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Mini-missions for Simplicity: small actions for massive change

by Courtney Carver

When you start to simplify your life and even when you are years into the process, some things take longer than you anticipate and it can feel like you are taking one step forward, and two steps back. Instead of getting frustrated or giving up, try a mini-mission.

Mini-Missions are assignments or challenges that you can implement immediately, so you can benefit from some immediate gratification during this adventure and make your simple life more enjoyable and sustainable.

Mini-missions are often one step actions that you can do to improve your health, relationships, bank account or wardrobe.

Table of Contents

Section One: Clutter
One is Enough
Hide Your Stuff
Stop the Inflow by Mike Burns | The Other Side of Complexity
Pass it On
Shoot Your Stuff
The Digital Dip by Joel Zaslofsky | Value of Simple
Break it Off
Sell Something You Don’t Want by Betsy & Warren Talbot | Married with Luggage
33 Items or Less

Section Two: Productivity
Make Time
Habit Stack
Single Task by Brooke McAlary | Slow Your Home
Say No So You Can Say Yes
Sleep Well
Track Every Penny You Spend

Section Three: Relationships
Make Moments
Give Freely
Help No One by Britt Reints | In Pursuit of Happiness
Love More Deeply
Feed Someone
Judge Less
Send a Care Package by Tammy Strobel | Rowdy Kittens

Section Four: Life
Drive Less
Go Cameraless by Paul Jarvis |
Banish Doubt
Take Brave Baby Steps by Jolie Guillebeau |
Speak Up by Leslie Webster | A Simple Life Afloat

Section Five: Health & Happiness
Smile by Valentina Thörner | ValDeOro
Sit Still
Calm Down
Grow Something
Floss Every Day
Feel Your Pain
Stand up for Your Health
Eat Real Food

Putting these mini-missions into action will help you reduce stress and discover what really makes you healthy and happy.

The Wind Rose (The Moon Singer Book 3)

by B. Roman

In this third and final adventure, the prophecy of the Moon Singer is realized. But it all revolves around the answer to one question: Can music actually create and destroy life?

If David, whose deafness still eludes treatment, cannot hear it, will he be able to tap into music’s power to save the planet from catastrophe? Only if he is able to reunite the three sacred artifacts: the Singer crystal, the Rose Crystal pendant, and the Wind Rose compass.

Their Triune energy is all that David needs to re-harmonize the destructive discordant music created by a vengeful music master. The mystical clipper ship Moon Singer is David’s transport to the Source of his paranormal abilities, but only through his complete understanding of the Power of Three to Become One will he manifest his destiny and once again save a life that means more to him than his own.

That understanding will come to him when he deciphers the cryptic musical codes that have been created for evil purposes. In unraveling these codes David will come to know his own soul’s song, the one that allows his disability to become his greatest gift.

Keto Diet: 2 manuscripts – Practical Keto Diet Cookbook For Everyday Meals, Keto Diet For Beginners 2

by Bryan R. Myth


Be more efficient and productive!
Lose excess weight and become a fat burning machine!

tired of all the super-scientific books?

tired of buying books and not having a practical guide to start your diet immediately?

tired of having 0 results in your diet?

tired of books of useless recipes and impossible to be replicated at home?

Perfect, you finally have access to all the secrets of the Keto Diet!

Now you have a step by step guide that will lead you to the results you’ve always wanted, and you’ll be revealed to what many are afraid to tell!

What you will find in this book:

Practical Keto Cookbook For Everyday Meals includes:

  • Ketogenic Diet Explained
  • Keto Difference
  • Breakfast recipes
  • Keto ceral, waffles, egg muffin,yogurt and more…
  • Lunches
  • Buffalo chicken, Keto cubano, salads, Keto Monkey bread and more…
  • Dinners
  • Tasty soups, Burgers, Spaghetti, Salmon, Chorizo Shakshuka and more…
  • Freezer meals
  • Coconut chicken soup
  • Guacamole Salmon
  • Old Fashioned Beef Stew
  • Stuffed Peppers
  • Zesty Lamb Meatballs
  • Herbed Chicken Thighs with Roasted Vegetables and more…
  • the new way to cooking, and live: HEALTHY LIFE

