Free science Kindle books for 09 Jun 18

Wall Flowers: 50 pictures ready for colored pencils (Wallflowers Book 1)

by Joan Worth

Volume #1 in the Wall Flowers Series is a cute take on flowers. 50 in total – One third Morphed into human attributes. A third medallions and some themed designs. A fun to color and point of view by artist Joan Worth.

Mrs. Smith: the boarding school enemas 2nd Edition (Stories of J. G. Knox Book 1)

by J. G. Knox

Mrs. Smith: the Boarding School Enemas has been added to and reprinted as THREE GOOD MOTHERS

Please see that title for the most up to date edition, and later as an in print book

A touching story of service, love and growing up in the 1950s.

Mrs. Smith is a dorm mother in an exclusive K-12 boarding school.
Sam, a big boy, a prefect boy, a motherless child who cannot greive finds the love of his lost mother with Mrs. Smith. She loves him as the son she never has. A very proper love of a child and a caring dorm mother lasting decades as she loves and guides a needy child then wealthy man to love and live.

Having an enema is a gentle, loving experience, an opening experience, one so intimate that feelings cannot be hidden, nor tears of rememberance suppressed.

Sam, superboy, the perfect child, the boy who doesn’t make mistakes, holds everything inside, a pattern common with many who develope Irritable Bowel Disorder, and is helped by Mrs. Smith, Dr. Jones, Monty, Barbara, and others in his life, as he goes from being superman to a good man..

30,082 words

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