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Unethical Life Hacks: 35 Ways To Improve Your Life Perhaps At The Expense Of Others

by Mayank Saxena

About The Book

An Unethical Lifehack is a tip that improves your life in a meaningful way, perhaps at the expense of others and/or with questionable legality.

This book contains a bunch of unethical lifehacks that didn’t necessarily fit into one bucket, but are too good to not to include!

You’ll learn strategies to earn free money, food and booze, handling kids, getting paid to shit and how to dance…even if you’re not a good dancer!

About The Author

Mayank Saxena is a lifestyle entrepreneur and a lifehacker. He currently lives in New Delhi, India where he operates multiple passive income businesses and is constantly looking for ways to get the most out of his life. He loves table-tennis, watching anime and reading books.

Want To Get More Out Of Your Life?

If you’re looking for some new â??not morally correct’ lifehacks to become your most efficient, productive and happy self look no further!

Scroll up and grab your copy today!

Kindle Self-Publishing for Beginners: Step by Step Authorâ??s Guide to Writing, Publishing and Marketing Your Books on Amazon

by James Moore


How would you like to make money off books you didn’t even write? Hi, my name is James Moore, and I’d like to congratulate you for deciding to take a big look at one of the greatest passive income streams around. Amazon has reported that for every 100 printed books they’ve sold, they have also sold 105 Kindle books. This trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Writing, Publishing, and Marketing Your Books

Kindle publishing is the perfect passive income stream for the budding entrepreneur to get his/her feet wet in making REAL money online. You’ll learn all the steps to get books published onto Amazon, even if you have no prior skills in writing, so you can make a passive income stream even while you sleep!

Finding Profitable Niches

In this section, we’ll get a proper understanding of great niches and genres. There’s no use selling books if they won’t make the cash you seek. Here, we’ll take the guesswork out. We’ll look at the key criterion for finding successful niches, a great way of brainstorming for potential niches, and some further links and resources to help you on your way.

Creating Titles Which Sell

This is important, and is the x-factor with regard to any publishing business. And I will explain why in this section. Here you’ll learn the most important 3 things that will sell your book, including a bestselling author story, everything you need to create your bestselling title, some great title examples, and some bad title examples too.

Designing a Cover That Sells

We’ll also discover the way we can promote our book with a fantastic, eye-catching cover. A book tells a thousand words through this factor alone. We’ll learn all about outsourcing your cover on Fiverr, giving the designer your instructions, and using images to promote and make your book cover stand out from the rest.

Kindle Book Creation

This stumps so many publishers, and in this title I’ll give you a sure-fire way to get it right! We’ll see how you can focus on quality (not quantity) and how you can really; truly create your very-own Kindle book on the Amazon platform.

Boosting Amazon Rankings

Another top secret I’ll share with you, just so you can dip your toes in and get the cash flowing in, far more easily. Yes, you’ll learn: how Amazon ranks Kindle books, how you can improve your book’s rankings, and how you can utilize Amazon’s Wish List to your benefit.

Monetizing Your Books

We need to get a good cash flow coming in. There are a few things here that will take your publishing game to the very next level. You’ll get clarity on analyzing your book results and in picking the best pricing for your book. We will also delve into some more amazing monetizing options to help you get even more value!

Building a Series and Monetizing the Backend

I’ll show you how you can cross-promote your books to make money in even more ways, including tracking links. I’ll also teach you some backend tips that will see even more cash flow coming into your metaphorical “pie.” Here, I’ll give you further links and resources for you to use each step of the way.

Publishing a Paperback with CreateSpace

Leave other publishers in the dust with my thorough explanation of CreateSpace. I’m going to show you my way. Yes, it really works! You’ll understand exactly why you should publish on CreateSpace, the step-by-step process of publishing your book into a paperback, and just how much readers love to be given the choice to choose different versions of your amazing title!
Click on

“Look Inside” to Find Out Much, Much More!!

Finance for Beginners: 2 Manuscripts: Stock Market for Beginners – Investing for Beginners

by Mark J. Cooper

Why Should I Invest in the Stock Market?

What Tools Do I Need to Get Started?

How Finding a Broker?

How to Get Into the Stock Market?

How Do I Buy and Trade Stocks?

What is the difference between save money and invest money?

How do i measure my long term results?

What could be pratical applications ?

These are some of the classic questions that people make when they want to start investing money and time in any business.

Very often all these questions remain unanswered and people at this point do two things:

– They give up
– They start to invest money without success

This book is born for this reason, to provide an answer to all these questions.