    Keto Diet For Beginners 2 includes:

  • What is the Ketogenic Diet?
  • Is the Ketogenic Diet right for me?
  • Where did the Ketogenic Diet originate from?
  • When you are finished you will also have a general understanding of how Keto is used:

  • The Ketogenic Diet is used to raise ketone levels in the blood.
  • This is called being in “ketosis.”
  • Raised ketone levels were initially discovered by studying markers in the blood of patients in a fasting state.
  • Physicians were initially using fasting as a method to treat seizures in Epilepsy patients in the 1920’s.
  • The Ketogenic Diet was designed to put the body into a state of ketosis as an alternative to fasting.
  • You will learn about the other ailments besides diabetes that the Ketogenic Diet can be beneficial in treating.
  • Ketosis can be used to treat other ailments besides diabetes.
  • The Ketogenic Diet works based on the balancing of consumption of macronutrients within specific ratios.
  • Do you want to know what famous testimonials say?

    Pick up your copy Now!

    30 Day Ketogenic Vegetarian Meal Plan: Ketogenic Vegetarian Cookbook, Keto Desserts Recipes

    by Cameron Walker

    Sometimes being a vegetarian and going on a diet can be frustratingâ?¦the world seems set up for meat-eaters. Being different, anyhow, leads to higher creativity and to finding new untapped resourcesâ?¦

    Cameron Walker is a PhD in Nutritional Science and Yoga Master.

    Having suffered from invalidating migraines since the age of 6, he has a passion for helping others become healthier and a better versions of themselves, mainly through healthy nutrition and an increased awareness about your body.

    All his research is based on scientific data and, first of all, on personal testing.

    Aware of the fact that living as a vegetarian can be challenging (Cameron has gone vegetarian since the late â??80ies, at time in which there was much lower choice of vegetarian foods available and much less awareness about this life choice), he wished to offer a precious resource for all those who have had the courage of choosing this lifestyle and are pursuing their values every day by deliberately choosing to not eat meat and fish.

    This bundle contains 2 of Cameron’s books:

    1)The Ketogenic Vegetarian Cookbook, which guides you though 30 days of great vegetarian recipes and the indications you need to manage your macros and stay away from side effects when starting on your keto quest, and
    2)Ketogenic Dessert Cookbook, that will allow you to add sweet treats to your meal plan for a once-a-week great and tasty comforting treat.

    Hopefully, these intriguing recipes will inspire your mind and delight your palate, making your journey to getting into a better shape with the keto diet more of a pleasure and less of a pain.

    You can add the book to the cart now or in another moment, simply remember to share this resource with the Vegetarian keto tribe.

    DASH Diet: The Ultimate Guide to Everything DASH!

    by Jane Peters

    If you are looking to lose weight, be healthy, feel good, and be guided along the way, then look no further

    The DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension), was designed to help individuals lower their blood sugar levels.

    But, it turns out, the diet is also very effective for weight loss.

    For the past 7 years, the DASH diet has been voted as the best overall diet in a popular survey.

    Are you looking to lose weight, effectively and healthily?

    Are you looking to lower your blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and feel good and healthy?

    If so, this is the diet you need!

    You see, most of the time a diet fails because of the restrictions laid out are too strict leaving you with minimal options and hard to follow rules.

    The DASH diet does not require you to count calories and focuses on a rich and wholefood nutrition leaving you with many options.

    Above all, the DASH diet provides a lot of health benefits and is proven to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels!

    Inside DASH Diet: The Ultimate Guide to Everything DASH, discover:

    • An in-depth breakdown of everything about the DASH diet that you need to know before you get started
    • How to get started with the DASH diet and introduce it into your life
    • Tips when eating out so you never have to worry about what you can and cannot eat
    • A full grocery list so you know the exact types of foods you can bring home – Including tips on how to shop on a budget!
    • Weight loss tips to boost your results
    • 60 delicious recipes, including nutritional information, to help you get started on the DASH diet!
    • A 30 day meal plan to kickstart your diet so you don’t need to worry about planning your meals!

    And so much more!

    By going on the DASH diet, not only will you lose weight, but you will also feel good and healthy!

