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Monsters Return: The fight, the loss, the grief. A bad situation made a lot worse.

by Tracey Stanway

True story of a brave womans fight with a brain tumour, the turmoil within the family , humour and sadness, loss and spirit.
After surviving the initial onslaught of a devastating cancer, Karinas whole world was once again turned upsiade down at the realisation of its return 14 years later. The destruction of family ties and streghtening of unlikely bonds.

Finding Ruth: A Daughter’s Quest to Discover Her Mother’s Past

by Cynthia Hamilton


As fiercely independent Ruth struggles to stay self-reliant at the age of 86, each day brings her closer to an event that will alter her life forever. While her author daughter shifts through Ruth’s possessions prior to her move into a skilled nursing facility, she discovers a previously unseen photo from 1949 and realizes how little she knows of her mother’s life.

As Alzheimer’s continues to warp Ruth’s once sharp mind, she can no longer shed any light on the past. Yearning to know who her mother was as a person in her own right, the author painstakingly reconstructs Ruth’s life from photos, letters, public records and firsthand memories.

What emerges is a portrait of a bright, beautiful woman who is propelled through decades of broken promises and heartache, bouncing from one ill-fated relationship to the next, but always staying strong, always surviving. Through a timeline going back sixty years, the author gleans a much better understanding of the woman she had known only as Mom.


My Mom My Hero: Alzheimer’s – A Mother and Daughter’s Bittersweet Journey

by Lisa R. Hirsch

#1 Amazon Best Seller in Memoirs category (August 2017)
#1 Amazon Best Seller in Alzheimer’s Disease (August 2017)
#3 Amazon’s “Most Wished For” in Dementia Category(June 2013)

A Daughter’s Newfound Love

When Lisa Hirsch found out her mother, Ruth, had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, her love, appreciation, and caring for her mother was transformed. To Lisa’s surprise, it has brought her and Ruth closer together than they’ve ever been. My Mom My Hero tells the story of this mother-daughter relationship through a series of entries from Lisa’s internationally popular blog. Ultimately this is an uplifting and inspirational book for anyone who’s going through the difficult and often lonely ordeal of caring for a loved one who suffers from this devastating illness.

“My Mom My Hero is filled with love and a deep appreciation for the human spirit.”
â??Laura Stein, best-selling author

“This book is a rare gift for anyone who reads it.”
â??Holly Robinson, author of Sleeping Tigers and The Wishing Hill

“My Mom My Hero is a light of inspiration in a world that can be dark and frustrating.”
â??Franz Wisner, New York Times best-selling author of Honeymoon With My Brother and How the World Makes Love


by Andrea Torrence

The case of Maura Murray’s disappearance is one that has left police and conspiracy theorists baffled for more than a decade. Her sudden disappearance is one that makes very little sense and the available information regarding who she is as a person and her motive behind her attempt to leave town prior to vanishing isn’t easy to wrap our brains around.
Maura has been missing since February 9, 2004. From the time of her disappearance, there have been no credible sightings of Maura. The last person to see her alive, a passing motorist, noticed her oddly calm demeanor following a car crash, but she was gone by the time the police arrived on the scene.
Her family is devastated that they haven’t gotten closure, but is also skeptical that she could still be alive. Laurie and Fred, Maura’s mother and father, have had nothing to add regarding their daughter’s disappearance, and have no idea what thought pushed her into taking some personal belongings, withdrawing over $200 in cash, and attempting to leave town under the guise of “grieving over a death in the family.”
To get an understanding of the case, it’s important to understand who Maura is, what she did and said in the days prior to her disappearance, and her strange behavior moments before vanishing into thin air.
BETHANY DECKER – Nothing about Bethany seemed out of the ordinary…Until she disappeared
JOYCE CHIANG – Joyce was an American attorney who worked for the Immigration and Naturalization Service. She had been missing for three months, and now, her badly decomposed body was being dragged from the Potomac River.
JODI HUISENTRUIT – Jodi Sue Huisentruit was a news anchor for KIMT, a station based in Mason City, Iowa. On June 27th, 1995, she called the station and told her co-worker that she was on her way to work after she overslept. It would be the last time anyone heard from her.
PATRICIA MEEHAN – The story of Patricia Meehan is a very strange and puzzling one. She seemingly disappeared into the night with little reason. The case has remained unsolved since 1989. With few witnesses, the full events are sketchy at best.
KELSIE SCHELLING – The disappearance of Kelsie Schelling is one of the biggest mysteries in Colorado. This young pregnant woman was last seen in February of 2013 and the case is still open to this day.
NATALIE HOLLOWAY – The vacationing teen disappeared in Aruba and has not been seen since.
JENNIFER KESSE – A beautiful Florida woman who disappeared in the parking lot of her apartment building.

Faith is Beautiful – a Real Life Story of Love, Miracles and Healing

by Lin Lin Loh

Miracles didn’t just happen when Jesus walked the earth, they are happening even today… now, at this very moment, somewhere on this planet. To witness a miracle in your life, it takes surrendering to faith. That is what Author Lin Lin Loh, an atheist-turned-believer, did when she was diagnosed with Stage IV terminal bone cancer and given less than a year to live. She took a leap of faith, let go of all her doubts, and put Jesus in the driver’s seat. The doctors may have lost all hope for her but not Jesus.This simple yet compelling autobiography chronicles a young woman’s relationship with God and the manifestation of His love in her life.

Lin Lin has struggled with cancer for years. Overcome under the strain of the disease that had scarred her youth, her body, her career opportunities, she reached out to Jesus in her darkest hour. God answered her call. Since then, everytime the disease has reared its ugly head, it has been beaten back down into submission – not once, not twice but five times!! From a medical perspective, she should be six feet under by now and yet she lives. In fact her body is getting stronger. Hers is a real-life miracle story, one to inspire, restore faith, reaffirm trust in God.

For believers and non-believers alike, this book is an invitation to know God better. It provides the tools to build a firm relationship with Him and to allow His love to work wonders in your life. It will answer many of your questions while brushing upon topics each and everyone of us can relate to. Written in an easy-going, conversational style this uplifting book is a testament that no problem is too big for God. Here is your chance to live the life you were meant to in love and peace, stress-free and pain-free.

The miracle you’ve been waiting for is just a click away! Make your life matter.

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