Free science fiction Kindle books for 09 Jun 18

The Big Exoneration: A Murder Mystery

by Dennis Sanchez

A modern day 13 year old boy and his 10 year old sister travel back in time to the year 1939 in an attempt to exonerate a private detective wrongly accused of murder.
Temporarily staying in a building built in 1918 in downtown Los Angeles, the kids discover a skeleton key that opens the door to the offices of a long dead private detective. Entering, they step back in time to 1939, the year the private detective was executed. In an inner office, they come upon the ghost of the detective trapped in a mirror on the wall.
With only two weeks before his presence disappears from the mirror, the detective pleads with the kids to uncover the real murderer and exonerate him of the crime. Taking up the challenge, the kids are hampered by the time constraint, combing for evidence through the unfamiliar bygone days of 1939 Los Angeles, and confronting the motley crew of mobsters and molls who inhabit it. However, the kids are helped by the fact they are not recognized as children but as adults. Dressed in the fashions of 1939, and using the skeleton key to open doors to the past throughout Los Angeles, the kids venture out, successfully passing themselves off as gruff 1930s private detectives.
With its period slang and references, this novel is an homage to noir detective mysteries of the 1930s and a literary feast for fans of hardboiled fiction, such as those of Hammett and Chandler. Also, readers who are familiar with the history of Los Angeles will appreciate the shout-outs to Coles, the Fred Harvey House at Union Station, the Aztec Hotel on Route 66, and other local landmarks.


by Aidan J Reid

What if you woke up inside your worst nightmare?

Norman Adams is in his twenties. Single. Unhappy in his job. Drifting through life.

Then one day, he is ripped from reality.

A serious road accident sends Norman into a coma. He experiences a lucid dream state, finding himself caught between two worlds and soon realises, he is not alone…

Victor James is his loyal friend. Working with a mysterious librarian, together they discover a way to enter Norman’s dream.

It’s only then that they reveal the scale of the horror that imprisons him.

A place where nightmares are born.

Pathfinders is an action packed, exciting rescue mission that explores our deepest fears and what lays hidden in our subconscious.



How did you come up with the idea for PATHFINDERS?

I’ve been interested in lucid dreaming for a long time, ever since reading Stephen LaBerge’s seminal book, ‘Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming’. I’m also a massive fan of zombie and apocalyptic horror and saw an opportunity to combine the two themes!

Why did you self-publish?

Like most self-published authors, I have my fair share of rejection letters from traditional publishers. I saw self-publishing as a route to bring my ideas directly to the market, in a fast and cost effective manner. I’ve read many cheap kindle books where the price doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the product, so I saw it as a viable model to at least consider.

Why should readers buy PATHFINDERS?

This is a debut novel which has taken a decade of my life to create. I’ve taken great effort to make the best it can be. Not content to simply throw something online, I’ve hired editors and proofreaders to ensure that my first foray into self-publishing creates something which, at the very least, I can look back at and be proud of.

Combine that with the fact that I really believe in the story, one that I think is original, guiding the reader on an exploration through altered states of consciousness.

What other books are you working on?

I released a crime thriller in June 2016, featuring a Catholic Parish priest as the protagonist. It is called SIGIL. My plan is to feature a series of books around the main character, Fr. Tom Regan who fancies himself as an amateur Private Investigator.

I’ve also just completed a fast paced international thriller called RAISING LAZARUS, which follows a man who believes he has been cursed with eternal life!

Academy Bloodstone: Alphas Book I

by Henry Taygar

Harry Potter meets Mission Impossible in the thrilling first installment of Alphas.

Dark forces have converged on Earth. The world’s protectors are scrambling to find a solution to the coming apocalypse. Their only hope is for an Alpha to emerge, a Being gifted with incredible power and trained in the legendary Academies.

Theodore Hertz was worried about a class project. Now he’s worried about facing ancient evils who want him dead. His only hope is Academy Bloodstone, but the institution that’s supposed to protect him is just as dangerous. His homework? Survive.

Planet California

by Tristan Luhrs

After dropping out of college to lead the life of an adventurous author, Tristan moves from Minnesota to San Diego and soon finds himself caught up in the wild west coast scene. Enter “Ezra Light”, a surfing weed dealer who hires Tristan to write a book about his life as a multi-generational pot farmer. Set against the time frame of California’s landmark legalization of medicinal marijuana, “Planet California” is a semi-autobiographical/science-fiction, or as the author himself puts it, “every potheads wet dream.” Ez and Tristan get more than they bargain for as their adventure swings from Baja surf trips, to high drama journeys north to the Sierras. “Planet California” is a must read for anyone who smokes pot and digs science fiction, and an equally great read for those who love a good adventure!

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