    Weight loss is just a byproduct of eating right and staying healthy

    Whether you are looking to lose weight or just want to level up your health, the DASH diet can help you achieve both!

    So, if you want to lose weight, feel good, be healthy, and be full of energy then it’s time to get started with the DASH diet! Don’t wait, grab your copy now and get started with this life-transforming diet!

    Intermittent Fasting + More: 30 Day Paleo Challenge, 30 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge, 30 Day Ketogenic Diet, 30 Day Bone Broth Challenge

    by Nancy Wilson

    Intermittent Fasting + More 

    This Bundle Includes 4 Amazing Books to help you lose weight and feel better

    30 Day Ketogenic Diet, 30 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge, 30 Day Paleo Challenge , 30 Day Bone Broth Challenge

    In just 30 days’ time, a lot of things can change. You could change jobs, you could move to a new house, you could meet new peopleâ??any number of life altering events could occur during that finite amount of time. And according to Nancy Wilson, 30 days is all it takes to change your diet, and completely alter the course of your own health. In this book, nutrition expert Nancy Wilson explains the 30-Day Paleo Challenge like no other. This seasoned foodie, knows her food, and she knows how to make it work in a wide variety of situations.

    She starts us off by explaining what the Paleo Diet is (and isn’t) and even goes into great detail as to what specific foods are Paleo friendly and what foods are not. But beyond these basic guidelines, Ms. Wilson has filled this book with recipe after helpful recipe of truly unique, original, and completely delicious meals that you can safely pursue during your first 30 days of the Paleo diet. And you don’t have to wander around aimlessly googling calories and carbs, Ms. Wilson conveniently breaks it all down for you, so that you have the perfect reference with which to keep yourself on track.

    If you prefer a light breakfast and a big lunch, you can arrange the meals presented here to reflect that. On the other hand, if you like a hearty breakfast but a light lunch, this can be arranged as well. Everything is done within the parameters of the Keto challenge, but you still have room to adjust and tweak as necessary. If you would like a book that can bring you real and lasting success in your 30-Day Keto Challenge this book is most definitely for you!

    In this book you will learn how you can:

    • Achieve a fat burning metabolic state of Ketosis
    • Arrange effective meal plans
    • Know what to eat and what not to eat on Keto
    • Follow Keto based recipes
    • Lose weight
    • And more!

    Do you need to shed some weight? Are you trying to fit into that new outfit for the summer? But you don’t want to fall for those fad diets, and lose weight quick gimmicks of yesteryear, you need something that will truly stand the test of time. Much more than a diet, you need a lifestyle change. This is precisely what the 30 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge provides. Intermittent fasting can reboot and reset the body, helping to get your metabolic processes back on track. Fasting teaches your body to burn fat rather than complex carbohydrates.

    With your body prepped and primed to burn fat for fuel, stubborn fat deposits such as on the belly, arms, and legs, will quickly evaporate! It may sound too good to be true, but just by tweaking the body through a dedicated and consistent regimen of fasting, this really is possible! This book provides you with the knowledge, the background, and the recipes to successful carry out your own intermittent fasting regimen over the course of 30 days. Known as the “30 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge”â??within this finite period of time you can change your whole life around! Buy this book to begin your 30-Day Challenge today!

    In this book you will learn how you can:

    • Quickly burn fat
    • Safely Engage in Fasting
    • Recalibrate Your Metabolism
    • Prepare Healthy and Satisfying meals
    • And more!

    RIGHT NOW: Thrive in the Moment While Chasing Your Dreams (The Millennial Project Book 1)

    by Kendra Paige Olson

    “Right Now” tells the stories of ordinary people who are on paths as different as barista and Air Force cadet, but who share two things in common – they are all Millennials and they’re chasing extraordinary dreams. Each chapter examines the life of a dream chaser to highlight a trait or principle that is key to living a full life in the moment while still striving towards big goals. Living right now and investing in the future at the same time is no easy task. “Right Now” shares the insights of ordinary individuals who are working to do just that and who offer their perspective and encouragement to fellow dream chasers.

