Free fantasy Kindle books for 09 Jun 18

Modern Sorcery (Jonathan Shade Book 1)

by Gary Jonas


As soon as I get over my ex, her father hacks her mother apart with a sword.

She hires me to prove dark magic was involved. Hey, it’s what I do as a paranormal investigator, so I get why she thinks I can help.

But my secretary, Esther, a ghost from the 1920s flapper era, and Kelly Chan, my magically engineered protector, are dead-set against me getting involved. With all the deadly magic flying around, they may have a point.

Because the sad truth is, I don’t have any magic of my own.

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or the holiday story, Spirited Christmas.

Harvesting Part 1: A Steampunk Novel Serial with Magic and Dragons (Secicao Blight)

by Chris Behrsin

A fast-paced tale of dragons, airships and an intoxicating drug called secicao.

In a world of airships and automatons, Pontopa Wells and her dragon Velos are the leading producers of the superpowered caffeine-like drug, secicao, in the Five Hamlets.

When Faso Gordoni, an incredibly arrogant entrepreneur, enters Pontopa’s life, her world is sent topsy-turvy as she now has a new competitor in town. She despises Faso for the fact he uses automatons for his secicao refinement process since automatons also killed dragons in the Dragonheat man vs. dragon wars. Things get worse still when King Cini III orders the pair to work together to make the best secicao in the world.

There’s trouble stirring down in the Southlands, the king’s nephew is reported missing and a fugitive is on the loose.

Enter a world of magic, secicao-tech and adventure, in this eight-part Steampunk series like none other told before.

Eterneum: The beginning

by J. Martin Batoy

Former analyst and operative Nicholai “Niko” Einbech is in the hunt for two things.

The childhood that was stolen from him, and a way back to the world of the living.

And for him to do so, he must decipher the mystery of a simple question.

“What is the Eterneum?”

But to find his way to the future, he has to look back into his past: tasks he’s undertaken, jobs he’s worked on, missions he’s taken part in… understanding his past to unlock his future.

And standing in his way are monsters known neither to him nor the people he has met.

With these monsters come more questions:

Why do these monsters resonate with him?

Why is he the only one who can kill them reliably?

And what does this have to do with the Eterneum and who he is?

As the purple light looms in the horizon, casting the shadow of the Black Wanderer over the layered realities with which Einbech works in, everything he knows about himself will be slowly and irrevocably changedâ?¦

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