Hi I’m Mark J Cooper,
I am a husband and father of two children.

My parents, very good people, have given me so much, the best of their economic and intellectual possibilities.
They have always taught me to study a lot, take good marks, and look for a steady job with a good pay.
Unconsciously they prepared me for the best prison I could have.

At just 26 I was already a very stressed person, an absent father working all the time and a bad husband.
At the age of 27, I decided to change my life, invest in entrepreneurial training, and study all passive income business.

Studying these businesses also means immediately applying what has been studied, and it is precisely what I have done, becoming financially independent at less than thirty years old.

In this series of books, I want to explain what I learned in these businesses,
explain the mistakes I have made and provide you with a series of winning strategies.

The Architect Of Life: 10 Constructive Plans For Building A Great Destiny

by Mustapha O. Adam

The book [The Architect Of Life] you are about to unfold is a construction manual which you can use to design the kind of destiny or life you want. Is a manual that has construct millions of unsettled life to successful ones.
It describes:
ï??How you can discover yourself and your potential.
ï??How you can become an owner of an idea.
ï??How you can follow your own dream.
ï??How you can possess the seal to pay the price of success.
ï??How you can make the proper plan to achieve your aim.
ï??How you can fight the impossibility in your life.
ï??How you can prepare for the success you want.
ï??How you can hold on without giving up.
ï??How you can live a better life.
ï??How you can leave a sweet memory.
ï??How you can be the best.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your destiny is in God or someone else hand. Or maybe your destiny can not be upgraded. If you are still reading this is a sure sign that there is still hope for you to construct the kind of life you want.
You don’t need any brick layer or any architecture or building constructor to start planning or building your destiny, all you need right now is right in your hand. Enter the world and explore it, don’t wait to be expert in it all before taking the action, take the step one by one and before you check to know where you are, you will realize that you are already there.
Anytime I wrote a book, I write it with the aim of achieving something. You may come across many errors or mistake. It maybe even some word you have heard before from some great speakers or some you never heard but all those are not what matters, what matter most is the positive effect. I’m not saying the book can change the world but I believe it touch the heart of person who wanted to do so.
I wish those World Changer Heart; GOOD LUCK
Love you all���.

Financially Free: So macht Sie die Börse finanziell unabhängig (German Edition)

by Steve Parker

Vor 13 Jahren startete der Autor ins Berufsleben. Nach dem Studium sollte es nun endlich auch finanziell aufwärts gehen. Die Ausgangslage war nicht die schlechteste: Ein gutes Gehalt in einer gro�en Anwaltskanzlei. Leider blieb finanziell alles beim Alten. Vom Gehalt blieb selten etwas übrig. Die Schulden wurden nicht weniger. Mehr Freizeit hatte er ebenso wenig.

Erst im Jahr 2016 fand der Autor eine Lösung: In einige wenige hervorragende Unternehmen investieren. Wenn Sie für Geld arbeiten, bleiben Sie immer abhängig. Sie müssen lernen, wie Geld für Sie arbeitet. Der bequemste Weg zu diesem Ziel führt über die Börse.

Aber wie fangen Sie an? Was brauchen Sie, um in Aktien investieren zu können? Wie kommen Sie an Startkapital? Was müssen Sie lernen? Was unterscheidet Investieren von Spekulieren?

Wie halten Sie das Auf und Ab an der Börse aus? Gibt es “Kniffe”, die Ihnen dabei helfen können?

Wie filtern Sie aus 32.000 Aktien weltweit die Handvoll der besten Anlagen heraus? Welche Firmen haben einen breiten und tiefen Burggraben um ihr Unternehmen gezogen, den kein Wettbewerber so schnell überwinden kann?

Diese Fragen und noch mehr beantwortet Ihnen “Financially Free”.

ECOMMERCE EXPOSED: Make Extra Income Through Teespring or Ebay Marketing

by Jeffrey Wiseman

2 Ecommerce Ideas You Can Implement for One Hour a Day

Learn a step by step method of making money online via your own online business.




What you’ll get in this bundle:

– How to find hungry buying markets to sell to
– How to do the research by making one simple search on Google!
– How to confirm market size and profitability in less than 30 seconds
– How to find an awesome design inspiration
– 2 ways to outsource your tshirt design and what to choose and when to choose it!
– How to create a Teespring listing from A – Z
– The types of content to create on Instagram
– The exact apps I use to create awesome quality content for free
– The power of hashtags and how many hashtags to use for every post that you do

– How to start an ecommerce business without inventory and shipping required on your part
– How to find the best products to sell online
– The 5 point criteria to follow to find the absolute best product to sell via fb ads
– How to create your website from start to finish
– 2 examples of real-life products you can sell and the rationale behind why I chose them
– How to set up your product’s listing page
– How to run your first Facebook ads for onyl $5-$10 per day

You have two choices right now.

