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His Forgotten Love (The McGinty’s of San Antonio Series Book 4)

by Donalyn Maurer

Allison Holloway finds herself estranged from her family after a horrible tragedy.

She loses her brother Cody when he makes the heartbreaking decision to end his own life after losing his best friend during a mission in the desert. Their family is left reeling in regret, blame and heartbreak. Heartbreak has blinded Allison, and after lashing out against her father, she runs away. When her mother calls fearing her father may be slipping into the same darkness, Allison reluctantly decides to come home. On the eve of her return she meets Jesse McGinty, and with his help she realizes how wrong she has been.

Jesse McGinty meets Allison Holloway while visiting his sister in Lubbock and falls in love with her instantly. When Allison shares her family’s tragedy, Jesse vows to help her heal even if it means she has to face truths that will hurt to hear. He knows very well how the demons of war can haunt a soldier and also their family.

Together they help each other face their pasts and build a new future.

Freedom’s Coalition OPUS: All of the books from Objective:Freedom through … Sound of Thunder and Catalogue of Characters

by James Huber

Objective: Freedom raises the possibility of a modern-day secession of several states from the United States of America. After years of growing disenchantment with federal policies, mandates and usurping of states’ rights, a coalition of states in the southwest publicly announced it would no longer be affiliated with the United States of America.
To Bind the Nation’s Wounds
The current United States and the Coalition must face threats and take action from the Mosques of Iran to the docks of San Diego and they must fend off an ill-conceived invasion of the wastelands of New Mexico and Arizona.
In Plebiscite, several more years have passed since the initial secession of five south-western states from the USA. A few more states have joined the coalition, and the financial status of the coalition far surpasses the nearly bankrupt financial condition of the remnant USA.
Time and Patience
A military coup unseats the Magistrate tribunal which so recently had replaced the former “one President” form of government. Continuing from where Plebiscite ended, Time and Patience also sees us through a series of terrorist acts against both the remnant US and the Coalition. Working cooperatively, the two countries take decisive action on a global scale to permanently remove – or at least defang – some of the more serious threats, at home and abroad.
The Heights of Greatness
The newly formed Northern Union, under magistrate rule, and the Coalition once again faces new dangers and adventures. They must fend off global terrorism, eliminate would-be attackers and at the same time facilitate economic growth.
The Other Option
An internal power struggle the formal United States must once again turn to the Coalition for help. The conflict comes from a rebel governor of California and her dreams of Majesty. She has apparently aligned herself with an ambitious Russian general to seize the west coast including Alaska. The two allied countries act to stem the threatened invasion.

Repeated Mistakes
For many years the Coalition has been at odds with many foreign governments and political enemies, no that things seem to have settled down, the country is faced with not home-grown terrorists but with Canadian anarchists who wish to destroy what has taken so many years to build. Revenge, for perceived wrongs, extortion from American politicians, double crosses and betrayals are combined with patriotism and a new found love, in an impossible situation.
â?¦ Sound of Thunder, Prequel to the Series
â?¦Sound Of Thunder is an historical memory as told to Clifford Lawrence Jr., a journalist looking for a good war story. When the British leave Belize, the United States and Spain decide that they want it for themselves. The Americans, led by the crafty vice president Winters, move to thwart the king of Spain’s desire to restore Belize to Spanish rule.

Mercs Of Wrath: Act 1 Season 1

by Mark Turner

From security for corrupt politicians to ending a race war in Chicago. Follow the first four stories of an American private sector soldier “Capt. Bobby Arnett” and his team as they battle drug cartels, radical militias, and killers hellbent on causing chaos in America. With Bobby co-owning the of the biggest PMC’s in the country, he not only has to be a military leader capable of making a profit, but also a moral compass for his seven -year- old son. When worlds collide (As they often do ) which hat will Bobby wear better? Sinner or Saint?



El conquitador del mundo, Alexandro de Macedonia, llevó la cultura griega a Egipto, Persia, Afganistan, e India. Fue un gran militar guerrero valiente como nadie. Su huella en la Historia es inborrable. En esta obra de teatro se vive su aventura.

Septem Dies Angelorum: (The Seven Days of the Angels) (Part I)

by Flar E. Retep

A Military putsch in Germany in 2016 – did it happen?

ULTA in Ulthar: KAN NI-JYU-NI (Books of ULTAYA) (Japanese Edition)





ã?³ã?·ã??ã?¼ã??の窮鼠の反æ??にã??ってæ??æ??のä½?æ?¦ã¯å¤±æ??ã??ç ²è?¦é??æ??揮å®?の


by J. Lewis Celeste

A boy’s need for intestinal fortitude compels a grandfather to share his tale of courage and commitment. What begins as a simple mission to fortify a child’s mettle becomes a binding legacy that transcends families and friends and serves to teach us all what the term “guts” truly means.



You were BORN to be a SOLDIER!

02 WHO
05 JOB
12 IEDs vs McMILLANs
13 OK
15 OCS

Scared of Beautiful: Dark Bad Boy Military Romance

by Rebel Burgin

Luke feels like he has no one in the world but for his best friend, a therapy dog named Bingo. He’s on the mend from a PTSD diagnosis from overseas combat and he’s set to start therapy with a new doctor. Much to his surprise, and unlike his previous doctor, this therapist is a beautiful, intriguing woman who also happens to be his new neighbor.

Alyssa feels like she’ll never be able to love again after having her heart broken three years ago. When Luke walks into her office, she expects just another client; what she gets is a mysterious, handsome man who is lost and alone.

They both have a big decision to make.

Will Alyssa choose her career over her potential happiness, letting the fear of getting hurt again dictate her choices? Will Luke give into the part of himself that he thinks is just like his distant, berating fatherâ??pushing people away before they can abandon him first? They can come up with a million excuses to walk away; but, can they find the one reason that will make them stay?

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