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Peter Pan (Peter and Wendy) ( Active TOC, Free Audiobook) (A to Z Classics)

by J.M. Barrie

With A to Z Classics, discover or rediscover all the classics of literature.

Contains Active Table of Contents (HTML) and â??in the end of book include a bonus link to the free audiobook.
Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up and Peter and Wendy are the stage play and novel (respectively) which tell the story of Peter Pan, a mischievous little boy who can fly, and his adventures on the island of Neverland with Wendy Darling and her brothers, the fairy Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys, the Indian princess Tiger Lily, and the pirate Captain Hook. The story was written by Scottish playwright and novelist J. M. Barrie, inspired by his friendship with the Llewelyn-Davies family.

Prince Martin and the Thieves: A Brave Boy, a Valiant Knight, and a Timeless Tale of Courage and Compassion (ages 7-10) (The Prince Martin Epic Series Book 2)

by Brandon Hale

An Action-Packed Chapter Bookâ??With a Twist…

Captured by bandits! Things couldn’t get worse for Prince Martin and Ray in this story in verse. 

They’re unarmed. They’re tied up. No one knows they’ve been caught! These brigands are bad and their leader has got a most dastardly plan for the Prince and Sir Ray…

Oh, why did the enter the forest that day?

Now they’re hanging from snares that are tied to a tree.

But sometimes things happen we cannot foresee…

What if one act of kindness can alter events?

What if payback is owed to Sir Ray and the Prince?

Like this short introduction, the whole story rhymes. And the tale hearkens back to much earlier times when the heroes were honored and virtue was praised. 

Your children will love it. 

And you’ll be amazed…

There is full-color artâ??a rich feast for the eyesâ??and an ending that comes as a shocking surprise

This adventure’s got heart. It will thrill and inspire. When your kids read this story, they’ll surely aspire to be kind like the Prince and be bold like Sir Ray.

Bring delight to your childâ??get a copy today!

Are you still on the fence? You should click “Look inside”: there are *two* illustrations to help you decide…

There are also two paperback options: 

  • Full-Color Art Edition (see tab above) 

  • Grayscale Art Edition ($7.99): search Prince Martin and the Thieves Grayscale Art Edition or visit

Praise for Prince Martin and the Thieves:

“A tale of courage and kindness with a little silliness thrown in. An exciting bedtime story, cleverly written.”

   – Wayne Grant, best-selling author of The Saga of Roland Inness series

Author interview:

What inspired The Prince Martin Epic?

In 2015, I was deployed overseas with the military. As the days and weeks went by, my young son lost interest in talking to me on the phone. I just couldn’t connect with him. Then it dawned on me: I should tell him stories about “Prince Martin.” From then on, he’d beg to talk to me when I’d call home. Upon my return, my lovely wife encouraged me to turn my stories into books so lots of kids could take delight in them. This is book two in the Prince Martin Epic children’s action-adventure series. 

Can Prince Martin and the Thieves be read as a stand-alone?

Absolutely! But if kids want to discover the back-story of Martin and Ray, they’ll love Book 1: Prince Martin Wins His Sword!

Tell us about the art? 

Jason Zimdars is a brilliant artist. He uses vivid color instead of black and white, which is rare for a children’s chapter book due to the high production costs of color. Thus, his art explodes off the page. This book is a page-turner to begin with, but Jason’s electrifying illustrations give it such a jolt! It takes on a life of its own. My favorite illustration is Jason’s beautiful rending of Prince Martin and Sir Ray camping out under the stars on their journey to the Duke’s. It’s a sublime picture for one of my favorite scenes, which evokes fond memories of my childhood campouts. I also love the towering treehouse overlooking the ocean of trees in the forest. It’s simply majestic…

Chevalier the Queen’s Mouseketeer: For Queen and Country (Fantasy Books for Kids, Book Two)

by Darryl Hughes

“Mark me well, oh my Queen, and of each word do take care.
For of this on my honor, hand to heart, I do swear.
That before two noble kingdoms do in battle ensnare,
I will return from harms way–The young Princess Faere.”

Pledging himself before the High Queen of the Far, Far Away to the task of finding the princess Faere, kidnapped by evil betrayers to the kingdom Ever After in a sinister plot to return the realm of Hither and Yon to it’s war-like days, mouseketeer Chevalier and his nephew and squire Tom-Tom begin the long journey of their heroes quest to return the kidnapped princess before she is stolen away by the sea–And stop two noble kingdoms on a collision course to war.

“Chevalier the Queen’s Mouseketeer: For Queen and Country” by Darryl Hughes and Monique MacNaughton. Book two of the four book “Chevalier the Queen’s Mouseketeer” series. It’s a fairy tale fantasy adventure of enor-mouse proportions.