1 – You can learn all of these by yourself, make a lot of mistakes and eventually succeed (or not).

2 – You can get this bundle, read and then apply it today. And achieve success faster and avoid hundreds of hours of mistakes.

It’s totally up to you!

Scroll Up and Grab Your Copy Now!

Abundance Mindset: 12 Easy-to-Follow and Fun Chapters: Conquer Your Goals Within 12 Chapters


Abundance Mindset: 12 Easy-to-Follow and Fun Chapters Conquer Your Goals Within 12 Chapters

Have you ever though how some people manage to achieve their goals so easily? No, they’re not born with the success gene. Some of them are lucky, but most of them utilize a unique guide that helps them avoid common mistakes and live life to the fullest.

Here’s How You Can Reach Your Goals Too! The Self-Help Guide To Success Is Finally Revealed!

Did you know that your thoughts can affect your reality? This may sound far-fetched but think about if for a moment. How many nights have you wasted, tossing and turning, feeling stressed and anxious about your future? How many times have you altered your future just by being pessimistic? If you think about every single decision you’ve made concerning your professional and personal future, you’ll see that there’s a pattern.

That’s the law of Attraction. If you feel confident and optimistic about your decisions, in most cases, you’ll achieve your goals. It’s not a coincidence. It’s way of life. And that’s exactly what this life-changing book by Robert Jones will help you realize.

Take Advantage Of The Law Of Attraction In Order To Achieve Your Dreams!

In the 12 easy-to-follow and fun chapters, you’ll understand the fundamentals of the law of Attraction and learn how to harness its power for your own success. By channelling your own energy into your decisions, you can start eliminating toxic relationships, understanding the power of dreams and learning proven techniques for attracting abundance, joy and wealth.

Learn The Secret Of Ultra-Successful People NOW!

You cannot afford to lose any more time! Every second you’re not using these techniques is a second wasted. Gain an in-depth understanding of the universe, your own energy and retake control of your future NOW!

What Are You Waiting For?

The 800 BLUEPRINT: How to fix your credit & play the game like the rich

by Anthony Daniels

It doesn’t matter if you only want to buy a house, get some money to start a business or get your personal finances on track, THE 800 BLUEPRINT gives up bankable information and unleashes industry secrets that can help anyone go from bad credit to borrowing 6 figures or more within 12 months.

This book is a must read as it contains some of the most impactful information on personal credit and credit card funding available today.

The author lays out a easy to follow guideline to get negative items deleted, maximize borrowing potential and add another level of financial literacy that can be easily understood.

It is easier and faster to borrow a million dollars than it is to earn it, so why would you not want to fix your credit and get in the game?

The Unleashed Entrepreneur: A Kick-Ass Guide To Harnessing Your Inner Ninja, Working Less, & Designing Your Perfect Lifestyle

by Mitche Graf


“The Unleashed Entrepreneur- A Kick-Ass Guide To Harnessing Your Inner Ninja, Working Less, and Designing Your Perfect Lifestyle” is jam-packed with simple tools and inspiration to ignite your hidden passions, re-activate your creative juices, while taking back control of your valuable time to pursue the things in life that are most important to you. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a new start up business, this motivational read will give you a methodical blueprint for success.
Mitche Graf’s refreshingly entertaining and provocative deep dive into the inner-workings of what your true success really means, gives you the 40,000-foot view over how to crack the code of balancing your personal life AND being a World-Class Entrepreneur.
As an author, serial entrepreneur and an internationally-renowned business speaker, Mitche has dangled his toes into the ponds of many intriguing industries in his career. From selling used bicycle parts out of his garage in the seventh grade to running three successful companies today, he prides himself on knowing how to squeeze every drop of potential out of his endeavors. His high-energy business and motivational seminars have been given around the world to over 75,000 people in 9 countries and nearly every state. Considered by many to be the “Captain of Small Business Branding” his unique perspectives on creating a work-life balance will give you a renewed vision for your life, and your business enterprises.
Mitche takes you behind the glitz and glam of owning your own business in sharing what it’s really like to grind and hustle to make your dreams a reality. Marketers, sales professionals and business owners will begin to reinvent the way they look at their job duties with an entirely new perspective.

