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How to Delete Books from Kindle: 4 SIMPLE & WORKING Ways to Delete Books from Kindle (NO HYPE NO BS)

by John Mcgraw


How to Delete Books from Kindle – 4 SIMPLE & WORKING Ways to Delete Books from Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle e-reader allows you to download e-books, documents and magazines using your registered Amazon account. Sometimes you may want to remove items from your library or device because they are no longer useful to you. Or, you might want to remove everything from a device that was lost or stolen. No matter why you want to delete books from your Kindle, there are a few different ways to do it.


How to Analyze People: A Beginnerâ??s Guide to Analyzing, Understanding, and Predicting Peopleâ??s Behavior

by Jessica Greiner

Would you be interested in a skill that helps you understand people better?

For anyone who is looking to get ahead at work, to get closer to their family and friends, or to improve their status in life, learning how to read people is a must. Relying solely on the token word puts you at a disadvantage in many situations. Our style of communication is extremely complex, and for the most part, humans have lost that connection with the things our subconscious mind is telling us to do.

We still practice those old habits, gestures, movements, and other tactics when we interact with each other, but we do so on a level that we are not aware of. This book is designed to help you to be aware of the things you do and those that other people do that send the true message of human behavior in a vast array of situations.

â??â?? Grab your copy today and learn â??â??

    â?¦ How the brain processes behavior

    â?¦ How to read facial expressions

    â?¦ What micro-expression are and what they mean

    â?¦ How to spot a lie

    â?¦ The secrets we tell in our body language

    â?¦ How to determine different personality types

    â?¦ LOTS of practical and illustrative examples

    â?¦ And much more…

To get ahead in this world, we need to tap into our minds and how it instructs our bodies to respond in a variety of situations. If you’re looking for something that will put you ahead of the pack, then download this eBook now to get started.

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The FileMaker 17 Manual for Novices

by Richard Carlton

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FileMaker is an awesome tool for solving business or organizational problemsâ?¦for Millions of users weekly!
However, by itself, FileMaker won’t solve your business problems.
For you to achieve success with FileMakerâ?¦you need guidance.

There are already books available on FileMaker, and even more resources available on the web and in workshops, classes, etc. But these sources consist almost entirely of instruction on how to use FileMaker’s tools, and not how to properly design a custom app.
The single most glaring omission for the newcomer is a basic list of do’s, don’ts and other advice to help you get started on the right foot. This book will help prevent you from making significant design errors that could cause you trouble down the road.
The key to building a good custom app is a good design. Good design stems from knowing which structures and techniques will suit your needs, and which will not. That is the purpose of this document… to warn you about pitfalls and advise you of basic design concepts that will help you start out on the right foot.
New capabilities exist with the FileMaker 17 Platform we address those in the 17 version of this book.

A New Hat for Myrtle

by Leela Hope

Do your kids ever have bad hair days?

Do they truly value friendship?

Do your kids ever have bad hair days?

Do they truly value friendship?

A New Hat for Myrtle tells a tale about Myrtle the Monster’s â??bad hair day’.

When Myrtle wakes up and finds that she doesn’t look neat and tidy, she feels sad and hesitant to meet with her friends.

Myrtle learns to truly value her friendship with her neighboring companions as some of her friends try to find her a hat to build up her confidence.

Aimed for ages 0-6, A New Hat for Myrtle provides a fun and interesting story for kids of all ages and is told through rhyming verse and colourful illustrations.

The Myrtle the Monster series is ideal for enjoyable bed-time stories, preschoolers and children learning to read.

Find Your Passion: The Ultimate No BS Workbook. 186 Questions, Prompts, and Exercises to Find Your Passion, Work on Purpose, and Leave a Lasting Legacy

by Gerald Confienza

Do you feel that a life doing what you love is out of reach?

Are you dying find your passion but don’t know where to start?

Have you given a lot of things a try only to find none of them were really your calling?

A recent poll discovered that 85% of people hate what they do. Guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way. Despite what most people think, finding your passion can be a simple process– once you know a thing or two about the human mind.