    The Ketogenic Diet: 3 Weeks to Rapid Fat Loss, Laser Sharp Focus, Unstoppable Energy and a Better Life (Ketogenic Diet, Ketogenic Diet for Beginners, Ketogenic Diet Cookbook, Ketogenic Recipes)

    by Duke Armistead

    The Ketogenic Diet

    3 Weeks to Rapid Fat Loss, Laser Sharp Focus, Unstoppable Energy and a Better Life

    The king of diets, The Ketogenic Diet will ensure that you lose weight, feel better, look better, have more energy, gain a boosted sex drive and also prevent disease by boosting your immune system in a healthy and delicious way!

    If Ñ?оu are lÑ?kе mаnÑ? who hаvе bееn Ñ?n pursuit of wеÑ?ght-lоÑ?Ñ? and оvеrаll better hеаlth, Ñ?оu hаvе Ñ?rоbаblÑ? been thrоugh оr at lеаÑ?t read аbоut, tons of dÑ?ffеrеnt bооkÑ? аnd dÑ?еt plans. The соnÑ?tаnt switching and searching саn become dÑ?Ñ?hеаrtеnÑ?ng, еÑ?Ñ?есÑ?аllÑ? Ñ?f Ñ?оu haven’t found something thаt wоrkÑ? rÑ?ght fоr Ñ?оur bоdÑ? and lifestyle.

    If you are Ñ?tÑ?ll Ñ?еаrсhÑ?ng fоr the right Ñ?lаn, thеrе is a diet thаt hаÑ? bееn around a lоng time but Ñ?Ñ? only rесеntlÑ? emerging frоm thе Ñ?hаdоwÑ? аnd gаÑ?nÑ?ng wÑ?dеÑ?Ñ?rеаd аttеntÑ?оn: the KеtоgеnÑ?с Diet.  This dÑ?еt was dеvеlоÑ?еd nеаrlÑ? a hundred Ñ?еаrÑ? аgо аÑ? a mеаnÑ? tо help treat people who hаvе еÑ?Ñ?lеÑ?Ñ?Ñ?, but Ñ?t hаÑ? long bееn knоwn to Ñ?rоmоtе wеÑ?ght loss as wеll.

    Nоw, Ñ?t Ñ?Ñ? reemerging аÑ? a diet that Ñ?Ñ? beneficial fоr weight loss аnd mаnаgеmеnt, аÑ? wеll аÑ? fоr helping trеаt оthеr mеdÑ?саl concerns. As wÑ?th many diet Ñ?lаnÑ?, though, there аrе numеrоuÑ? аÑ?Ñ?rоасhеÑ? аnd lоtÑ? оf bооkÑ? аnd Ñ?nfоrmаtÑ?оn оut thеrе аbоut Ñ?t thаt mÑ?ght bе confusing tо nеwbÑ?еÑ?. LuсkÑ? for Ñ?оu, thÑ?Ñ? book is here tо guÑ?dе Ñ?оu through Ñ?t!

    So, tо help Ñ?оu learn thе best Ô?uаlÑ?tÑ? Ñ?nfоrmаtÑ?оn аbоut thе lÑ?fеÑ?tÑ?lе, wе Ñ?hаrе Ñ?n thÑ?Ñ? book thе kеtо way оf life so thаt Ñ?оu саn gеt started on Ñ?оur оwn jоurnеÑ? tо hеаlthÑ? living.

    A 3-wееk diet plan dÑ?еt, rules of the dÑ?еt and rеÑ?ultÑ? you саn еxÑ?есt frоm thÑ?Ñ? unique dÑ?еt dÑ?ffеrесÑ?аtе this bооk.

    The 3-wееk mеаl plan аnd a ketogenic dÑ?еt fооd list, grеаt fоr аnÑ?оnе Ñ?tаrtÑ?ng out. Thе rесÑ?Ñ?еÑ? within the bооk cover еvеrÑ?thÑ?ng, frоm brеаkfаÑ?t, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, entrees, side dÑ?Ñ?hеÑ?, drinks, and more. ThÑ?Ñ? bооk is оnе оf a kind book that Ñ?оu nееd tо gеt Ñ?ntо right nоw.

    Take the first step to improving your life now!

