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L’Astronave di Cartone (Italian Edition)

by Matt Snee

Lewis Darby, uno scrittore di fantascienza di moderata fama, sta per vivere la più grande avventura della sua vita.

Lewis, soprannominato “Capitano”, vive in una città dell’Indiana insieme a sua madre.  Ciò che nessuno sa è che di tanto in tanto il Capitano scende in cantina, si infila di soppiatto dentro la vecchia scatola di un frigorifero e fa finta di trovarsi nell’abitacolo di un’astronave.  Quello che invece lui non sa è che presto il destino verrà a bussare alla sua porta.

Uno strano mattino d’Aprile, il Capitano incontra Jennifer Pichon, la figlia del leggendario esploratore spaziale Marty Pichon e di Kitty Malhotra, la Principessa di Saturno.  Il loro incontro li porterà ad unire le forze di fronte all’imperversare di un terrificante cataclisma astronomico chiamato “L’Informe”, che minaccia di devastare l’intero Sistema Solare, da Mercurio a Nettuno, e forse perfino oltre.

Insieme, il Capitano e la misteriosa Jennifer si troveranno ad affrontare le spaventose giungle di Venere, le pericolosissime Caverne dei Vermi Roseniani e le tetre lande desolate di Marte, infestate dagli stessi insetti che continuano a divorarle.

Chi può dire che accadrà, lungo la strada. Pericoli, inganni e, forse, l’amore.

Sarà un’impresa ardua e piena di insidie, ma loro sono gli unici a poter salvare il sistema solare dall’annientamento completo.

Micro-Budget Filmmaking: A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

by Chuck Facas

Can you make a professional feature film for little to no money? Yes!

But it would take a lot of practice, planning, and knowhow. It’s definitely possible, though, especially with the great cameras available today. The same goes for lighting and sound equipment. In fact, you could even use your phone. (In my last film, we used an iPhone in an emergency.) And after that, all you need is a computer. So you really can make a high quality film for little to no money. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

But even if you know how to do it, there’s still one thing left: the script. Whether you have $10 or $10 million, if your script stinks then your film will stink. Guaranteed. So all you aspiring filmmakers out there, take your time writing or finding a great script.

Before making my first feature, I read a lot of filmmaking books to help prepare. But out of the 10+ books I read, only one was somewhat useful. It’s called “From Reel to Deal” (Dov Simens), but even that wasn’t detailed enough and it certainly didn’t prep me for a real film shoot.

Film shoots are stressful. Believe me. They’re a crazy combination of time restraints, money issues, equipment malfunctions, coordinating schedules and, of course, art. That’s why you need to know as much as you can before going into it. In Micro-Budget Filmmaking, I walk you through the entire filmmaking process and let you know what to expect and how to deal with it.

This is truly the only filmmaking book you need. Everything is covered, including over 70 FULL COLOR HD PHOTOS so you can SEE what to do rather than READ what to do. All aspects of filmmaking are explained in detail; like how to write a great screenplay and format it in a text editor, how to direct like a pro, how to cast the best actors and get great performances, how to capture the right shots, how to choose the right equipment, how and when to light the set, how to properly record sound, how to create a slick edit, how to deal with adversity on the set, and much much more.

So whether or not you’re the next Steven Spielberg, you’ll learn everything you need to know about making high-quality films on a micro-budget. But… I really hope you ARE the next Steven Spielberg. We can sure use some better movies out there.

chuck facas

Chuck Facas has been involved with independent film for over 20 years – writing, producing, directing and scoring alongside some of the most respected names in the business. A former student at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, his work has been featured at the Sundance Film Festival and distributed internationally by Cinetic Media. He is president and co-founder of New York-based Orsonami Films. Micro-Budget Filmmaking is his second book.

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