Free horror Kindle books for 08 Jun 18

How To Exit Your Body: and Other Strange Tales

by Christopher Maxim

How does one exit their body? Could there be more than 24 hours in a day? Is it possible to use cheat codes on a ouija board? What is the meaning of life? Find the answers to these questions and more in the chilling collection from popular NoSleep/creepypasta author Christopher Maxim (with a foreword by popular YouTube narrator CreepsMcPasta). This book is guaranteed to horrify you in the best way possible. Open it up, turn the page, and take a journey to a world consumed with mystery in madness.

Best Friends Forever (Major League Chillers Book 26)

by Matt Fox

Jane is the new girl at school, and she doesn’t have many friends yet. Only Kim, a social outcast, who won’t stop bugging her.

“Give the girl a chance,” Jane’s mother advises. “Everyone needs a friend.”

So Jane decides to make the best of a difficult situation. She invites Kim over for dinner. She shows her the new toy her father, a toy-developer, has just brought home. A teddy bear. A prototype of what her father’s company believes will be the next toy-sensation: the Best Friends Forever Bear.

It walks, it talks, and it wants to know everything about you. Just download a personality, enter a name and get to know your new best friend. It’s that simple.

But sometimes things are more complex than they seem. And Jane and Kim are about to find themselves in the middle of a living nightmare.

Infernal Peluquerìa o PELUQUERIA DEL MAL (Spanish Edition)

by Enrico Manuel Diaz Bernuy

Esta es la historia de Hilse Forsen, quien busca vengarse de su verdadero padre por haberla abandonado. Para lograr su cometido usará hechicería Tailandesa. Por ello, contará con la ayuda de un misterioso hombre quien aparece en su vida repentinamente.
¿Quién es el misterioso hombre que desea colaborar en tal horrendo plan? ¿cuáles son sus verdaderas intenciones?
¿Hilse logrará matar a su padre o sus emociones le jugaran en contra y terminará perdonándole la vida?
Los capítulos de esta novela no tienen una continuación temporal. Sin embargo, está construida una historia y así mismo hay otras como la vida que lleva el hijo cinéfilo, los enamoramientos que tienen sus hermanas, las fantasías que atraviesa el padre con su secretaria. El suspenso de la historia se desenvuelve con personajes, en su mayoría antihéroes, reflejan, en un sinfín de escorzos, la entera variedad de comportamientos y psicologías humanas llevadas dentro del drama al misterio y viceversa.

Shadow of Loyalty (Volume 2)

by Adrianna Scovill

In the sequel to “Loyalty,” a college freshman, Stephen, is driven from his dorm by sleeplessness. During a late night jog, he runs into – literally – a young woman named Rebecca. For Stephen, the immediate attraction is unfamiliar; he’s never felt as drawn to anyone as he does to her. At an all-night diner, they spend the wee hours talking and getting to know each other. Stephen knows he should put an end to things, before they can really start, to protect them both. In Rebecca’s presence, however, for the first time in his life, he feels normal. He wants to hold onto that feeling for as long as possible.
Meanwhile, in the Kirkland Building – a condemned structure used by homeless families and drug dealers – a boy wakes to find himself with no memories of who he is or how he came to be in the Kirk. He is not precisely alone; the woman in the room with him seems far from sane, though, and the familiarities of her face are not comforting to the frightened, confused boy. His presence does not appear to be a comfort to her, either, and he can only wonder what she knows that he doesn’t.

Elizabeth Gaskell: The Complete Supernatural Stories (tales of ghosts and mystery: The Grey Woman, Lois the Witch, Disappearances, The Crooked Branch…)

by Elizabeth Gaskell

Elizabeth Gaskell (1810-1865) was an English novelist, biographer, and short story writer. Her first novel, “Mary Barton”, was published anonymously in 1848. The best-known of her remaining novels are “Cranford” (1853), “North and South” (1854), and “Wives and Daughters” (1865). Gaskell became popular for her writing, especially her ghost stories, aided by Charles Dickens, who published her work in his magazine “Household Words”. Her supernatural stories are superior examples of the sentimental ghost tale so typical of the Victorian period. They combine a taste for the macabre with a deeply-felt sympathy for the extremes of female experience.

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