    German: Learn German For Beginners Including German Grammar, German Short Stories and 1000+ German Phrases

    by Language Learning University

    If you want to learn German fast and in a variety of fun ways that actually work then keep reading…

    Most people don’t have a huge amount of extra time to spend learning a new language.

    Could you be one of them?

    You see, most people make the same mistakes when learning German and this is causing their progress to stagnate. The problem is that they are only sticking to a single way of learning German.

    But now, you can maximize your chances of learning German in less time compared to reading boring textbooks.

    Introducing: German: Learn German For Beginners Including German Grammar, German Short Stories and 1000+ German Phrases.

    This book includes 3 comprehensive German manuscripts in 1 book:

    • German: An Essential Guide to German Language Learning
    • German Short Stories: 9 Simple and Captivating Stories for Effective German Learning for Beginners
    • German Phrase Book: The Ultimate German Phrase Book for Travelers of Germany, Including Over 1000 Phrases for Accommodations, Eating, Traveling, Shopping, and More

    Not only will you learn grammar, but you’ll also increase comprehension and grow your German vocabulary while enjoying yourself.

    Here’s just a glimpse of what you will learn in part 1 of this book:

    • Pronunciation
    • The German alphabet
    • The basics
    • Pronouns
    • Sentence construction
    • German verbs
    • Time and date
    • What are adjectives?
    • What are prepositions?
    • German on the road
    • Most common words
    • And Much More!

    In part 2, you will get 9 Simple and captivating short stories that will ignite your imagination so you can learn German quickly and easily.

    In part 3 you will get German phrases for:

    • Starting out; Such as Meetings & Greetings
    • Getting Accustomed
    • Eating
    • Accommodations
    • Traveling
    • Shopping
    • Leasure Activities
    • And Much, Much More!

    So if you want to avoid wasting too much of your time “trying” to learn German, and actually start learning it in one of the most efficient ways possible, click “Buy Now”!

    Emotional Intelligence: A Step by Step Guide to Improving Your EQ, Controlling Your Emotions and Understanding Your Relationships

    by Jessica Greiner

    Would you be interested in a skill that helps you know what other people are thinking and feeling, even if they aren’t really sure of it themselves?

    The fact is that the people who tend to be the most successful in life aren’t those who are the strongest or the smartest. But they are the ones who can use their natural charisma to manipulate interpersonal relationships while at the same time reliably keeping their emotions in check, so they are free to make the most profitable choices in any given situation.

    The secret to these people’s success is what is known as emotional intelligence, and if you haven’t heard of it yet, rest assured that is going to change sooner than later as it is one of the most prized traits that many employers are looking for in their employees these days. If you are looking for ways to ensure you keep up with the modern job market, then Emotional Intelligence: A Step by Step Guide to Improving Your EQ, Controlling Your Emotions and Understanding Your Relationships is the book you have been waiting for.

    â??â?? Grab your copy today and learn â??â??

      â?¦ What are the key elements of emotional intelligence?

      â?¦ How emotional intelligence allows you to make better decisions in your daily life

      â?¦ How to achieve greater success in your personal and professional life

      â?¦ The secrets of building more rewarding and fulfilling social relationships

      â?¦ Proven strategies for developing greater self-awareness

      â?¦ The eight EQ mistakes you must know to get your EQ to the place where you would like it to be

      â?¦ LOTS of practical exercises to regulate your own emotions

      â?¦ And much more…

    While traditionally not as publicized as intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence is what makes it possible for those who have it to successfully connect with others productively, make the correct life decision in a pinch and generally create positive action out of simple intentions. The level of emotional intelligence that you have also made it easier to understand what others are thinking and feeling more easily.

    So, what are you waiting for? Maximize your full potential by unlocking the power of your emotional intelligence, and scroll up to click the buy now button!

