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Mallorca: DEIÃ? (50 images)


DEIÃ?, in the Serra de Tramuntana (Mallorca Island) is one of the most beautiful villages in the world.
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Haunted America: The Highway to Hell

by Sherri Granato

Explore true creepy tales, ghost riddled towns, eerie phenomena, and unexplained anomalies that exist in the world that we live in.



From a past filled with professional responsibility, hurricanes, and Texas bravado, the author divests herself of material encumbrances and embraces a life of European discovery. She encounters sex on offer in Tuscany and Sicily, a scolding by her own embassy in Morocco, and French youth in search of love. She stays in convents where, despite poverty and isolation, the nuns welcome her with shelter and warmth in exchange for stories describing her independent life.

In a cooking class in Lucca, Italy, she meets a nomadic American couple who recommends Spain’s Costa del Sol as the perfect winter retreat. Accepting their advice, she takes an apartment overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in a small town between Marbella and Gibraltar. There she meets and marries an older British-born widower, a permanent resident in that same building. Together they share adventures, spending half the year in their Spanish home and half the year travelling, usually in Europe. Mornings in Estepona, she walks and jogs from their home into the center of town via a promenade along the sea front. Her route takes her past the lively businesses of the port: bars, cafés, clubs, a boatyard, fish market, fisherman’s huts, the lighthouse. The beautiful yachts, sailboats and motor cruisers lie in the harbor, moored and afloat with the tides. She sees an awning advertising â??Happy Hour at Midnight’ on a sidewalk outside the entrance to one of the clubs. She recognizes this as the metaphor for her life: retired from a satisfying career, married to a lovely man, living by the turquoise Mediterranean, certainly nearing life’s midnight stage. It is a happy life with happiness that comes from openness to adventure, new people and new experiences.

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