Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 09 Jun 18

Christmas Come to Farm: Problem of Animals on the Farm

by Tommy Walker

A beautiful book about Friends, Love, and Share!!!

“T’was Christmas Eve down on the farm and the barnyard was all a bustle. The animals was preparing for Christmas with a happy, helpful hustle. The barn was trimmed with tinsel and holly, and the mood that day was joyful and jolly!

But not all the animals were content that day to join the festivities, to sing and to play.

Some were brought low with their cares and their woes and were finding it hard to be cheerful…”

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DEWGY and the GOLDEN MEADOW (Dewgy the Indian boy Book 1)

by Richard B White

It’s tough today for a boy to become a man. It was tough hundreds of years ago for Dewgy the Native American Indian boy too. Everything seemed to come so easy to his older brother Araga. Araga was tall, muscular, and popular. Everyone wanted to be around him. Dewgy was short, awkward and shy. He avoided people and preferred to spend time alone with animals.
Fortunately for Dewgy, his Grandfather Olfellow taught him many lessons. He taught him how people should respect animals and only hunt for food. He taught Dewgy to live in harmony with nature. Most importantly, he taught Dewgy about the Great Spirit. Dewgy learned that the Great Spirit created and loves him. He learned to pray for protection and guidance. With Olefellow’s influence, Dewgy will become a warrior.

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