    Communication For Couples: 13 Ways to Better Communication in Your Relationship (Communication Series Book 5)

    by Maria Hall

    Description: Communication For Couples

    Do you and your loved one find yourselves constantly fighting and bickering over the tiniest of subjects? Do you long to have the days back where you felt truly connected? Do you find yourself wondering if this is the right relationship for you?
    If any of these questions apply to you, I am glad you stumbled across my book. Communication for Couples is an easy-to-read and implement guide that discusses a variety of tips and techniques to get you and your partner back on the same page through ways of effective communication.
    It is safe to say that communication is a skill that is lacking in the world today, despite all the advancements in technology. Instead of being used to communicate better, our smartphones and plethora of devices have actually built a barrier around us to those we love.
    I wrote this book to start a revolution of communication. This book is centered on getting back to the basics, putting devices aside and harvesting the skills you need to be a conversational human being. You probably think that you cannot fix your broken relationship with just communication skills, but I will prove you wrong, I have no doubt!
    Within this book you will find:
    -Why our world sucks at communicating with others
    -Communication mistakes many make in their relationships
    -Why positive communication leads to healthier relations
    -Tips and techniques from experts to get your relationship back on track
    -Communication tools anyone can use
    -The importance of nonverbal and sexual communication
    -And much more!
    From those who have just fallen in love to those that have been married for years, this book will help all kinds of people to feel more connected to their loved ones, no matter how much history lies underneath the façade of the partnership.
    Isn’t it time you did something to save your relationship from crumbling? You worked hard with your partner to get to where you are today. If you are here, you need a boost of positive and communicative reinforcement to get you back to living life blissfully in love.

    Amazon FBA: A Step by Step Beginnerâ??s Guide To Selling on Amazon, Making Money, Be an Amazon Seller, Launch Private Label Products, and Earn Passive Income From Your Online Business

    by James Moore


    How would you like to make money with Amazon FBA? Amazon is THE biggest marketplace in the world and I’d like to show you exactly how you can profit from becoming a self-employed entrepreneur within this exciting and wealthy realm. The wonderful, HUGE world that is… Amazon.

    Designing a Brand of Your Very Own

    The details of this are explained, and some added tips and ideas are discussed to get your brand well-ahead of the rest, so you’ll stand out from the crowd. It’s the little things that count here, and spending the time on this section means that your success will flow on and into the future, because you’ve created something “magical!”

    Product Designs and Viable Products

    If you know how to execute a great design, and your product is viable too, then that means you’ll have the perfect elements to create real $$$.You can even outsource the product designs if it’s not something you can do yourself. It’s easy; actually.

    Making Real Connections with Suppliers

    The art of communication is key, and knowing how to directly speak with your suppliers is one of the most important aspects of this whole business. We’ll take a big look at all the things you’ll need to know, and take the guesswork out of communication and getting your needs (and theirs) met. This is a two-way street and with the right knowledge, it’ll be so much easier to navigate.

    Choosing Great Suppliers

    With reliable, professional, and awesome suppliers, your business can be smooth sailing. Here, we’ll take a good and hard look at what you’ll need, so you don’t get the run-around in this regard. Great suppliers can last many years within your business; finding the right ones is definitely paramount for your longevity in the business world.

    Private Labeling Terminology

    A good look at the terms used by the pros, so then you’ll understand the language of the entrepreneurial space you occupy. This is super-important because it will add to both your knowledge base and your professionalism, as well.

    Honing Your Company for Success

    My top secrets to helping you become the best you can be in your niche field! Yes, I want you to get this right so you can earn the money you want to earn, and keep it coming in for years after that. Real success lasts long-term, and we’ll discuss what’s important here. I’ll share some of my greatest secrets with you.

    Managing Product Imports

    This can be a tricky thing if you’ve never done it before. I’ll give you the biggest tips and tell you how to execute this part of your business like an absolute pro. Spending your money on product means it needs to get to its final destination… both safely and on time!

    Creating Awesome Product Descriptions

    Without these, your products won’t sell in good volumes, and at the end of the day, we’re trying to sell as much as possible in the chosen niche/s we sell within. We’ll talk about exactly what’s required, so you’ll know what makes a great product description, and why.

    The All-Important Launch Day

    When we get to this stage, it’s so much fun… and a bit nerve-racking too, but that’s to be expected. But I’ll get you ready for this day so you’ll feel in total control of your metaphorical “ship.”

    Click on “Look Inside” to Find Out All the Secrets of the Trade.

