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Living In The House Your Lies Built

by Sarah M. Young

Sometimes things have to shatter…

“You need to be tested for HIV.” Genesis Swan never expects to hear those words and definitely not from the man who vowed to love, honor, and cherish her. When her husband Kenyon reveals that he has put her body and her heart at risk, Genesis can only fathom two options: love him even though it hurts or hurt him even though she loves him.

“They say if you love something, set it free. Death would be freedom for him.” The only thing Kenyon loves more than he loves himself is being loved. When his string of romances starts to unravel before his eyes, Kenyon has to choose between the wife of his youth, his erratic and jealous lover, or the barely-legal mother of his children. When death comes knocking at his door in the form of a pistol, will he have the opportunity to make the right choice or will the law of sowing and reaping cause him to lose the very thing he’s always taken for granted? â?¦in order for God to do His best work

“Sometimes, you have to suffer on purpose for purpose.” Facing divorce, depression, and a debilitating illness should have been enough to take Genesis out, but as her name suggests, that is only the beginning. With the forgiveness of God, praying parents, and the love of a man with the walk of a modern-day Boaz, Genesis must learn that even in the midst of mess, God can work miracles.

Ask Until It Is Given!: Give Me 15 Minutes – I’ll Give You God-Like Power to Have It All!

by Matthew Hurtado

ASK UNTIL IT IS GIVEN leads you within, where you’ll discover the light at the end of the tunnel. The God-within (your real identity) awaits your recognition, and this immutable force is 100% ready to serve you, right now. 

You’ve been told to create your reality, right? But how do you do that? I mean, how do you triumph in the face of adversity everywhere you look? How do you ascend past your fears, doubts, and disbeliefâ??especially in yourself? 

The truth isâ?¦ if you haven’t yet discovered health, happiness, romance, and a luxurious lifestyle, you’ve missed something about life. 

What if your worries about the world or future of humanity seem to stand in the way of your ability to LIVE the dreams inside of YOU? Whatever it is, the solution is inside of you. Not in some far away distant reality. It’s here, now. 

ASK UNTIL IT IS GIVEN will deliver unfamiliar and fresh ideas in a way you’ve never considered before, urging you to explore them and redeem your “pro card” in Law of Attraction. 

From the first chapter, you’ll understand the cause of virtually all “poverty” (a mindset manifesting as poor health, lack of finances, and unhappy relationships). 

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover in this groundbreaking book:

  • The number one cause of all poverty in your life, how we inherit it and how to transcend it;
  • One action you can do each day that accelerates your ability to receive your desires and allow prosperity into your life;
  • Learn how reverse affirmations can connect with your sub-conscious mind and go beyond your limiting beliefs;
  • Discover the difference between real power, force and anger so you can stop fighting against yourself;
  • How to return to your true and natural state of being – Innocence;
  • The best way to revoke your propensity towards less-than thinking; as in, “I’m less-than others became (fill in the blank).
  • How symbols unconsciously influence us and how to consciously choose empowering symbols instead;
  • Tools and hacks to increase your power centers;
  • How to SUPERCHARGE your allowing;
  • Why asking often involves having to face a fear that you are suppressing;
  •  How the author manifested $6.1 million dollars using one law of attraction secret;
  • How guilt (the opposite of love) is the #1 thing blocking you, suppressing your vibration and how removing it with this unique method can bring you 10 times the power to manifest your desires;
  • Why a lack of forgivenessâ??holding a grudgeâ??and guilt are the two things that are poison in your consciousness and are keeping you stuck at some level in your circumstances;
  • Whenever you feel shame, you will repeat the action if you don’t remove this right away;
  • Discover the two pathways to all disease;
  • The greatest wealth secret on earth that delivers guaranteed results;
  • How to attract the most influential people to you like a magnetic impulse drawing them to discover you;
  • The way to sow honor into your environment and create waves of favor that head back towards you;
  • How to hijack consciousness;
  • Why someone in trouble is your doorway out of trouble;
  • How to escape problem consciousness and enter a state of being the solution;
  • And so much more!

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The Prophet’s Apprentice (Chronicles of the Chosen)

by Cassandra Boyson

Fantastic creatures. Supernatural adversaries. A vast new realm of possibilities.

Hardened and friendless, Wynn is approached by Phillip, a tall, dark and clumsy stranger who claims she is destined to become apprentice to an ancient prophet who dwells in a forest filled with extraordinary creatures. If she accepts this proposition, she is to be trained to follow in the prophet’s footsteps, not only moving in supernatural power but seeing into the time that has been and is to come.

Yet, not all is as it seems when she arrives at the cabin that is “ever so slightly alive,” where the fireplace lights itself and a vanishing door leads to other worlds. But it is Maera of the Wood Beguiling and her Secret Circle of Southern Sorcerers that has Wynn anxious for the safety of those she is coming to love. As danger arises, she must discover a means to step into the fullness of her abilities or see her new life destroyed by a sinister, age-old enemy who’s been preparing for decades.

Haunted Prisons: Can You Hear The Screams? True Stories From The Scariest Penitentiaries On Earth (True Horror Stories Book 1)

by Roger P. Mills

Can You Hear The Screams? True Stories From The Scariest Penitentiaries On Earthâ?¦

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There are countless books, TV shows, and movies dedicated to showcasing life behind bars. They show us how both violent and petty criminals interact. But what happens when things spiral out of control? When inmates turn on the guards and riots break out? Or when guards become power hungry and torture inmates?

A prison can serve a variety of purposes. It can be a place of rehabilitation where the system tries to reform the inmate and make it easier for them to reintegrate into civilian life. It can be a place that prizes punishment as a means to stop illegal behavior. And, in the worst circumstances, it can be a place of state sponsored torture that doesn’t care if an inmate is truly guilty.

Though many of the prisons in this book tried to change an inmate’s behavior through non-violent means, their systems almost always devolved into one of corruption.

Abuse, rape, unhygienic living conditions, and even murder make up the stories of each of these prisons. Their histories are dark and not for the faint of heart. The inmates and guards who lived, suffered, and died in these prisons still fill their cold, abandoned corridors with malevolent energy.

Before reading any farther, be forewarned that not everyone who enters these prisons will be let outâ?¦

Here Is A Preview Of What’s Inside…

  • Haunted Prisons: The Devil in Paradise
  • Haunted Prisons: America’s Most Violent Prison
  • Haunted Prisons: The Murderous Mother
  • Haunted Prisons: Torture in the Tiger Cage
  • Haunted Prisons: The Execution of a Revolution
  • Haunted Prisons: The Suicide Prison
  • Much, much more!

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by Pam Childs

Why I Wrote This Book

â?¦To address a very serious moral issue that affects America todayâ?¦.abortion.

â?¦To ask every American to consider the issue of abortion honorably in favor of the unborn child who has a right to lifeâ?¦and to conclude that life is sacred…even the life of an unborn child.

â?¦To issue a call to Americans to stop abortion in the United States and overturn Roe v. Wade.

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