Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 08 Jun 18

Cloud Computing: A Guide for IT Leaders

by Dr. Zeeshan H. Khan

In this book, I provide a guide for IT leaders to understand and therefore adopt cloud computing processes successfully, drawing from the evidence-based literature as well as the findings from my doctoral research. This book holds great relevance for business leaders, as understanding strategies for the adoption of cloud computing will help to gain the operational and technical efficiencies of innovative technologies, resulting in cost savings as well as acceleration of time-to-market for product and services development initiatives. Accelerated time-to-market will, in turn, lead to a competitive advantage for these organizations.

Advanced Google AdWords Strategy: The Comprehensive & Data-Driven Practical Guide on Managing & Optimizing AdWords Accounts Profitably

by John Zabaras

Learn the Universal Strategy to maximize performance on every AdWords Account

What is so special about this book?

  • 0% Fluff: Not another book filled with info you can easily find on the internet
  • 100% Practical, advanced and unique content
  • One Universal Complete Strategy: Learn how to structure, manage and optimize every AdWords account
  • Data-Driven: Learn how to use data and not your instinct in your decisions.
  • Comprehensive rule-based optimization strategy: Learn how to flawlessly optimize your accounts based on ROAS, step by step
  • Search, Display, Gmail, Video, Remarketing, Prospecting, Dynamic Search Ads, Dynamic Remarketing, Branding, Competition campaigns explained. How to structure and optimize them
  • Search Query Reports. Learn how to run one of the most powerful sources of data in your account
  • Updated for the new AdWords interface

What about the other AdWords books out there?

AdWords Workbook, Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, Advanced Google Adwords, Google AdWords for Dummies etcâ?¦ these are books to learn what AdWords is and what is capable of. They are great as your first AdWords book. My intention for this book though is to be the last AdWords book you will ever need.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Account Setup

  • New Account
  • Existing Account

Chapter 2. Proper Campaign Settings

  • Campaign Type
  • Campaign Goals
  • Campaign Name & Campaign Types
  • Network
  • Locations
  • Languages
  • Budget
  • Bidding
  • Start and end dates
  • Extensions
  • Ad Rotation
  • Ad Schedule
  • Location options
  • Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) campaign settings
  • Additional Settings for Display Campaigns
  • Additional Settings for Video Campaigns

Chapter 3. Proper Ad Group settings

  • Search Campaigns Ad Group Settings & structure
  • Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) Ad group structure
  • Prospecting campaign (Prsp) Ad Group Settings
  • Remarketing campaign (Rmkt) Ad Group Settings
  • Gmail campaign ad group settings & structure
  • Video campaign & Universal App Campaign ad group settings & structure
  • Dynamic Remarketing campaign ad group settings & structure

Chapter 4. Ads

  • Search campaigns ads
  • Display campaigns ads
  • Gmail campaign ads
  • Video campaign ads
  • Dynamic Remarketing campaign ads

Chapter 5. The AdWords Editor

  • AdWords Editor Installation & Setup
  • The AdWords Editor Interface
  • How to import Ad Groups and Ads on the Search Network
  • How to import Ad groups in the Display Network
  • How to import Keywords
  • How to import Image Ads for the Display Network
  • Creating/Duplicating a new campaign with AdWords Editor
  • Creating/Duplicating a new Ad with AdWords Editor

Chapter 6. How we make optimizations

  • ROAS vs ROI vs CPA
  • What is considered a good ROAS?
  • The Strategy
  • Choose the level of your optimizations
  • Decision Tree Technique
  • Decision Tree Technique examples

Chapter 7. Bid Adjustments

  • Device Bid Adjustments
  • Location Bid Adjustments
  • Ad Schedule Bid Adjustments

Chapter 8. Search Query Report (SQR)

  • How to perform a Search Query Report

Chapter 9. The Keyword Planner

  • Getting more accurate results

Learn MySQL in Plain English: A Beginner’s Guide to MySQL

by Trevor Page

— Land Your Dream Programming Job! —

Learning about Databases and SQL is a skill that not only benefits Database Administrators, but also programmers too. This course is designed to give programmers a “leg-up” on the competition when it comes to landing a great job in the programming field.

— SQL in Plain English —

This book is written by former senior software engineer and best-selling Amazon author Trevor Page. His “plain English” teaching style has students around the world jumping for joy as they pick up new and valuable skills with relative ease.

You can learn the mysteries of Databases, how to “talk” to them and what a good Database design looks like. It may seem like voodoo, but with Trevor’s help you’ll be bragging to all your friends about how you created a relational database with a full spread of tables in third normal form.

— Full Walkthroughs (including how to install tools) —

Most courses or books just assume that you will know what tools to use and even how to install them.

Not in this book! The author not only teaches you the core course material, but he also takes you step by step through the (sometimes) challenging process of installing a database server on your computer and the tools you’ll need to administer your new databases.

It’s even laid out for you in beautiful HD video and audio!

How To Make Money Online: 45+ Real Ways To Make Money Online

by Varun Gohil

This E-Book is mainly about how you can make money online. If you are student or freelancer you must read this book. In this book I tell you 50 ways to make money online with my earning proofs. You must read this book at list one time if you are interested make money online. All ways in Step By Step process to understand easily.

Earn with YouTube

by Self Sage

Want to earn with YouTube channel? Video marketing will be common like blogging in 2020. This is the amazing passive income idea out there and the ability to reach 1000’s if not millions of people is astonishing. You can be the next YouTube marketer and your own boss!

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Informação e ação: Estudos interdisciplinares (Portuguese Edition)

by Maria Eunice Quilici Gonzalez

A presente coletânea reúne resultados de um diálogo filosófico interdisciplinar sobre a instigante e polêmica relação entre informação e ação. Questionamentos concernentes à natureza (material e/ou imaterial) da informação, bem como a sua influência no direcionamento da percepção e da ação constituem o eixo central desse diálogo interdisciplinar que se inicia com perguntas aparentemente simples, tais como: o que é informação? Como compreender a relação entre informação e significado que permeia a comunicação presencial ou em redes sociais à distância? Qual é o papel da informação no processo de compreensão do significado musical? Animais não humanos têm acesso à informação significativa ou apenas os seres humanos, dotados de capacidade linguística, podem manipular informação com significado genuíno? Qual é o papel das novas tecnologias informacionais na pesquisa filosófica e científica? Estariam tais tecnologias modificando radicalmente nossa forma de conceber o mundo e nossa identidade pessoal?

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