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TRAPPED in a VRMMORPG: An Epic LITRPG Urban Fantasy

by Brian Cross

Have you ever wanted to live in a VRMMORPG?

It sounds incredulous, but it’s not impossible. That just what happens to Robert Shikara when he visits the world of Beyond – an open-world MMORPG that allows him to be a variety of fantastical characters with infinite possibilities of growth and power potential – how amazing!

Still, all that glitters is not gold. A sinister man in a mask has plans for the people of the world. Robert, gamer tag: Shiek, is thrown into a paradise that quickly becomes a chaotic hell. He must traverse the plains of the massive sandbox with his companions to become strong enough to survive the oncoming slaughter. The masked man is a threat for everyone and promises an Armageddon – will Shiek and his gaming friends survive?

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Fortnite Battle Royale: Ultimate Pro Guide – The Art of Survival

by Pro Gaming Guides

Use this powerful guide to immediately leverage your game and secure more Victory Royales!

This awesome book will teach you the art of survival on Fortnite Battle Royale.

The Fortnite Battle Royale is an unavoidable game. From kids to parents, NBA players to rappers, everyone is excited about the new release and getting in on the action. After all, among other things, competing with ninety-nine other gamers to become the last man standing is a lot of gaming fun!

If you have not played this game already, you do not know what you are missingâ??or maybe you are among those writing it off as another cash grab Battle Royale clone, which is completely understandable.

You need to realize though that every day, players are realizing that this game is different and separating itself from the competition. If you have had an experience with its precursors, you will as well, I assure you.

I personally think the brilliant optimization and building techniques in the game are some of the coolest featuresâ??making all the differenceâ??and are why this game took over Twitch, and its popularity surged and completely took over the world.

Well, just like other â??great games’ we have experienced so far, you need a shot in the arm to get you started on Fortnite Battle Royale like a proâ??and so you can enjoy beating other players every step of the way even before you get a hang of the game.

That is why you need this book.

Besides the Fortnite’s fresh gameplay, this book is going to illuminate little known tactics, tips and useful environment strategies, practicing movement, and other things to do with shooting, crafting structures, recovering health, evading the storm eye, resources, and everything else you need to become the best player this game has seen yet.

Here is a quick preview of the topics inside:

  • Fortnite Battle Royale For Beginners
  • How to Download and Install Fortnite Battle Royale on Different Devices
  • How to Get Started With FBR
  • Landing Like a Pro: Tips, Tricks and Best Landing Spots
  • Brief Overview of What You Have to Do as You Start Gameplay
  • Tips For Gathering Resources
  • How to Build Smart: a Simple Wall, a Set of Stairs, a Sniper Tower
  • The Best Spots to Loot
  • Choosing The Right Weapon According to the Situation
  • How to Shoot Properly and How to Use the Sniper Rifle
  • Tactics for Getting Trap Kills
  • All You Need to Know About Healing and Shields
  • Additional Tips and Tricks for Mid and Late Game
  • Maximize Your V-Buck Rewards
  • How to Successfully Switch From PUBG to Fortnite
  • Basic Etiquette and Strategy for Team Players

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