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The Collected Works of Woodrow Wilson: The New Freedom, Congressional Government, George Washington, Essays, Inaugural Addresses, State of the Union Addresses, … Decisions and Biography of Woodrow Wilson

by Woodrow Wilson

This meticulously edited collection presents to you the life and works of President Woodrow Wilson.
The New Freedom
When A Man Comes To Himself
The Study of Administration
Leaders of Men
The New Democracy
Inaugural Addresses:
First Inaugural Address
Second Inaugural Address
State of the Union Addresses:
First State of the Union address
Second State of the Union address
Third State of the Union address
Fourth State of the Union address
Fifth State of the Union address
Sixth State of the Union address
Seventh State of the Union address
Eighth State of the Union address
Speeches & Addresses:
First Address to Congress
Address on the Banking System
Address at Gettysburg
Address on Mexican Affairs
Understanding America
Address before the Southern Commercial Congress
Trusts and Monopolies
Panama Canal Tolls
The Tampico Incident
In the Firmament of Memory
Memorial Day Address at Arlington
Closing a Chapter
Annapolis Commencement Address
The Meaning of Liberty
American Neutrality
Appeal for Additional Revenue
The Opinion of the World
The Power of Christian Young Men
A Message
Address before the United States Chamber of Commerce
To Naturalized Citizens
Address at Milwaukee
The Submarine Question
American Principles
The Demands of Railway Employees
Speech of Acceptance
Lincoln’s Beginnings
The Triumph of Women’s Suffrage
The Terms of Peace
Meeting Germany’s Challenge
Request for Authority
The Call to War
To the Country
The German Plot
Reply to the Pope
Labor must be Free
The Call for War with Austria-Hungary
Government Administration of Railways
The Conditions of Peace
Force to the Utmost
Presidential Decisions:
The State of War: The President’s Proclamation of April 6, 1917. (8a)
Formal U.S. Declaration of War with Germany, 6 April 1917 (8b)

The Uncherished Wife: Recover from the Emotionally Absent Man

by Christina Vazquez

Do You Long to Feel Cherished in Your Most Intimate Relationship?

Why have we bought into the lie that in a long-term partnership surviving is as good as it gets? Why do we settle for a secure but flat relationship? How did we ever come to believe that our most significant relationship is at its best when it’s merely safe or comfortable? Why have our standards gotten so low for our major life commitments?

The Uncherished Wife was born out of Christina Vazquez’s life-long, passionate pursuit of personal development and what makes relationships thrive. With honesty and transparency, she shares – from her own study, her personal experience, and her work with hundreds of clients – what it takes to find authenticity and freedom in our partnerships.

In The Uncherished Wife, Christina guides her readers through finding not only the partnership they desire but the one they deserve by helping them:

  • Know why they have come to “settle” on a half-hearted connection
  • Get real about the current state of their relationship
  • Learn how to feel if their relationship is truly meeting their emotional needs
  • Discern if their true self is sinking or soaring as a result of their partnership
  • Develop a new vision for your current “flat” relationship or let go to create what your heart desires!

Our significant other is key in supporting us into our highest potential. With The Uncherished Wife, a thriving relationship is not some far-fetched dream but a reality we have the power to create!

Congressional Government: A Study in American Politics

by Woodrow Wilson

The object of this book is to point out the most characteristic practical features of the federal system. Taking Congress as the central and predominant power of the system, its object is to illustrate everything Congressional. Everybody has seen, and critics without number have said, that our form of national government is singular, possessing a character altogether its own; but there is abundant evidence that very few have seen just wherein it differs most essentially from the other governments of the world. There have been and are other federal systems quite similar, and scarcely any legislative or administrative principle of our Constitution was young even when that Constitution was framed.
The House of Representatives
The House of Representatives. Revenue and Supply
The Senate
The Executive

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