Extraordinary achievement comes to those who have aligned their thoughts, feelings, and actions towards the accomplishment of a cause- that’s what makes them so effective. This alignment is what gives people like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Oprah the energy necessary for changing the world on a daily basis. This powerful drive is what we have come to know as passion.

What if I told you that you too could replicate this alignment within yourself?

â?¦that you too could find your life’s purpose and choose an adequate vehicle for bringing about its accomplishment?

â?¦that you too could live every single day with passion and leave a legacy?

Find Your Passion: The Ultimate No-BS Workbook will provide you with a thought provoking questions, open-ended prompts and creative exercises carefully designed to help you:

  • Discover your life’s purpose
  • Find Out who you really are
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs
  • Create a powerful system of values
  • Narrow down your talents and skills
  • Evaluate Your Entrepreneurial side
  • Choose the right vehicle to fulfill your life’s purpose

Most people out there waste away their entire life without ever taking the time to go through a process like what you’re about to experience in this book. The result? An empty, hollow life made up of a repetitive daily grind. But you’re different. You’ve made the decision to find what you were born to do, and this workbook was made to help you along this process.

Find your passion today! Grab a copy now while this book is still at a promotional discount!


El amor de un sacerdote: La historia del padre Joaquín (Spanish Edition)

by Facundo Leroy Pineda

En el siguiente texto el autor intentar rescatar a través de esta historia los valores muchas veces escondidos y confundidos por el ser humano, la historia de un sacerdote que busca la felicidad durante toda su vida y es capaz de enfrentar a todo el mundo con el fin de encontrarla.
El amor de un sacerdote es la historia de muchos de ellos que en forma errónea han seguido su vida al servicio de los demás sin estar realmente convencidos de ello.
Estoy seguro todos alguna vez hemos estado cerca de un sacerdote agobiado por sus decisiones.
Una lectura liviana y entretenida en donde la felicidad es el principal argumento que se quiere rescatar.

1,000 Facts about Animated Films (1000 Facts About Animated Films)

by James Egan

In the original script of The Lion King, Mufasa was the one who cut Scar’s face.
Walt Disney HATED the spaghetti-eating scene in Lady and the Tramp. It is now one of the most beloved scenes in Disney history.
Toy Story was nearly a musical.
Christopher Barnes was only 16 when he voiced Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid.
In Frozen, Elsa was supposed to have blue hair.
The villain of The Incredibles was supposed to be an alien called Xerek.
The merchant in the beginning of Aladdin is the Genie.
It took ten years to make Alice in Wonderland.
Gru’s appearance in Despicable Me is based on an emperor penguin.
Disney were certain that Finding Nemo would fail.
The Prince in Beauty and the Beast was 11 when the Enchantress cursed him.
If Cinderella flopped, Disney would’ve gone bankrupt.
Inside Out is the first Pixar film that doesn’t have a villain.
Walt Disney’s favourite Disney film was Bambi.
Elvis nearly starred in The Jungle Book.

The Complete Meal Prep Instant Pot Cookbook for Beginners: Tasty, Healthy and Delicious Instant Pot Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss, Heal Your Body And Upgrade Your Lifestyle

by Lauren Robbins

Lose weight quickly and naturally with this Meal Prep Instant Pot Cookbook For Beginners!!!

This comprehensive guide will give you all the tips and tricks of meal prepping so you can eat healthy, manage your portions, save time and money!

This cookbook is not just about thinking of eating healthy, it actually shows you directions to actually doing it! Filled with useful tips, storage methods, and recipes, and It shows you the way to cook and eat well no matter how busy life gets!

This Instant Pot cookbook contains the following categories:

  • Breakfast Recipes
  • Meat Recipes
  • Poultry Recipes
  • Soups, Stews and Chili Recipes
  • Vegetarian Recipes

Learn the golden rules of meal prep and avoid the common mistakes so you can shed those extra pounds fast!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of this book, and embark on your new healthier lifestyle right now.

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