You will discover:
* How to eliminate, delegate, and streamline up to 80% of your daily activities.
* How to focus on your “Super Powers” and get ride of everything else.
* How to treat time as your most valuable asset, and how you spend your time is the most important decision you must learn to make.
* How to enjoy the “special moments” in life that define you as a person.
* How to recalibrate your thinking so you live like Every Day Is A Saturday!

Stuck, bored, or simply ready for a major shakeup? Then stop whining and talking about it and jump in with both feet! There is no better time than NOW to jump in with both feet! This powerful book will jumpstart your process with practical tactics taking you from a run-of-the-mill business person to a World-Class Entrepreneur!

-“Having the proper work/life balance is a must in today’s intense business world, and Mitche’s book will provide you with the inspiration to develop and implement skills to help achieve YOUR perfect lifestyle. I loved it!”
Gary Cooper, Owner- So Cheesy, LLC

-“Mitche has once again hit the ball out of the park! Besides being entertained, we thoroughly enjoyed his hard-hitting stories that brought it all home for us.” Mark & Elaine Huender, Owners- The Big Picture Photography Studio

-Mitche Graf has a way of power-punching your creative juices. I couldn’t wait to get started on redefining my business and personal goals! Tami Lynn, Owner- G-Gourmet Catering & Events

“Just what I needed at the right time. I just quit my job to return to my first passion, photography. The only thing is I needed a plan. Mitche’s straight forward approach has given me a road map to start building that plan. As I progress through the book and make notes I think this will help me get what I want out of my business and allow me to full my dreams.” Patrick Kornak

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Amazon Take Over: Monetizing With Amazon

by Bee RaNature El

Learning about Amazon and the revolutionary services available can open the doors up for anyone to become a creator and a seller. From self-publishing to dropshipping, Amazon has paved the way for individuals to monetize all while creating smaller business for themselves. The most amazing benefit of it all is that everything is done digitally, clearing the path for online office work available no matter where the user is.
Amazon Take Over will give you an overview of ways in which you, yourself, can become a part of all which Amazon has to offer.

3×3 Productivity Method: The Fastest & Most Strategic Way To Accomplishing Everything that Matters

by Karma Senge

The Fastest & Most Strategic Way To Accomplishing Everything that Matters.

The 3×3 Productivity Methodâ?¢ is a no BS guide to getting more accomplished in a shorter amount of time. Karma has been known to accomplish a month’s worth of work in as little as 4 hours using this method. And now Karma wants to share his methodology with you.

You will be amazed at how fast you get the most important stuff accomplished. This book is not about doing everything. It is about doing the most important things.

Make Money Online: A Practical Upwork Career Guide for Beginners: Scams to Avoid, Insight Tips, Tricks, and Advice to Follow from a Top Rated Freelancer

by Iryna Tverda

“Make Money Online” serves as a brilliant step-by-step guide for beginners on how to start and cultivate a lucrative freelance career online using platforms like Upwork to succeed.

Grab a Paperback “Make Money Online” Guide Book, and you`ll get a Kindle version for free!

It is incredibly important to note that all the tips and career advice that you find in this book are not merely stolen from Google. These are real-life experiences painstakingly collected over the years by successful freelancers such as Yaroslav Brol, a video editing and animation specialist from Ukraine.

He started freelancing with a simple goal to pay off all of his debt while doing something he loves and does well. This is relatable because we all are dreaming about similar things. Before he began his career path, his pockets were empty, and he didn`t speak English. In spite of this, after a couple of years, he now earns $50/hour and is financially independent enough to travel the world with his wife and son.

This freelancer`s survival guide may be extremely useful both for freelance newbies, and those who have been struggling with making mistake after mistake in the freelance world and wants to know how to correct them. Moreover, it will definitely come in handy whether you want to develop a designer career, try yourself as a data specialist, make money by freelance writing or marketing, or even sell your programming skills.

From this freelance manifesto, you will find out HOW TO:

  • deal with fears and finally step into freelance
  • complete a profile that catches the eye of prospective clients
  • create an amazing proposal that helps you stand out in a crowd
  • deal with clients: how to spot difficult customers and how to find trusted long-term contracts
  • manage your time
  • figure out how much to charge for your time
  • avoid scammers (and there are lots!)

Want to be inspired to achieve greater success? The “Make Money Online” freelance guide will help you take charge of your own life and succeed!

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