    Shook: The Curvy Girl’s Cookbook: LOSE UP TO 20 POUNDS, 3 INCHES, AND WRINKLES IN JUST WEEKS

    by Elijah Powell

    Tired of diets that leave you feeling hungry? Tired of diets that don’t FIT your lifestyle? The Keto Diet will leave you feeling satiated, and looking lean. Keep your curves, while leaning out our body with a healthier lifestyle. Don’t starve yourself, don’t fall back on diets that have completely failed you. Be ready, a healthier version of you is only a few pages away. Please consult your doctor before embarking on your Ketogenic journey.

    CRUSHING SUFFERING: 12 Ultimate Secrets of DEFEATING Stress, Worry, Anxiety, Depression and INCINERATING Tragedy (With Extreme Survival Stories and Inspiring Life Quotes)

    by William Thinh Than

    “Don’t wish for a life that you can’t have. Wish for the very life that you do own. And wish that you know how to make the most of it!”

    Are you feeling tired, anxious, worried, stressed, depressed or lonely?

    Have you encountered a crippling accident, experienced a terminal illness, or lost the love of your life?

    Do you have friends or relatives who are in much trouble, stress and negativity that you’d like to assist their ways, ignite their hearts, and pull them out of dark days?

    “Crushing Suffering” would help inspire your day and excite your way. It would walk with you in darkness. It would befriend your heart, lead you out of sufferings, and let you know how courageous you can really be.

    Everybody has to deal with life’s ups and downs, negative feelings and situations from time to time. No exception! Hate and anger, danger and worry, anxiety and distress, you can let them obsess your life and tear your soul apart. Or you can choose to fight hard and bounce back, and regain happiness from those dark days. 

    The choice is yours!

    “Crushing Suffering” would help you:

    – Overcome pain and grief, fear and stress, worry, anxiety and depression.

    – Deal with difficult problems and difficult people.

    – Take charge of every feeling and action.

    – Fill up your energy and vitality.

    – Regain your strength and happiness.

    – Fall in love with your heart and your life.

    – Revive the joy and passion of it.

    – Inspire and excite this day to the utmost with extreme survival stories and inspiring life quotes.

    – Be your boldest self to challenge challenges, defeat difficulty and incinerate any ache that comes.

    No matter how bad and how sad things have been to you, life will not be hopeless. No matter how much fear and stress, regret and worry, agony and mishap have afflicted your way, you’ll not walk alone.

    No matter what happen, I wish you a happy and fulfilling day ahead.

    A new life is on!


    The Successful Student Study Plan: Take Control of College, Study Less, Earn Great Grades

    by Jessica Shields

    Ready to earn straight A’s without studying 8 hours a day?

    You’re reading this description because you want to be a successful student. You want or need a college degree and are ready to work and earn great grades, but maybe you don’t know exactly how to do that.

    My goal is to take the mystery out of college by sharing how to be productive with your study time and stay motivated to keep working towards your degree.

    My entire life has been spent in the educational system testing strategies out and learning how to be a kick-ass student. I graduated Summa Kum Laude (highest honors) with my bachelor’s degree and went on to earn a terminal degree while working a full-time job. After finishing both of my degrees I decided to continue in higher education teaching college students both in the classroom and online.

    These days I work exclusively online one-on-one with hundreds of online students each month who are working full time while earning a degree. I understand the challenges these students are up against because I was there in the trenches and survived!

    Here is the good news you will learn in this book:

    • You don’t have to study 8 hours a day to do well in your courses.
    • Trying to study for 3 or 4 hours straight rarely works.
    • A few minutes of planning each day prevent last-minute cramming for exams and scrambling to finish assignments.
    • Awesome time management strategies run your life on auto-pilot, leaving your brain free to do the hard work of studying.
    • You can plan your entire semester in 20 minutes.
    • Managing attention results in big impact form small study sessions.
    • You can fit in study time at work without getting fired.
    • Planning time off during the semester can be done without falling behind.
    • Every student can be successful in college! This includes YOU.

    The Successful Student Study Plan answers questions like these:

    • How do I fit in study time with a full-time job?
    • How can I stop being a stressed-out student?
    • Why am I always cramming for exams at the last minute?
    • Why is it so hard to start studying each day?

    If you find yourself asking any of these questions, download the book and grab the FREE Successful Student Study Plan Printables linked inside.

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