If you enjoy “Chevalier the Queen’s Mouseketeer: For Queen and Country” please try the other books in the “Chevalier the Queen’s Mouseketeer” series:

– Chevalier the Queen’s Mouseketeer, book one: The Hither and Yon
– Chevalier the Queen’s Mouseketeer, book three: The Tides of War
– Chevalier the Queen’s Mouseketeer, book four: A Hero’s Heart


“This book is gorgeous…MacNaughton’s artwork nicely compliments Hughes’ tale of a young mouse who yearns to be a hero and how he gets his start” — Kay Shapero, Ursa Major Awards

“It’s polished artwork and timeless storytelling makes this a book that can be enjoyed by young and old readers alike” — The Drunk Duck Awards 2013

“The pictures are adorable…The storyline, rhyming, and pictures are fantastic.” — Enigma Books

Mrs. Parsley Makes a Delivery: and Other Stories

by Julian Padowicz

By the bestselling author of “Escaping the Holocaust” Julian Padowicz from Scholastic Books comes a wonderful, whimsical tale of a good witch and her pet cat Laptop!

Mrs. Parsley is a good-witch who, with the help of her magical cat, Laptop, substitutes for the likes of Santa, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, and the various Fairy Godmothers, when they have more work than they can handle. However, since she does not have the specialized magic powers that they possess, she is challenged to find creative ways to carry out these duties.

Horse Photography: horse photography Amazing Pictures & Fun Facts on Horses in Nature

by Jame P

horse photography

Horses: Amazing Pictures & Fun Facts on Horses in Nature presents “Horses”. The book uses captivating illustrations and carefully chosen words to teach everyone about â??man’s trusted friend’.

Inherit The Earth

by James Egan

Red is an ape that becomes separated from his father. He is terrified that a wild animal has attacked him. But as he makes his way through the woods, he stumbles upon something far stranger; an animal community hidden in the forest. He is welcomed with open arms by all sorts of animals he has never seen or heard of in his life. As they make him a part of their society, he learns the great truth.
The Humans are gone.
It’s time for the animals to inherit the Earth.

The Secret to Happiness (Hugo the Happy Starfish Book 1)

by Suzy Liebermann


Award-Winning Finalist in the CHILRDEN’S MIND/ BODY/ SPIRIT category of the USA “Best Books 2012” Awards.

Come on a sea adventure with HUGO THE HAPPY STARFISH as he finds out that HAPPINESS STARTS WITH EMPATHY.

The story contains a great educational lesson about EMPATHY AND SHARING which parents will love while children will be intrigued by the inspiring characters and power SHARING can have.

In Hugo, children, parents, and educators will discover a lovable and engaging role model with whom they can identify.

The story consists of 28 gorgeous illustrations showing a colorful and magical underwater world.

Children will laugh at the delightful characters, hold their breaths in suspense and love to read this story over and over.

The book is suitable as a read aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read book for older children.

The book comes with a number of worksheets which are downloadable at no cost on our website.

There are more HUGO THE HAPPY STARFISH stories waiting to be discovered. Make sure to read THE LAST BULLY.
Through his adventures, Hugo learns many valuable lessons of character, life skills, and ecological alertness – all amid the backdrop of a magical underwater world and mystical islands.
The stories were developed in conjunction with the author’s teaching experience at an International Baccalaureate® School and they support the different learner profiles and attitudes of the IB PYP curriculum.

Get your copy today and be sure to look out for more quality Kindle Books published by HAPPY LANGUAGE KIDS PUBLICATIONS!

1000 Facts about Superhero Movies

by James Egan

Superman was nearly played by Muhammad Ali.
Jack Nicholson was paid $60 million to play the Joker.
When he was a teenager, Robert Downey Jr. bullied a kid for reading Iron Man comics.
In China, Guardians of the Galaxy is called Interplanetary Unusual Attacking Team.
Oprah Winfrey nearly played Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad.
Deadpool was in development for 16 years.
Wonder Woman was nearly played by Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Megan Fox, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Beyoncé.
Chris Evans turned down Captain America three times.
The tagline for Justice League was “Unite the Seven” even though there are six superheroes in the film.
Jerry Seinfeld convinced Hugh Jackman to retire from the X-Men series.
Shawarma sales skyrocketed after The Avengers was released.
An alternative ending for Amazing Spider-Man 2 shows that Peter Parker’s father is alive.
Tom Hiddleston auditioned for the role of Thor.
Michael Jackson desperately wanted to play the X-Men’s mentor, Professor X.

Riley (Luza Book 2)

by Jonathan Kuiper

Following on from their near capture at the hands of Bilal and his followers, Keira, Riley and Luza make a daring escape and cross a lake to seek refuge with the faeries. Despite their attempts to remain focused on their task, the friends are finding it difficult and must use all their combined resourcefulness to persevere.

Riley is struggling to keep a number of potentially damaging secrets which could completely unravel their journey, while Luza is recovering from her injuries and the poison given to her by Bilal’s dog. She knows that she must somehow regain her strength in time to fulfill the prophecy, but, like Riley, the fox also knows more than she’s telling and it could cost Keira dearly.

Meanwhile, Keira has a brief reunion with her father and must come to terms with the new found knowledge that her life has changed forever. Accepting it, and her new task, is a different matter however, and she isn’t sure if she will have the strength to do what is asked of her.

Can the three friends be prepared before Bilal returns to seek his revenge? Will they fulfill the prophecy or will the forces of Sohon win the war over Lane, his daughter and all that is good in the forest?

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