Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 07 Jun 18

Refiner’s Fire

by Megan McCullough

A book of poetry leading from darkness into light. An examination of American society and politics interwoven with personal narrative struggling to come to terms with faith and the state of the world.

Mindfulness: How To Practice Mindfulness To Reduce Anxiety

by Patricia Carlisle

MINDFULNESS: How To Practice Mindfulness To Reduce Anxiety

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You’re about to discover how to practice mindfulness to reduce anxiety.
Regardless of the possibility that you will need therapy or treatment (medication or not), practicing mindfulness for your anxiety can help tremendously.
Approximately 100 million adults across the globe between the ages 18-54 experience anxiety disorders. A number that just can’t be disregarded, and we need to understand this to be a primary concern, because this number only includes diagnosed cases. There may, in all likelihood, be similarly the same number of individuals who haven’t been diagnose, however, have experience some form of anxiety disorder.
A wide range of variables and triggers are included as well as treatment. Some go for therapeutic treatment, while others prefer dealing with anxiety without medication.
A standout among therapeutic approaches to reduce anxiety is mindfulness techniques. It can be easy to learn, but it essentially costs nothing, and it has different advantages. Endless individuals feel it’s very effective.

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Carrot Cake & Salty Christians: The Ingredients of a Believer

by Brill Pongo

About the book
Every good cake has a recipe, and every recipe has key ingredients that must be included in the process of making it. I love carrot cake and while baking one, I learnt a very practical lesson which ties in very well with the message in this book â??Carrot Cake & Salty Christians; the ingredients of a believer’. The book is aimed at provoking thought with regards the ingredients that make up a good Christian.

The question is what would happen if one key ingredient was left out of a recipe?
What are the key ingredients that make up a good Christian? Scripture says â??Ye are the salt of the earthâ?¦’ akin to a greatly baked cake all ingredients must be proportionate if the taste, texture and flavour are to come out right, as a Christian, how salty are you?

The Vintage Wren: Week 9 (The Vintage Wren )

by Chautona Havig

The Vintage Wren is a serial novel released in several chapter episodes.

Cassie Wren. Legal assistant. Convenience queen. Thrifter extraordinaire. If there was a “green police” she’d be a fugitive from eco-friendly justice.

But when a friend’s teasing feels like a challenge, Cassie accepts it. The result? One year. Twelve months. Fifty-two weeks. Three hundred sixty-five days–of green.

It seemed simple enough. Cut back on paper plates, plastic forks, and straws. Easy peasy. But when her competitive side wars against her desire for convenience, Cassie finds it’s not so easy to be “eco-friendly” and “Cassie-friendly.”

Week 9
What happens when a reluctant green-girl has to tackle her monthly “girlie time?” Well, let’s just say it isn’t pretty. But her boyfriend’s got her back, or at least a whole lot of chocolate, and she’s learning more about alternatives to her usual routine than she ever wanted to know.

But at least a successful bout of matchmaking and watching her best friend making the leap from serious to practically engaged teaches her a few more interesting things about herself. In fact, she’s discovering that she has a sappy side that won’t be satiated. Add to that, near-daily installments of her real-live office soap opera, Elevator to Romance and her heart can’t stop pittering or pattering.

Now, if her relationship with Evan would quit doing the yo-yo, she might have a chance at her own happily-ever-after. Or menopause. This week, early menopause sounds like a dream come true.

It’s a Girlie Thingâ?¦ and a Curse

The Vintage Wren. A serial novel released in fifty-two episodes (for obvious reasons).

The Golden Alphabet (Updated, Annotated): An Exposition of Psalm 119

by Charles H. Spurgeon

Blessed are those who walk in the perfect way, who walk in the law of the LORD. – Psalm 119:1

The singular blending of testimony, prayer, and praise in Psalm 119 is admirable. In one verse, the psalmist bears witness; in a second verse, he praises; in a third verse, he prays. It is an incense made up of many spices, but they are wonderfully mixed and worked together to form one perfect sweetness. The blending greatly increases the value of the whole. You would not like to have the first third of the psalm composed of prayer, then second third made up exclusively of praise, and the third portion entirely made of testimony. It is best to have all these divinely sweet ingredients intermixed and worked together into a sacred unity, as you have them in this thrice-hallowed psalm. Its prayers bear witness, and its testimonies are fragrant with praise.

This wonderful psalm, from its great length, helps us to marvel at the immensity of Scripture. As it keeps to the same subject, it helps us adore the unity of Scripture. Yet, from the many turns it brings to that one subject, it helps us see the variety of Scripture. How manifold are the words and thoughts of God! In His Word, just as in creation, the wonders of His skill are displayed in many ways.

About the Author
Charles Haddon (C. H.) Spurgeon (1834-1892) was a British Baptist preacher. He started preaching at age 17 and quickly became famous. He is still known as the “Prince of Preachers” and frequently had more than 10,000 people present to hear him preach at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London. His sermons were printed in newspapers, translated into many languages, and published in many books.

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