that you don’t have the money, the time, or both to get started, she’ll show you the truth: that we all have the same unpredictable, exhausting twenty-four hours in a day and we all have the ability to multi-task the heck out of it when following a system. Emily will teach you to surrender to the chaos and allow it to push you into action, plus:

  • Find a company and products you feel passionate about representing.
  • Learn how to silence the haters in your head (and the ones you want to reach out and punch).
  • Learn how to give yourself the permission to open your virtual franchise – no matter what crises have hit your household.
  • Turn your fear into fuel so it feeds your family.
  • Just like you found your favorite pair of shoes or shapewear that you can actually breathe in – recognize when you have found the “right fit”!

Don’t just sit on the sidelines and cheer for your friends’ success – take the plunge, wash your face, and talk about it…again and again!

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