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Basketball Diet: Winning Eating Habits for Basketball Games and Life

by David Smith

BEAT FOOD ADDICTIONS. Eat the Right Foods to Reach Your Basketball & Life Goals, Improve Your Health and Longevity

Imagine what your basketball game would be like if you ate the right foods. What would your everyday life be like if you knew exactly what ingredients were in all the foods you were eating? You follow your basketball workout & practice schedule, lift weights, and have great conversations with your coaches and trainers. Then, after practice you go home and eat junk food, drink beverages that are high in sugar or alcohol, and stay up late at night. The next morning you’re feeling less fulfilled and guilty.


From youth development to retirement Basketball Diet is your guide to developing practical skills to: creating a plan to stop late night eating, eliminating snacking on high sugar and fatty foods, dining out without overeating, and knowing what to eat before and after practice and more. Learning these skills is a necessary addition to any education, diet, or fitness training plan.

In Basketball Diet you will discover:

-Hidden reasons of why certain foods are chosen to be eaten
-How to build eating habits around important basketball and life after basketball longevity goals
-5 Habits to Defeat as a Basketball Player
-Effective strategies to use to eat the right foods during the basketball season and in the off season
-How to overcome challenges that basketball players experience when they try to eat healthy

David Smith is an entrepreneur, author, and college instructor. He is the founder of the product B180 Basketball Fundamental Skills Program. Smith is the author of Answers to the Struggles of Life, Champion’s Vision, Sports Entrepreneur, and Basketball Diet. He is a talented writer and speaker that inspires individuals from all walks of life.

Prepping Communication: Be In Touch With Your Family In Any Situation: (Prepping, Survival Guide, Survival Gear)

by Peter Jackson

Prepping Communication: Be In Touch With Your Family In Any Situation

No matter what the situation is, if you are connected with your friends and family, then surviving even the worst-case scenario becomes an easy task. When the SHTF, chances are that your everyday communication channels might not work. In such a scenario, it is of utmost importance to be aware of different techniques that can help you and your loved ones to exchange crucial information.

This comprehensive guide will help you survive an unforeseen situation while building a communication channel between you and your loved ones. Different topics are elucidated in the guide, such as:

  • Preparing a database and other essential things for seamless communication
  • How to communicate in coding techniques when your family is near
  • How to communicate using different mediums when you are separated from your family
  • Building a home base during a disaster, etc.

A must-have guide for every prepper, it will help you install a communication system in your home base and will inspire your family members as well to understand the need for maintaining communication in an adverse scenario. Be prepared and learn how to stay in touch with the significant people in your life, when everything goes wrong – so that you can make a right move!

Muskelaufbau Training: Mit effektivem Trainingsplan Muskelwachstum, Topform, Fitness, Deinen Traumkörper und Deine Strandfigur erreichen (Muskeln aufbauen, … Gym, Sport) (German Edition)

by Torsten Müller



DU brauchst einen PLAN wie man SCHNELL MUSKELN AUFBAUT und seinen TRAUMK�RPER bekommt? DEN BEKOMMST DU! Ich werde Dir alles erklären und Dir zu deinem perfekten Plan, für die Verwirklichung deiner Träume, verhelfen.

Was ist dein aktuelles Problem?

  • Der Sommer ist fast da und ich sehe aus wie als hätte ich gar keine Muskeln.
    • Ich habe nicht den Körper den ich möchte.
      • Ich weiÃ? nicht wie ich trainieren soll um Muskeln aufzubauen.
        • Ich baue keine Muskeln mehr auf und bleibe auf der Stelle stehen. Es fehlen Fortschritte.
          • Ich will einen muskulösen Körper damit auch hübsche Frauen auf mich stehen.
            • Ich fühle mich schwach und nicht gesund.

              ICH habe DIE L�SUNG für dein PROBLEM! Ich zeige Dir wie Du es löst.
              Du bekommst von mir:

              • Einen Trainingsplan
                • Alles zum Muskelaufbau erklärt
                  • Gründe weshalb Menschen keine Muskeln aufbauen
                    • Lösungen um Muskeln aufzubauen
                      • Mehrere Trainingsmöglichkeiten erklärt
                        • Einen Weg zu deinem Ziel
                          • Und noch mehr!
                          • Mit diesem Buch hast Du ALLES WAS DU BRAUCHST UM DEINE ZIELE ZU ERRREICHEN. ZERSTÃ?RE das PROBLEM und verändere JETZT DEIN LEBEN! Hol dir das Buch und realisiere DEINE TRÃ?UME!

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