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Three Times the Fun

by Ruby City Books

Make your evenings even hotter with this spicy threesome collection!

Three Times the Fun

A Delicious Treat
Rock & Roll Threesome
Biker Bliss
Saved by the Gorgeous Specimen
World Class Realtor (Part 2)

This eBook is intended for adult eyes only

Legacy of the Tropics

by Mary Deal

Dangers of the sea are cloaked behind a facade of sunny beaches, balmy trade winds and swaying palm trees.

Two women fall prey to nature’s wrath during inclement tropical weather. In “Child of a Storm”, the ketch Mercy sinks during a sea storm off Culebra near the Virgin Islands. Ciara Malloy inherits her drowned financee’s son, learns a devastating secret about the boy, and faces the most crucial decision of her life.

Years later in the ’90s, underwater photographer Lillian Avery gets “Caught in a Rip” current and swept out to sea off Kauai in Hawaii. Facing death, she finds strength she never knew she had.

A few years later, in “Hurricane Secret,” the two former neighbors from Puerto Rico meet again on Kauai. As a hurricane wreaks havoc in both their lives, it also threatens to expose secrets tightly held since the sinking of the Mercy.

The Show (The Show Series)

by Kiki Wellington

Mark has special talents–that’s part of what Maggie loves about him after all–and relishes the opportunity to put them on display in front of an audience. When Donna finally goes to see Mark’s performance, she finds out just what Maggie has been raving about. And by the end of this wild girls’ night out, she’s convinced that she’s just seen the greatest show on earth.

From the Author:
ADULTS ONLY PLEASE. The Show is a 5,700 word story that contains sexually explicit material and adult language. This story is not appropriate for children and may be offensive to some readers.

Warning: The Show contains self-love, anatomical acrobatics, and a human pole dance.

More of The Show Series:
-The Matinee
-The Performance
-The Curtain Call (The Complete Show Series)

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