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Don’t just travel to Cuba, experience Cuba like a local: The Ultimate Cuba Travel Guide

by Talek Nantes

Want to experience Cuba like a local? This is the guidebook for you. Talek Nantes, Cuban-American author and founder of the travel blog,, has traveled to Cuba numerous times. Her detailed explanations will guide you through all aspects of travel to Cuba and help you make the most of your time while in this unique and culturally fascinating country.
Talek’s passion for Cuba is evident in every information-packed chapter from the classic Havana itineraries you cannot miss to the little-known gems pulsating under the radar in hidden Havana. Visit colonial military forts in Cuba’s eastern capital, Santiago de Cuba. Experience Cuba’s spectacular biospheres and animal preserves. Explore the French-influenced cities of central Cuba with their graceful architecture reminiscent of southern France. Sail the calm waters of underground rivers. Take salsa lessons, learn Spanish, cook a Cuban meal. It’s all here.
Beyond a mere directory of attractions, this guidebook delves into the history of Cuba from the pre-colonial days through the present. Special focus is given to understanding Cuba’s fight for independence from Spain and the Cuban revolution of 1959 along with its key participants.
This guidebook is packed with useful information, facts, and actionable tips:
-Updated guidelines on travel to Cuba for U.S. citizens.
-All you need to know about currency conversion.
-How to locate and reserve the ideal accommodation in any city.
-How to save money and travel comfortably anywhere within Cuba.
-Where and what to eat in Cuba from street food to top cuisine.
-Highlights of the major Cuban cities from Havana to Santiago.
-Walking maps of the key Havana neighborhoods.
* Directory of restaurants, galleries, attractions and music and dance venues in all key cities.
* Current scams and how to avoid them.
* Budgeting for your Cuba trip
* Over 60 full-color photographs
In addition to key tips and advice, this guidebook provides cultural insight gleaned from conversations with local Cubans from the bici-taxi driver to the attendant at a cemetery gate. Explore places and topics tourists rarely see like religious Afro-Cuban dance performances, the hottest jazz clubs in Havana, remarkable art museums and stunning natural beauty.
This extensive guidebook will save you time and money and help you truly experience Cuba like a local.

Albufeira in 3 Days (Travel Guide 2018 with Photos): Best Things to do in Albufeira, Portugal: Includes travel plan, google maps, basic Portuguese, food … nightlife tips, best beaches and hotels.

by Guidora Travel Guides

Enjoy the best things to Do in Albufeira in 3 Days as a First-Time Visitor

We have been in your shoes!
We wanted to visit Albufeira and got lost into spending tens of hours looking for valid information at Lonely Planet, TripAdvisor and on the Internet. And then, we couldn’t put it all together, to create a perfect plan for visiting Albufeira in 3 Days.
Guidora is the only publishing house building Travel Guides for you like no other does.
We provide specific 72-hour plans with only one and best choice on where to stay, what to eat, what to see. It’s an easy travel path that you just follow and spend the 3 best days of your life in Albufeira!
If you are wondering What to Do in 3 Days in Albufeira and What are the Best Things to See, look no further.
We have built an excellent 3-days plan for Albufeira, with information on what to do every time of the day.
All the information is provided by local experts and travel bloggers. Since they live in Albufeira or visit there often, they know the best that the city can offer to you.

By getting this travel guide to Albufeira, you will get:
– Exact information on what is the best hotels to stay in Albufeira, so that you will be in the best area of Albufeira for all activities, without breaking the bank.
– Exact information on what to do every hour of the day.
The Best Hotels: Discover the best places to stay in Albufeira without breaking the bank.
Where to Eat: What are the best restaurants that locals go to.
What dishes to try. A simple culinary guide with the top 10 dishes and drinks.
Where to go out in the evening. Only the top suggestion for each day for one bar or a club.
– How to move from the airport to the hotel with the most budget-friendly way.
– What sights and sights to see. What tourist traps to avoid.
– Where to Book Everything Online, to save time and money.
Best things to do in each one of the 3 days.

By getting this guide, you will feel like having your best friend in Albufeira, showing you around.
It will save you time and money in a stress-free way. It will help you to enjoy the best days of your life in the great town of Albufeira!

-Practical Information
-Top Tips for Travelling to Albufeira
-Where to Stay in Albufeira
-How to Get from Albufeira to the city center
-Shopping in Albufeira
-Best Places to Shop in Albufeira
-Our favourite restaurant in Albufeira
-Itinerary: Albufeira Day 1
-Map of Day 1
-Itinerary: Albufeira Day 2
-Zoomtip 2: Best Bars in Albufeira
-Zoomtip 3: A Few Tips on the Medinas
-Map of Day 2
-Itinerary: Albufeira Day 3
-Map of Day 3
-Zoomtip 4: The History of Hammam
-Where to eat?
-Foods (other than Tagine) to try in Albufeira
-Useful Moroccan Phrases
Get this Guide Now and enjoy your trip to Albufeira!

Authors: Written and researched by Guidora’s team of travel bloggers and local experts in Albufeira

About Guidora: Guidora is a startup that solves the problem of “What exactly to do in a destination in +72 hours”. Guidora provides well-researched travel itineraries, written by local experts and local guides. Guidora operates an online travel itinerary marketplace at and holds a popular blog on travel related subjects.

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