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5 Keys to Living a Successful Life: How to Live a Happier, Healthier, and More Fulfilled Life! (Holistic,How to Change Your Life, Personal Action Plan, … and Professional Development Plan,)

by Tiffany Hurd

Are you ready for a change?

In this book you are going to discover the five keys to living a successful life and how to maximize your success, increase efficiency, and grow productivity at home and at work. Yes, all of this can happen in your life, and your potential is just waiting to be used. This book is not only going to reveal the five keys to living a successful life, but I guide you through the beginning stages of a transformation. Because this book is more about the transformation of your life and execution of those keys, I will go ahead and disclose the five keys to you now.

The five keys to transforming your life:
1. A Life of Holism
2. Defeat Limiting Beliefs
3. Boosting Confidence While Building Character
4. Cultivating Health for the Optimum Body
5. Create the Ultimate Environment
Bonus Key: At the end of the book!

The keys to success are discussed in more detail along with mental exercises, self-analysis techniques, encouragement, action steps, and strategies on developing into the person you want to be. This book is for anyone seeking more in life! You may have heard that Michelangelo said his sculptures were already inside the stone, it was just his job to chip away what didn’t belong to reveal the magnificence inside. After reading this book on how to live a successful life you will radiate the magnificence that was always inside.

THERE’S MORE: Extra add-ons!

1. 7 day meal plan!
2. Software, apps, and books to improve efficiency.
3. FREE 10 day action guide with templates.
4. Detailed techniques on living in the moment.
5. Tips on organizing and de-cluttering your life.
6. Strategies to “beat the block” and overcome strongholds!
This book is packed full of valuable information and resources you can not afford to miss out on!

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The Vintage Wren: Week 10

by Chautona Havig

The Vintage Wren is a serial novel released in several chapter episodes.

Cassie Wren. Legal assistant. Convenience queen. Thrifter extraordinaire. If there was a “green police” she’d be a fugitive from eco-friendly justice.

But when a friend’s teasing feels like a challenge, Cassie accepts it. The result? One year. Twelve months. Fifty-two weeks. Three hundred sixty-five days–of green.

It seemed simple enough. Cut back on paper plates, plastic forks, and straws. Easy peasy. But when her competitive side wars against her desire for convenience, Cassie finds it’s not so easy to be “eco-friendly” and “Cassie-friendly.”

Week 10 March heard the old saying about rolling in like a lion and took it to heart. With an energy conservation failure, her daily infusion of Elevator to Romance making up for it, and getting ready for the opening of her HearthLand store, it seems like life only gets busier and more hectic.

It also seems like there’s just no time to figure out her male relationships these days, and, since St. Paddy’s Day is just around the corner, she’s still continuing her daily “Green Challenges.” As she said once, “Don’t Have the Energy for This.”

The Vintage Wren. A serial novel released in fifty-two episodes (for obvious reasons).

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