Free religious fiction Kindle books for 07 Jun 18

Daisy’s New Beginning: Orphan Mail Order Bride

by Sandee Keegan

Daisy Childs grew up as an orphan, in Vermont. Now a young woman, she is struggling to make ends meet, but the lady she works for doesn’t think Daisy can do anything right, and on top of it all, her landlord is raising the rent.

When she loses her job and faces eviction, Daisy becomes desperate, until she spots an ad for a mail order bride. Agreeing to marry a traveling doctor, Daisy becomes an assistant in a job she isn’t sure she can handle.

Her new husband is a handsome man, but Daisy can sense there is something he isn’t telling her. Then, when the couple becomes stranded in a cabin during a blizzard, tragedy strikes and the truth comes out.

Will Daisy be able to rise to the occasion? Will this tragedy rob her of her husband? Will she have the strength to pull through?

No todos van al cielo: No todos somos santos (Spanish Edition)

by Haydeé Rivas de Martinez Blob Publishing

Raquel se debate entre sus deseos y sus creencias. El deber y el querer se confrontan dentro de ella y cuando la tentación gana la culpa la domina. Una bella mujer que despierta pasiones a su alrededor y que teme caer en el pecado.

Down in the Well (An Everyday Romance Series Book 1)

by Lorri Moulton

One day I asked my grandfather what you do, when you love someone. He told me you listen to them. You listen with your ears and your heart…

This is a fictionalized set of short stories, loosely based on my father’s memories of his paternal grandparents and the romance they shared.

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